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Do you know some of the best health blogs in Nigeria? As the famous statement goes, health is wealth. This could be understood using the definition of health as having good well-being when all systems in the human body function at their best level and in sync with the environment. For a nation or society to be prosperous, its health needs to be very good as this brings about development that can be sustained and thus brings about prosperity for the nation.

In Nigeria, since the year 1950, the health standards of Nigerians have shown good progress, although the causes of major deaths in the nation are mainly low respiratory infections, neonatal disorders, and HIV/AIDS.

In some cases, like malaria, polio, and tuberculosis, the infection has been brought to the barest minimum. Other illnesses that affect most Nigerians are malnutrition and pollution. Although, as of the year 2020, the country has the highest rate of COVID-19 infections on the continent of Africa.

Health in Nigeria is measured using the life expectancy of its citizens when they are born, maternal maternity, neonatal mortality rate, infant mortality rate, and under-five child mortality. This is closely related to the individual’s genetic makeup, age, and sex, which help to determine the health of the individual.

Other major factors that affect the health of Nigerians are their socio-economic status, education, culture, health practices, indoor or outdoor environment, nutritional status, and so on.

This list is the government focus on policies that concerns the health department of the country. The life expectancy of Nigerians is gradually increasing from 49.4 in the year 2007 to be fifty-four in the year 2017.

Within ten years, the U5 mortality rate per thousand births had increased from 145.7 to 100.2. With these results, it still shows that the country has not performed well when placed side by side with other nations in Africa.


Also, she has done well when she is put up against countries of the world and regions of the world bank. From 1990 to 2006, there was a pause in the water supply as it could only reach forty-seven percent of the general population of the country, and in the year 2010, it saw an increase of fifty-four percent.

In the big cities like Lagos and Abuja, the water supply went down from eighty percent to sixty-five percent in the year 2006, but later improved to seventy-four percent in the year 2010. In 2016, the mortality rate was associated with having little or no water, unsafe water, unhealthy sanitation, and poor hygiene, which all contributed to 68.6 deaths per 100,000 people in Nigeria.

Another factor that affects the health of Nigerians is nutrition. For example, in the northern part of the country, people there are mostly poor. Since 2002, the use of food staples has been fortified with vitamin A, zinc, iodine, folic acid, and iron.

It has been said by the billionaire Bill Gates that some important people in Nigeria have refused the food staples because it reduces the amount of profit they make from the sales of their farm produce. 

Best Health Blogs In Nigeria


This blog gives paid training on first aid to various medical professionals. It also sells medical equipment, and people can place orders through their page.

It gives news on the most recent happenings in the medical world, and also on the blog, there is a section that offers jobs to graduates as long as they are medical students with a good understanding of what it entails.


This blog is mainly based on information that relates to the health of its visitors. It gives updates on health tips, health news, advanced medical research, information and technology, and soon to be launched medical equipment. Apart from these services on the blog, it gives thought to health policies in the country and laws in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The contents of are focused on a clean diet, physical activity, and physical health.


This blog was launched in 2009, and since then it has consistently provided reports that are well documented and articulated.

The blog features interviews with some health or medical practitioners and policymakers to address the modern health issues in Nigeria.


This blog, when it started, began as a magazine for the health of women and is known all over the world. Women in Africa see the blog as a healthy living guide for them and can’t be faulted as it ties into the goal of the blog, which is to make assessable high-quality health content to guide them to live healthily and to have a life that is fit and happy.

The content on the blog is centered around fitness, eating healthy, beauty, style, health, and wellness. The magazine is released twice a month and is the best digital magazine for women. Little wonder, it is Africa’s leading health magazine.


This blog covers several health areas like diabetes, cancer, weight loss, dental health, women’s health and other interesting content like providing top-notch health information.

It also gives information on the treatment of chemotherapy, symptoms of infections, fitness advice, wellness advice, tips on beauty and some causes.

It also gives information on the treatment of skin diseases like eczema. Others are the treatment of cataracts and heart failure.


The goal of this blog when it was launched was to promote unity and progress, especially in the health sector of Nigeria, and to face the challenges of the sector.

The blog makes use of effective communication to influence the health policies in Nigeria with the aim of providing a better health care system for Nigerians. It gives informed analysis and comments on various issues regarding health, which makes it available to health practitioners and the general public.

It equally gives health tips for living in a healthy manner.


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