Top 20 Richest Politicians In Nigeria (2022)

Who are the richest politicians in Nigeria? Nigeria is a nation rich in resources and diversity. Over the years, there has always been a rising trend in the rate of corruption in the country’s government. This has led to a dwindling standard of living by many of the country’s citizens. While one may argue that […]

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Nigeria (2022)

Who are the richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worths? The music industry is one of the industries in that people are making millions of Naira in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. They are part of the Nigerian billionaires in the Nigerian entertainment industry who are making waves in and out of the country. […]

Top 45 Visa Free Countries For Nigerians 2021

What are the visa free countries for Nigerians to travel to? As a Nigerian citizen, travelling can prove to be a stressful process as there are so many protocols and requirements, especially when travelling outside the country. Hence, a serious amount of planning is required. Most Nigerian citizens who travel out usually go to places […]

Forbes Richest Pastors In The World: Top 10 (2020)

Who are the Richest Pastors in the world? These days we have different kinds of Pastors from the good ones to the bad ones which means we all need to watch where and under who we worship and also need to read and understand the Bible individually. We now have the richest Pastors that are […]

How To Start A POS Business In Nigeria

The rising trend of unemployment amongst young Nigerian graduates had lead to an increased rate of poverty in the Nigerian economy. This has led to many Nigerians branching out to open their own businesses, from online business to provision of services, many Nigerians are willing to do it all legally, anything it takes to survive. […]

All About Lagos Business School (LBS), Location, Website

Have you ever heard of the Lagos Business School? Or maybe you are curious to know what makes this school so special. Well, there are tons of business schools and business training programs offered all over the country, but for some reason, the Lagos Business School is often referred to in such establishments and gatherings. […]