How to start plantain farming in Nigeria

Do you know how to start plantain farming in Nigeria? Plantain is one of the commonly grown food in the tropical region of West Africa and Nigeria. It is a great delicacy and is prepared in different forms by different tribes and some of the produce from plantain has becomeContinue Reading

catfish farming in Nigeria

Do you have any idea of how to start catfish farming in Nigeria? Right from the days of old, fish has been an integral part of man’s feeding and survival as it is enriched with essential nutrients for the body. There is a high demand for it for people ofContinue Reading

How To Start Cucumber Farming In Nigeria 1

Cucumber, also known as cucumis sativus is a plant that is widely recognized all over the world. The plant is a vine that creeps and in due time, bears fruits that are used and eaten as vegetables. As much as it is recognized and appreciated world-wide, it is even moreContinue Reading

Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail farming, also known as Heliculture, is the art and science that governs the rearing and breeding of snails. The uses and importance of snails are vast and essential in all spheres of the global industries, from medical and pharmaceuticals down to foods and agriculture. Snail Business in Nigeria SnailContinue Reading