Top 10 Best Hotels In Nigeria (2022)

Are you interested in finding out the best hotels in Nigeria? When it comes to rest and relaxation, only a few states in Nigeria do it as good as Lagos; which may come as a surprise to most of the people reading this, especially when you take into account, the fact that Lagos state is widely known in Africa as the city that never sleeps, popular for its hustle and bustle that goes all day long.

However, in spite of all its busy activities, Lagos state proudly boasts of a few five-star luxury hotels that meet world-class standards. A few of these hotels have been around for a while and are continuously evolving and adapting to the times, while others are actually quite new and seem to dazzle the market at their moment of birth.

In this article, we are going to rank ten of the best hotels in Lagos; these rankings will be carried out with regard to careful research and reviews as well as pricing. We are not looking at the most expensive hotels in Lagos, but rather the hotels that offer the best-valued services.


Of course, most of these hotels that give great services usually come with a high price tag.

Top 10 Best Hotels In Nigeria

10. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel

This luxury hotel comes neatly packaged with a wellness center along with swimming pool facilities and a spa. For a standard average customer, you will be treated to a full-sized and properly furnished air-conditioned room that has access to free Wi-Fi as well as a private shower area or bathroom.

All these and many more privileges, such as a; shared lounge, gym and fitness facilities, and so on, come at a measly price of 89,000 Naira per night on average. Of course, the price is usually subsidized for customers who wish to stay for a longer period of time.

9. Eko Hotels and Suites

You cannot have any business in the heart of Lagos without at least hearing about Eko Hotels and Suites or Eko Atlantic. This luxurious hotel has a capacity of 825 rooms and offers a variety of activities thanks to its various infrastructure and facilities that allow for them.

These activities include outdoor barbeque, free and private parking, children playing ground, swimming and spa and massage therapy thanks to its spa and wellness center located in the giant hotel building. For the price of NGN 80,000, every customer is treated to a well-sized, well-furnished room, with access to free Wi-Fi and a complimentary pair of slippers, courtesy of the hotel.

In addition to this, the hotel runs a car hiring service to let visitors move and explore around the city of Lagos.

8. The George Hotel

Okay, this is one of the most expensive hotels on this list, and rightly so. You see, as far as luxury is concerned, this hotel eats the cake. It doesn’t just boast of a 5-star lodging experience, it also has a 5-star restaurant, and with its 61 rooms, it is clear that this hotel is not for everyone.

Its superbly elegant interior décor highlights its well thought out design and class. It has a state of the art pool area, a view that is deeply appreciated from the terrace of every room that comes equipped with a desk, an air-conditioning system, and a flat-screen TV.

Located at Ikoyi on the Lagos island, you can easily book a room for as low as 173,000 Naira.

7. Green-Point Hotel

Unlike the other hotels mentioned so far, this is a 4-star hotel. Now, what makes this hotel stand out above the other three hotels? Well, for starters, it is relatively cheap at just 36,000 Naira on average, but for this low price, GreenPoint still goes above and beyond for its customers, offering almost the same services and perks that the others on this list do.

There are 82 rooms that are managed and administered by the hotel’s daily front desk.

6. Gods Touch Apartment Signature

Just like the Green Point Hotel, this is a 4 star rated hotel. The rooms are well furnished and packaged with toiletries, and 24-hr front desk support.

This complex is located not far from one of the city’s prominent art galleries. Most importantly is the pricing; at just 41,000 Naira, you can have an almost-5-star hotel experience.

5. Lagos Continental

The Lagos Continental Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel that is made up of over 350 rooms, fully equipped with the most exquisite furnishings and technological installations. Apart from free Wi-Fi and a 24hr front desk support service, the hotel also comes with some basic must-haves for your typical 5 stars establishments like it.

It has indoor and outdoor swimming facilities as well as a gym and fitness center, along with Spa and relaxation infrastructural facilities. But one thing that makes this hotel stand out is its continental breakfast that is served every morning to its guests.

For an average of 105,000 Naira per night, you too can be treated to this luxury.

4. Lagos Airport Legend Hotel

At the Lagos Airport Legend Hotel, 5 star accommodation, a sauna, spa, fitness center, swimming pool, bar, and so on, are just a few of the perks that come with booking this wonderful hotel. It has a very modern and classy look, and it is strategically located in the middle of various Lagos landmarks, such as the Kalakuta museum, the Lagos airport and various other sites.

Of course, all these wonderful services come at a price; The Legend Hotel Lagos Airport offers a lodging price of 120,000 Naira for every night.

3. White Orchid

The White Orchid Hotel, located just under 2km from the Red Door Gallery on Victoria Island in Lagos, is a five-star hotel that is classy and luxurious to say the very least. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi service throughout its environs, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Currency exchange, a wonderful concierge service, a shared lounge, an outdoor swimming pool, 24-hour front desk service, a bar, and many more are a few of the added advantages that come with paying an average lodging price of 191,000 Naira per night to lodge in one of its 20 rooms.

2. Nordic Hotel

This is not just any ordinary five-star hotel; it is among the top 10 of its kind in West Africa and is home to some of the fanciest decors that this country has ever seen in a hotel. Its scenic landscape gives an air of peace and tranquillity about it.

The fact that it has every facility that all the other hotels on this list have and still has cheap rates is what makes this 5-star establishment rank so highly on our list. For just 75,000 Naira, you can stay in any of its 35 fully furnished and well-equipped rooms. 

1. The Yacht Sea Hotel

This hotel is located in Lekki Phase 1 and is number one on our list. Along with its various services as well as top-notch infrastructural facilities, the hotel also comes with a paid shuttle service that takes you directly to the airport, which is 22 km away.

It has 22 rooms that are properly paid close attention to as regards their furnishing and facilities. It has a beautiful view of the sea; one of its most prominent features. The hotel was officially opened earlier this year and shows signs of being on the top for a considerable period of time.


Everyone has a unique taste and might prefer the services of one hotel to another so while you cannot use this list to judge the best hotel particular to you, it still provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect from the top ten hotels in Lagos today.

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