Top 10 Best Beaches In Africa (2021)

What are the best beaches in Africa? Sand like powdered sugar, turquoise water, and palm leaves swaying gently in the sea breeze: There are dream beaches not only in the Caribbean, Thailand, or the Maldives but also in Africa.

That’s why we’re sending you on a journey along the African coast to the most beautiful beaches on the continent. Clockwise it goes through ten completely different countries with ten completely different beaches. Pack your bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen – and off you go!.

When you think of beautiful beaches, do you also think of exotic places and tropical bounty islands? Think again. The coastline of Africa is (almost) endless and this continent is home to many beautiful beaches! It was difficult to choose, but we are going to do it. Here, we list ten of our favourite beautiful beaches in Africa.


Top 10 Best Beaches In Africa

1. Mahmya Island, Giftun, Egypt

The first dream beach of our selection is in the northeast of Africa. Mahmya Island is a beach on Giftun Island, off the coast of Hurghada in the Red Sea – and Egypt’s answer to the Caribbean.

Mahmya Island can only be reached by boat, but the trip is worth it: After a 40-minute crossing, you will find not only a white sandy beach to relax and crystal clear water to cool off but also a colourful underwater world for diving adventures.

With its diverse marine life, this is part of the Hurghada nature reserve and is a paradise for snorkelers.

2. Cape Vidal Beach, South Africa

Okay, let’s talk about South Africa then. Cape Vidal Beach is one of Africa’s best beaches. Because those three thousand kilometers of coastline mean much more than just Camps Bay Beach. Cape Vidal Beach is perfect if you want to combine bush and beach.

This beach is located in the Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park, one of the most beautiful reserves in South Africa. The nature around Cape Vidal Beach is beautiful and you can spot many tropical fishes in the water. Go on safari in the reserve and then completely relax on the beautiful sandy beach.

In St. Lucia, you can also go horseback riding (even if you are not an experienced rider). Gallop along the beach along with one of the highest sand dunes in the world and feel like royalty. If you’re lucky you can even see whales jumping into the sea in the distance!

3. Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani Beach in Kenya is best known for its beautiful elongated white sand beach, beautiful coral reefs, a tropical climate, and the warm Indian Ocean. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking underwater world, you can indulge yourself here.

Diani Beach is located south of the city of Mombasa: a lively city with a mix of sun, sea, beach, nature, and culture. It is the perfect beach for water sports enthusiasts. From water skiing to sea kayaking; Diani Beach has it all.

Afterwards, you will of course go on a safari because Kenya has much more to offer than just this beautiful beach!

4. Anse Source d’Argent, The Seychelles

Seychelles consists of 115 islands, which are located almost 2,000 kilometers off the east coast of Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean. One of them is La Digue – and the megastar among the African beaches is on it.

Anse Source d’Argent has already been the backdrop for many film and television recordings and, with its characteristic granite rocks and green palm trees, is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

The offshore reef is not only perfect for snorkelling, but it also catches high waves, which is why the sea at Anse Source d’Argent is pleasantly calm.

5. Tofo beach, Tanzania

Tofo Beach in Mozambique is a pristine wide sandy beach. Ideal for endless walks along the almost deserted beach or relaxing on your towel under the palm trees. Or for a great snorkelling or diving trip, because Tofo is known as one of the places with the largest numbers of whale sharks.

The dive sites are close to the shore and visibility underwater is good. Put on your mask, snorkel, and go! And afterwards, of course, relax under the palm trees. Because Mozambique borders South Africa, South Africa is the perfect country to combine with this destination.

And did you know that the seasons in South Africa are opposite to ours? In our summer it is winter there! That doesn’t mean it’s cold there. Winter is the perfect time to visit South Africa. We are happy to tell you why!

6. Flic en Flac Beach, Mauritius

Where Madagascar with its tropical jungle, sizzling savanna, bizarre rock formations, red sand paths, and of course hundreds of animals (including lemurs!) also provides adventure in addition to beaches, Mauritius is truly pure enjoyment.

With white sandy beaches and an average temperature of 25°C, it is the perfect place to recover from your adventures in Madagascar. On the south side of Mauritius, you will find mainly small bays, while in the north you can stay on tropical sandy beaches that seem to come straight from a postcard.

More is not always better, but in this case, it is, so rent a car or scooter and go exploring!

7. Camps Bay beach, South Africa

South Africa has a coastline of more than three thousand kilometers. So plenty to choose from! With palm trees, wide beaches, and trendy restaurants, Camps Bay Beach is one of the nicest and cosiest places in South Africa.

And one of the most beautiful, because from this beach you have a fantastic view over the Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head. Camps Bay is the wealthiest area in Cape Town, so you will find many bars and restaurants here. Relaxing on a lounge bed while enjoying a snack and a drink is of course not wrong. Bring on those cocktails!

Incidentally, that coastline of three thousand kilometers long is not the only thing to travel to South Africa for. We are happy to list ten (extra) reasons for you!

8. Walvis Bay beach, Namibia

When you think of a tour through Namibia, you usually think of sand. The grains of the Sossusvlei can still be found in your suitcase weeks later: a memory of a journey full of close encounters with wild animals, the click language of the bushmen, and a boat trip in a hollowed-out tree trunk through the Okovango Delta.

But with a coastline of two thousand kilometers in Namibia, there is also more than enough space for a few days of relaxation! One of the best spots is on the beach between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Here you will find the oldest and the highest dunes in the world, which turn a beautiful red when the sun rises and sets. For a little extra adrenaline, whiz down from the top on a sandboard.

9. Santa Monica Beach, Cape Verde

Far out from the northwest African coast lies an archipelago of volcanic origin; Cape Verde. The country’s Portuguese-African culture and diverse nature make it a popular travel destination in Africa.

Not to be forgotten are the many dream beaches where you can swim all year round. Santa Monica Beach on the island of Boa Vista is even considered the most beautiful beach in Cape Verde.

Not surprising, because it has almost endless white sand and wild waves of the Atlantic in which experienced windsurfers and kite surfers can let off steam.

10. Beach Madagascar

When you close your eyes and think of snow-white beaches with palm trees, you probably think of the beaches of Madagascar. Perfect for relaxing but also well known for the whales that pass by in the summer months. During a whale-watching tour, you can even spot these animals from a few meters away!

But Madagascar is of course not just a beach. You will come across all kinds of varied types of landscapes: tropical rainforest, volcanic mountains, reddish-brown earth, desert area, savannas, steppe, and fertile rice fields … Secretly you never get tired of this island!

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