Are you looking for a website in Nigeria to advertise your business or product? Do you need your business to grow or have any service you want to render to the public via the online presence or want to drive targeted traffic to your website, then you are at the right place.

Do you offer any product or service that will interest Nigerians? Then TheDailysblog is a very good avenue to spread the word about your business.

We offer a range of banner sizes and text ad links within posts, below posts, and at the sidebar of the site. Most of our readers are Nigerians who either through the use of Social media, Google search engine, yahoo, bing, or other blogs stumbled on TheDailysblog.

We offer our readers unique, interesting, and quality information content that keeps them glued to our articles. If you need further clarification, send a mail with the subject advert inquiry to [email protected] or contact us.

  • About 85% new visitors monthly (your advert will be displayed to over 80% of new potential customers every month)
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300 x 250 banner- Position: Right side – N35,000 a month

300 x 600 banner- Position: Right Side – N50,000 a month

728 x 90 banner– Position: Header near logo – N85,000 a month

Text link ad below posts: N30,000 a month

Site listing on any article: – N20,000

Sponsored Post submitted to us: N25,000

Sponsored Post written by us: N30,000

Full background cover: N150,000 a month

For all advert spaces and Highly targeted post & pages (Contact Us)

You can also contact our staff via mail- [email protected]

Please Note the Following Guidelines to Advertise on TheDailysBlog

1. All ad requests should be sent to [email protected] and payment is made through interBank Wire transfer.

2. All adverts must be delivered in an electronic version, via e-mail in the ordered pixel dimension (file size) unless otherwise stated.

3. Please note that all banner adverts must be in, jpg .jpeg, or HTML code format.

4. Advert space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

5. Our advertising policy is so flexible that we can accommodate any request from an advertiser so long as it is legal and conforms to our privacy policy.

6. Rates are subject to change as our traffic stats increase but adverts currently running are protected from increase until the duration of the placement expires. An advert run starts the day the advert is published on the website and runs for the period paid for.

7. We don’t accept casino links, gambling links, betting links, or articles that aren’t Google friendly.

9. Affiliate links are not acceptable on our website.

Audience Profile

Most of our readers are Nigerian and Americans who landed on this blog after searching Google for various pieces of valuable information.