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Some of you might be wondering about the best music blogs in Nigeria if you’re music lovers. Blogging is becoming quite lucrative in Nigeria but can be even more, especially for people who are passionate about it and give it lots of commitment. There are successful bloggers in Nigeria, like Linda Ikeji and Naijaloaded.

There are more than fifty million internet users in Nigeria, meaning that blogs take up a large share of this share. The niches popular among major Nigerian bloggers are sports, entertainment, health, jobs, business, making money online, and education. 

As most people have come to understand that an average Nigerian youth might not be able to pay for a song either online either to not having enough money or having the knowledge on how to go about it, Nigerian musicians help to reduce that in the sense that most Nigerian music artists if not all of them actually release these songs they worked so hard on for free.

There are also thousands of blogs and music websites in the country where you can visit to download or listen to thousands of songs by your favorite music artist. With thousands of music streaming apps around today like Spotify and Apple Music that monetize their streams, the role that used to be played by music blogs has witnessed a change.

In recent times, these music blogs now provide a channel for upcoming artistes to brand themselves, provide their fans with a narrative, and also have a search engine optimization that helps them to track or signal their popularity.

Prior to when these changes began with the music blogs, blogs acted like a platform used solely for the distribution of music in order to get people all over the world to download the songs on their platform for free, but this helped at the time as it made the songs popular everywhere, and once a song became popular, the artist behind the craft also became popular and shows started to pour in from regions where the most people downloaded and enjoyed their music.

Top 10 Best Music Blogs In Nigeria


Jambaze was birthed in the year 2012 with the goal of providing unique content to Nigerians. There are several niches on the blog’s page to pick out and read about, including music, gossip, entertainment, fists, events, videos, DJ mixtapes, and lots more.

Unlike some other blogs, this one supplies fresh content to its readers, including content from outside Nigeria. They are also solutions on how to solve some problems when you visit the blog, like where you can download original zip files of albums and other amazing functions.

The blog also functions as a platform to promote upcoming artistes and they also have a speciality in music production. In the Nigerian music industry today, blogs still hold a lot of relevance in the industry, and their relevance keeps growing.


This blog is one of the oldest blog sites in Nigeria and the CEO is Fidelis Ozuawala, the blog was launched in 2011. It specializes in Nigerian music, skits, videos, and all-round entertainment.

The blog provides trending and latest songs from Nigeria together with news about celebrities both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. They provide Nigerian and international movies. The website cuts down on too many ads on its platform and receives thousands of visitors daily.

8. MP3BULLET.NG is a blog website that was launched in 2013 and has consistently provided its visitors with the latest gist in entertainment both within and outside Nigeria.

There are lots of songs on the website ranging from music beats, gospel music, and songs from other countries in Africa like South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and many more.


This blog cuts across every niche on the blog space like fashion, music, news, gossip and more. One standout feature of this blog is the lyrics to a song so a visitor can sing along while listening. 


Naija vibes was birth in 2012 with the goal of getting Nigerians their favourite songs, music videos, and mixtapes from DJ’s free of charge. It provides news about major celebrities, upcoming events, and gossip about happenings in the world of entertainment.


The growth rate of the blog has been quite alarming considering the fact that it was launched in 2019. It majors in Nigerian entertainment and also a music website it even caused some other blog to be where it is today.

The songs and videos on this blog can be downloaded and streamed so visitors have little or nothing to get worried about.


This is one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria which is known for its design which is sleek. It has been in business for a long time and is one of the first entertainment blogs in Nigeria.

It was birth in 2006 by Ademola Ogundele and since he founded this blog, it has consistently been serving Nigerians with the best in music, videos and other entertainment content. 


This blog started in 2013 and has been dishing out amazing music and entertainment content. A visitor can search and song or artiste of his choice on the blog. The blog is owned by’ Mr Ejump’.


The website was launched in 2010 by Olutayo Tyler Duncan Shotubo and since it has maintained its position as one of the best blog sites for Nigerian music, videos and also content outside Nigeria.

In the Alexa rankings, the site is the twenty-seventh most visited blog site in Nigeria.


This is the most popular music blog in Nigeria and has been that way since it was founded on October the first, 2009. According to, it is rated as the seventeenth most visited site in Nigeria.

The site is owned by Makinde Azeez and is the first blog for music, videos, and entertainment generally, it started out as being just a forum but later transitioned to a blog.


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