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Who are the top courier services in Nigeria? With the rise of e-commerce sites such as Konga, Jumia, and Amazon, and the decline of the Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST), a lot of individuals and organizations have had to resort to private delivery companies to ensure that their parcels get delivered safely and timely to their destinations.

Despite the fact that a portion of these courier service companies are showing improvement over NIPOST, a great deal of them actually offer disappointing services that are not anything to gloat about.

With all these issues surrounding the courier service industry, here are some companies that stand out with regards to cost effectiveness, customer service, and, of course, delivery.


Top 10 Courier Services In Nigeria

10. EMS Speedpost

EMS Speedpost is another courier service in Nigeria that however doesn’t have a lot of adequacies as others. Clients have frequently whined of its high rate and most extreme delivery time period. Clients need a courier service  that combines quick deliveries with minimal cost. 

EMS Speedpost is essentially keen on offering mailing and delivery benefits and is situated at International Mail Processing Center (IMPC), Nipost Building, Nacho Complex, Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria

9. Africa Courier Express (ACE)

ACE is a Nigerian courier service organization that offers dispatch and delivery services for the least item. The company conveys parcels of all sizes like food items, huge things and gift coupons. ACE is situated at 2B, Oko Awo Close, Victoria Island in Lagos State, Nigeria. 

8. ABC Express Courier Limited

ABC Express Courier Limited is a courier service company from the house of ABC Transport Service. ABC Express Courier is a cargo and delivery service organization situated in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. It has a wide extension in Nigeria as it is generally found in the entirety of its transport terminals.

7. Trans-Nationwide Express Plc (TRANEX)

Tranex is a native Nigerian logistics organization that offers both global and domestic express courier services. The company was set up in 1984 under the name TNT Skypak Nigerian Limited, and later changed to its present name (Trans-Nationwide Express Plc) in the year 1992. 

Tranex likewise offers ancillary transportation, haulage, and storage services. The different services also presented by the company are Mailroom Management, Tranex Biopharm/Cold Chain Solutions, Tranex Dedicated Motorcycle Service (for delivery) and Express Delivery.

6. God Is Good Logistics (GIGL)

GIGL is a by-product of God Is Good Transport Company. GIGL offers inventive logistic ways to deal with the current Nigerian courier service industry. GIGL was established in 2012 and offers its clients and customers quicker and exact delivery services. GIGL has a lot branches all around the country; particularly at its bus terminals. 

GIGL provides Corporate Courier Services, Domestic Courier Solutions, E-business Logistics , and International Courier Solutions

5. Red Star Express

Situated in Oshodi, Red Star Express is a significant supplier of courier services. Red Star Plc has been contacting and further developing lives for over 25 years, giving quality courier service that people know and trust.

The organization gives worldwide logistical solutions for tackling shipping issues and associates with clients to reach new business sectors. They deliver documents and packages to 220 nations through the FedEx network and to over 1,500 communities across the country through the Red Star Express organization. 

They also offer house to house, time-critical logistical solutions, work together with organizations whether large, medium or limited scope to advance and offer helpful and logistics solutions.

4. Federal Express (FedEx)

Fourth on the list of our rundown on courier companies in Nigeria is Federal Express (FedEx). FedEx is certifiably not a native Nigerian courier company, however,  it has enormous appeal for the Nigerian market. 

Federal Express (FedEx) is a global express and cargo distribution organization with presence in more than 200 nations of the world. It is the darling of numerous internet business stores and clients as it promises its clients and customers around one to three days delivery time. 

FedEx has its branches all over the country and offers efficiency on its delivery services. FedEx is very costly, yet utilizing their services is very rewarding because you can monitor your package just by putting in your tracking number in the company’s portal.

3. Keep on Shipping (KOS) Deliveries

If you are searching for a courier service to deal with your shipments to your clients inside Nigeria, KOS Deliveries is a decent pick. KOS is focused only on shipping internally (inside Nigeria) and permits your clients to pay on delivery. 

What many do not know is that KOS Deliveries is owned by one of Nigeria’s biggest internet based store, Konga. KOS is also the official delivery service utilized by the business giant, Konga, in dispatching clients items. KOS is accessible from Monday to Friday and can be reached through enquiries made on

2. United Parcel Service (UPS)

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is another Nigerian-based dispatch organization. UPS has its headquarters  in the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA and offers courier services to a wide scope of clients. UPS is exceptionally proficient in cargo shipment and delivery and has an enormous client base in Nigeria.

This courier service provider has been existing for more than 100 years and have consistently delivered value, especially with regards to offering service.


If you’re familiar with courier services, then DHL might ring a bell. DHL, set up in1969, is an express logistics company that originated from Germany. DHL is recorded to be the largest logistics company that can be found in the world. 

Its interests are specifically on air and sea mails (even though sometimes, it might use trains and boats for its consignment transportation system). DHL was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. They currently offer their courier services in about 220 countries. 

DHL is one of the first courier companies that will come to mind when thinking of Nigerian courier companies. It is unknown to most people that the name “DHL” was devised from the last names of the founders – Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn.

DHL is the best courier company as far we know and that might be the reason for its why it is acceptable all over the world. The only slight issue that customers might have with the company is its delivery rates. DHL is notorious for its high cost of logistics and sometimes, it might have slow delivery rates that is entirely dependent on the region. 


Courier and dispatch delivery services are the essential channel of conveying items to clients outside your extension. Most web based business platforms, for example, Konga, Jumia and Payporte make use of this methods productively, and clients are happy with the services delivered by courier organizations.

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