Top 10 Best Cities To Live In Nigeria

What are the best cities to live in Nigeria? Every day, when we turn on the news, we are bombarded with reports of killings, kidnappings, rapes, and other forms of violence in the country. This has given foreigners, and even some Nigerians, the impression that the country is extremely dangerous and unpleasant to live in. While some parts of the country are indeed dangerous, certain cities in Nigeria are still regarded as the safest to live in.

The state government provides maximum security in these cities, and there are low levels of violent crime and religious crisis, among other things. In fact, these cities receive tens of thousands of tourists and foreign investors each year. So, if you’re thinking about relocating, visiting, or working in Nigeria, here is a list of the top 10 states in no particular order.

Top 10 Cities To Live In Nigeria

1. Lagos – Ikeja

Lagos is Nigeria’s most commercial and consistently excellent state; no wonder it is known as the “state of excellence.” It is without a doubt the most populous state in western Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. Following research by the Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung (HBS) Foundation, Lagos is the world’s seventh fastest-growing city.

It is commonly referred to as “Eko” and is the commercial heart of Nigeria. Unlike other states that rely solely on oil revenues, the Lagos economy is diverse, encompassing manufacturing, transportation, construction, service, wholesale, and retail sectors.

Do you enjoy trying new things? Then life in Lagos is the best adventure for you. It is Nigeria’s smallest but most populous state.

There are celebrities, cinemas, the best eateries, industries, building structures, road networks, shopping malls, nightlife, investments, luxurious living, beautiful beaches, access to quality schools, the best markets, the presence of international airports and seaports, and everything else you could ever want.

2. Cross River – Calabar

Cross River is one of the best cities to live in Nigeria. Cross River is difficult to describe; it is known as the “Garden City” and is one of Nigeria’s richest states. There are several five-star hotels, a lively nightlife awaits the outgoing, and security has greatly improved.

Furthermore, Cross River is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful states in terms of natural beauty. It is home to Calabar (the state capital), which is said to be Nigeria’s most beautiful city, and it is constantly sprouting newer developments. The topography and landscape are breath-taking, but the organization and security are tight.

Calabar also has luxurious resorts and executive hotels. One of the things that will keep you in the cross-river is their cuisine, which is one of Nigeria’s best delicacies.

Calabar is known as the “People’s Paradise” because it has so much to offer anyone who visits its shores. If you’re looking for a peaceful and secure environment, a clean and fun-filled city, a tourist attraction, and one that’s good for the whole family, look no further. Calabar is the place to be!

3. Rivers – Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is unquestionably one of the best places in Nigeria to visit and possibly live. If you enjoy beauty and adventure, make your way to Rivers, a land of beauty and wonder that attracts thousands of tourists each year.

From her culture to her people to her surroundings (places), from food to drinks, from bars to gardens, not to mention their colorful culture in outfits and dance.

4. Abuja

In terms of diversity and hustlers, this is a mirror image of Lagos. Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, is a well-planned city that houses all of the country’s decision-makers. Because the city is home to the President of the Federal Republic (Aso Villa), federal legislators, all of the nation’s security agency heads, and ministers in charge of the nation’s infrastructure development.

The security structure is well-organized, access to human basic amenities (water, housing, and health) is relatively easy to obtain, and there is provision for good road networks, leisure centers, and all other social amenities that contribute to the density of a city due to the presence of these influential individuals.

The presence of these personalities, as well as the high rate of development, draws Nigerians and foreigners of all classes (the super-rich, the rich, the not-so-rich, and the poor) from various states and countries to settle and live in Abuja.

5. Akwa Ibom – Uyo

Another wonderful place to live in is Akwa Ibom. People in Uyo tend to compete with Calabar for the title of the most beautiful city in Nigeria, which is understandable given that the road network in Uyo is well-planned, with no potholes and solar street lighting system. The scenery is beautiful, and there are a few 3-5 star hotels in the area. It also has a multibillion-naira stadium.

6. Oyo – Ibadan

This is Nigeria’s largest state in the country’s southwest. One of the country’s most vibrant and thriving states. Ibadan, the state capital, is the country’s largest city in terms of land area. If you’re looking for a cheap place to live in Nigeria’s southwest, Oyo is the place to be.

Ibadan, Oyo, Iseyin, Ogbomoso, Okeho, Saki, Igboho, Kisi, Igbo-Ora, Lalupon, Fiditi, Ilora, Eruwa, Igbeti, Sepeteri, Ilora, Awe, Igbo-Ora, and Otu are the major towns and cities in Oyo state.

The beautiful state of Oyo is filled with attractions such as Ibadan University Zoo, Agodi Zoological Garden, Mbari Arts Center, and traditional festivals such as Egungun and Ode-Ibadan. Ibadan (the state capital) is densely populated with a large number of tourists visiting each year.

There are reputable higher education institutions (such as the University of Ibadan and Africa’s first university teaching hospital), and it is only 45 minutes drive from Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos.

7. Delta – Asaba

Delta is one of the Niger Delta states and is located in southern Nigeria. It is an oil-producing state with one of the highest production outputs in the country, as well as one of Nigeria’s richest states. Warri is another city in Delta state where you can live if you like to be loud.

The city is given special attention and is ranked first for no apparent reason; it receives more attention and development focus than even Asaba (the state capital). Delta’s road networks are breathtaking and well-constructed (you don’t have to worry about your car crashing into a hole in the middle of the road), and the constructions are very well-organized.

8. Imo – Owerri

Imo is one of Nigeria’s southeastern states. Owerri, the capital of Imo state, is one of the best places in Nigeria to settle down. Oguta Lake, Ada palm plantation, Mbari cultural and art center, and many other tourist attractions can be found here. The city is lovely, with vibrant nightlife and lighting. The landscape is well-planned, and the structures add to the attractive natural elements.

9. Kaduna – Kaduna

Another city with the same name as its state is a must-see for anyone interested in northern culture. Kano, which is more commercial than Kaduna, competes with Kaduna in the North. It is a place that makes the list because it is densely populated by people from all over the country, and you will get a taste of every culture and tradition in the country here in this state.

It has beautiful buildings and a large market where you can get all of your daily necessities. Most importantly, it is the “center of learning” because it has the most educational institutions in the country.

10. Enugu – Enugu

This state is commonly known as “the coal city.” This state’s development has been rapid in comparison to neighboring states, and it is a very beautiful city with a nice landscape and topography and attractive building structures.

It is home to one of Nigeria’s best universities, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Because the state’s developmental attention is focused on Enugu, the city and state share the same name.

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