Top 10 Best Outsourcing Firms in Lagos

Who are the best outsourcing firms in Lagos? Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a third party to perform services or create goods that were previously done in-house by a company’s own employees and staff. Outsourcing is a practice that is commonly used by businesses to reduce costs.

In simpler terms, outsourcing is defined as the act of a company delegating the task of doing a job or planning an event or scheme to another organization or private individual even though it could have been done by that company.

Most organizations use this practice to obtain highly skilled and professional candidates without having to be involved in the sourcing and selection process. This is not a new trend and has been around for quite some time.


How Do Outsourcing Firms Operate?

How does the outsourcing firm go about sourcing and selecting candidates? Top outsourcing companies in Lagos accomplish this by searching for, selecting, and training candidates to meet a detailed description of how they want the candidates to behave.

Most organizations prefer outsourcing because it reduces the burden or weight of performing special functions and allows them to focus their attention primarily on their core abilities and skills.

Are you a freelancer looking for a job? Or do you own/or work in an organization that’s looking for extra hands to perform some tasks? 

You’ve come to the right place 

Below we have compiled a list of the 10 best outsourcing firms in Lagos State,  Nigeria.  Here they are: 

Top 10 Best Outsourcing Firms in Lagos

1. Accenture Nigeria

Accenture Nigeria is first on our list. It is a reputable and significant outsourcing firm that is owned and controlled by Accenture and Fortune 500 companies based in the United States. The company is well-known for providing customers with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

This is accomplished through the application of both newly emerging and long-established technologies.

2. Kimberly Ryan

Kimberly Ryan comes up next. It is a large outsourcing company with offices not only in Lagos but also in other states and countries. It is the best not only in Lagos but also in the world. Since its inception, this company has formed strong alliances with prestigious companies, such as Station Chase International.

The company’s main services include creative HR solutions, dependable service, collaborative service, and much more. Because of their collaboration with other prestigious companies, their brand is well-known to all.

3. Workforce Group

At spot number 3, we have the workforce group. The Workforce is a large outsourcing company in Lagos that specializes in human resource management, outsourcing, and business consulting.

Many professionals in the industry have replicated three branches of this Workforce group as one of the best outsourcing companies in Lagos. The company began operations in 2004, and many of its customers can attest to their excellent service.

Most people prefer them because of their ability to concordantly embrace a straightforward approach in understanding and meeting all of their customers’ needs. HR consulting, recruitment, training, verification, outsourcing, and assessment are some of the services provided by the workforce group. 

4. Ashford and McGuire Consulting

The consulting firm Ashford and McGuire has its office on Victoria Island, Lagos. It is fourth on our list and is one of Nigeria’s most important outsourcing firms. Despite the large number of customers who visit them on a regular basis, the company strives to provide nothing but the best to them.

The company employs a large number of professionals who assist in providing clients with advice or services that they cannot obtain elsewhere.

They provide services such as recruitment, performance management, and HR transformation. Financial management, industrial analysis, and a variety of other skills are required.


5. Gigastreams Consulting

At spot number 5, Gigastreams consulting. Not long ago, Gigastreams consulting firm established itself as a strong pillar in the outsourcing industry. This company has been successful in utilizing IT and creating value in HR enhancement and practice.

They have been able to provide clients with creative and direct responses as a result of this. Their services are aimed at increasing customer efficiency and growth, resulting in commendable results.

Human capital training and development, customized custom training, career counselling, and development are among their services.

 6. Adexen

If you are looking for a good outsourcing company, Adexen is a good option and so they take spot number 6 on our list. They are engaged in the activity of locating people who are qualified for a specific job. The consultants at Adexen have extensive experience in Nigerian countries.

As a result, they thoroughly vet clients before hiring them. Some of the industries in which Adexen has been involved include oil and gas, manufacturing, maritime, construction, telecommunications, and many others.

7. Phillips Consulting

 At spot number 7, Philips Consulting is another well-known and respected outsourcing firm. They have a lively and bustling HR department team member.

In the year 1992, Folusho Philips founded the company and named it after himself. Following that, the company experienced a tremendous amount of growth.

8. SENCE (Skill enhancement center)

SENCE outsourcing company is yet another standout in the outsourcing industry. Because of their many years in the industry, they are a fantastic company with a high level of expertise.

This company’s main services include HR staff outsourcing, HR structure development, professional worker employment, training, staff and career counselling, advisory, and much more.

9. Ace Human Resource Counseling

 Ace human resource is a first-rate organization with which you will not be disappointed if you ever do business. Because of the high level of expertise of the company’s consultants, they have a large number of clients.

HR outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, recruitment, HR software, compensation and salary surveys, training and development, organizational development, and other services are available.

10. Peoplesource Consulting

Last on our list but definitely not the least, Peoplesource consulting is another well-known outsourcing firm in Lagos that employs skilled professionals. International and local recruitment, learning and development, HR business consulting, HR resource, and software solution are among their services.  

We advise that you do your own research in these companies before picking one to work with or outsourcing your jobs to them as this article is just here to provide information 

Good luck!  

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