Top 10 Best Mechanical Engineering Companies In Nigeria

Who are the top 10 best mechanical engineering companies in Nigeria? When we talk about mechanical engineering, we do not just refer to auto repair shops and roadside mechanics.

This is actually a wide field that has a variety of specializations that can be applied to various industries like the oil and gas industries, automobile industries, welding and construction industries, air conditioning and refrigeration industries, and many more. 

Generally speaking, engineers help us to build and develop the various infrastructure and facilities that we so heavily rely on to facilitate our day to day activities and ease our lives. From roads and bridges to power plants, manufacturing companies and many more, none of these would exist without the influence of the presence of an engineer.


Today, many young Nigerians are being encouraged to take up the engineering profession in a bid to produce more Nigerian engineers so as to boost the economic sector.

In Nigeria, mechanical engineering plays a very important role in the building and development of the country’s economy. Today, we shall examine ten prominent mechanical engineering companies in Nigeria and what services they offer.

We are going to look at factors like the reach of these companies and the national demand for the services they provide.

Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Companies In Nigeria

1. Innoson Group

This is Nigeria’s fastest-growing manufacturing company. They are committed to the production of automobiles of various kinds, as well as motorcycles and various other products and spare parts. They produce tires and plastic wares and have continued to grow exponentially as a company over the years.

Their head office is located in Owerri, Imo state. They also have their head technical office in Enugu and a branch office in Lagos state. It was founded by Innocent Chukwuma Nwala in the year 2007 and it continues to expand its territory, building the Nigerian economy further than ever before.

It is probably the biggest and most successful locally-owned mechanical engineering company in Nigeria.

2. Delta Steel Company

DSC is one of the oldest most steadfast engineering Companies in Nigeria. It is owned by the government and has for years proven to be one of the top providers of jobs to individuals living around the company’s production plant.

They specialize in the metallurgical manufacture of billets to aid in the production of iron and steel. In recent times, it has even constructed a railroad line that connects directly to the northern parts of the region to ease the transportation and distribution of raw materials and finished products to and from the plants, respectively.

3. Dangote Group

Of course, we can not talk about industrialization in Nigeria without mentioning the famous conglomerate. Dangote Group does it all, from cement production to food production, the company has reached its industrialized tentacles into almost every sector of the Nigerian economy.

They have even recently ventured into oil and gas refineries and seem to be thriving as well. It goes without saying that the company requires a considerable number of mechanical engineers to oversee and handle the manufacturing process across its various plants situated in various states in the country.

4. FEMBOSCO Engineering

You must have heard about Fembosco Engineering if you are up to date concerning the country’s industrial sector. They are the leading suppliers and manufacturers of various electrical and mechanical engineering tools and appliances.

They produce power tools and have been responsible for the assembling of machines across various production plants since their inception in 1995.

5. Slot Engineering

This company which was established in 1983 is driven towards providing various engineering related services like construction, line fabrications and material production and supply. With over thirty (30) years of experience in this field, the company continues to build its way along the industrial ladder of the country.

6. Ramcon Engineering

Ramcon Electromechanical Company is dedicated to bringing long-lasting customer satisfaction as regards engineering services.

They are known for providing electrical and electronics services, mechanical aids like air conditioning and refrigeration servicing and installation. If you want to make electrical installations, then these are the guys to call.

7. Mateng NIG

Mateng Nigeria is a low-key, big-time engineering firm that has been in existence in the country for a considerable period of time.

The company has a very specialized niche and has continued to grow in that field over the years, producing water filters, bamboo bikes and solar torches. They have honed their crafts throughout the years and are at the top of their field.

8. Dandani Integrated LTD

This company was created back in 2011 as a limited liability company. It has since grown in reputation and productivity, being recognized as one of the best manufacturers of oil pipelines, electrical low voltage and high voltage tension cables and many engineering related products.

They also produce FEED (Front end engineering design) services and are responsible for the designing of various civil and mechanical systems.

9. Chikason Group

This organization provides various services across various sectors, not just engineering. They provide health services, transportation and so on. As regards manufacturing, they do a pretty decent job in the distribution and production of machinery and heavy equipment for construction and other complex engineering related services.

The executive chairman and founder of this group is none other than Engineer Alexander Chika Okafor, a visionary and pacesetter. Their head office is in Lagos state, and they continue to build various plants in a bid to spread across the country more rapidly.

10. Robert Bosch NIG

When it comes to consumer satisfaction, arguably no one else does it better than Robert Bosch Nigeria. They are a manufacturing company that is primarily focused on food production as well as renewable and clean energy generation.

They work hand in hand with local surveyors and researchers to understand the needs and demands of the market in whatever region of the country they find themselves in. This has allowed them to not just focus on production, but also ensure that their market gets exactly what it needs. 


These are the top ten mechanical engineering firms that are currently making waves in the Nigerian economy. There are still many engineering firms scattered across the nation, fiercely competing for a piece of the economic pie.

I am quite sure that as time goes on, and as the competition gets fiercer, there might be a few adjustments to this list.

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