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It’s the new trend to shop online not only in Nigeria, but throughout the world, Online stores such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and others are well-known in the international market. These are online retailers that make millions of dollars. In this post, you’ll find the best online shopping sites in Nigeria.

Nigerians can now pay on delivery from stores online with offices located here in Nigeria. This means you can also pay for goods delivered to your home or office without using US or UK shipping addresses. It is a step forward for the country’s economic recovery.

In Nigeria, online shopping is no longer a novelty, as many young people are discovering the excitement that comes with a safe and secure eCommerce experience. Users nowadays aren’t just looking for the cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria, but also a comprehensive list of online shopping sites with excellent customer service. 


However, there are a few Nigerian stores that are growing. Putting in the effort to earn Nigerians’ trust and join one of the world’s fastest-growing industries

The ten (10) organizations listed below are not just game-changers, but also the most trusted websites in Nigeria for safe online buying.

Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

1. JUMIA (

Jumia is one of Nigeria’s most prominent e-commerce sites. In fact, it is number one in the list of Nigeria’s Top 10 Online Shopping Sites. Jumia Nigeria is Nigeria’s counterpart of, launched in May 2012.

Jumia Nigeria’s popularity has spread far beyond the continent’s borders. It was ranked as the most frequented e-commerce website in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa. Jumia allows you to sell almost any type of product.

What sets Jumia apart is that you can buy nearly anything from them, including cosmetics, groceries, apparel and accessories, and so forth, and they frequently provide discounts. Check out the Jumia Marketplace website to get started.

2. KONGA (

The online Superstore of Konga in Nigeria was created “out of a desire to deliver with speed and accuracy so that you would not have to bother about getting your needs and expectations at your leisure.” It possesses enormous warehouses that are loaded with goods and strategically positioned in key locations like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt to ensure quick and effective delivery.

Konga also allows small businesses to sell and promote a variety of products on their website. It not only sells reduced things but also offers valid promo codes.


PayPorte was founded in September 2014 and has since grown to serve a diverse audience ranging from youths to young educated professionals. Nigeria’s preferred online retail store, according to the online e-commerce behemoth.

PayPorte also works with local businesses by displaying their products to a larger audience on its platform, giving them access to new clients, better logistics coverage, and the chance to grow their business.

4. SLOT  (

SLOT is the number one quick online stop shop for buying smartphones and other electronics, and they also have a large number of retail shops for selling phones across  Nigerian company that specializes in computers, cellphones, and other electronic devices.

The platform offers great after-sales servicing as well as excellent client service. Slot has been around for quite some time. They have been selling their goods for a long time before making the wise decision to make them available to their clients online as well. They have a webpage where you may shop.

5. KARA ( is one of Nigeria’s most popular web stores, with thousands of visitors every day.  Kara has a huge selection of products ranging from mobile phones to electrical and power supplies, all at affordable pricing.

Kara also has a marketplace where other company owners can offer their wares.


Escapade is a good online shopping platform that focuses on products from well-known and well-respected brands.

Although the company is unfamiliar with Nigerians, it may be trusted when purchasing home appliances, electrical gadgets, fitness equipment, and construction supplies online.


VConnect is one of the first truly successful business directory websites to appear on the Nigerian web. Their latest foray into the e-Commerce industry appears to be a positive move forward.

When you shop on Vconnect, you’re doing business with a company that values customer service, pre-sales, and after-sales assistance.

Their products are of good quality and are reasonably priced. You should be able to shop with confidence on the Vconnect website.

8. JIJI NG (

Jiji is one of Nigeria’s most popular and well-known online marketplaces for buying and selling (mainly used) goods. Because there are many smugglers registered on Jiji, you must be extremely certain of the seller you are dealing with before making payment for the products and/or services.

Always read seller reviews before making payment for the goods and/or services. is a fast-growing Nigerian free online classifieds site with a sophisticated security mechanism, which was created in 2014.

As a Seller or a Business Owner, you can use the website to post free classified advertising for your products and services, increasing your reach and profit.


Parktel is the main factor in the sales, distribution, and marketing of cell phones, mobile power banks, and phone accessories over the Internet. 

A secure SSL certificate from COMODO CA Limited is used on their website to protect user data. They take Visa, Mastercard, and Verve as well as pay-on-delivery, which is fully integrated for online shoppers’ convenience.

The majority of things purchased in Lagos and/or the Federal Capital Territory are delivered for free (FCT, Abuja).


MyStore is also one of the most reputable internet retailers in Nigeria. The company has been around for over a decade and has received positive feedback and testimonials from clients all around the country.

Kitchen supplies and equipment, home decor, and workplace basics are among the items available for purchase on this site.


All of the websites described in this post are totally Nigerian shopping websites, and most Nigerians have probably used some, if not all, of them to buy gadgets and other products online, and I must say that they are reliable.

However, with the rise of internet scammers in the country, one must exercise extreme caution while approaching online dealers. Nigeria’s online shopping websites are rapidly expanding, and their services and security measures are improving as well.

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