Top 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers In Nigeria

Top Best Rehabilitation Centers In Nigeria
Top Best Rehabilitation Centers In Nigeria

There are many rehabilitation centers in Nigeria. Addiction and substance abuse is not just Western problem, but even people from the motherland are not immune to the perils of substance abuse. Rehab or Rehabilitation centers serve a number of purposes, not just addiction cases; some might have physiological injuries that they might need help in recovering from (both mental and physical).

You see, the human body is actually not as strong as the average Nigerian imagines it to be, it could actually crash at any time (sometimes without warning). In Nigeria, there is a need for proper rehab centers to combat the growing number of substance addicts and violent incidents around the country and taking into account the fact that not every hospital in Nigeria is equipped to provide rehabilitation services, now more than ever, the need for this centers are ever-growing.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on the way you choose to look at things, there are a few top rehabilitation facilities in the country that actually meet the mark. In this article, we are going to lightly examine ten of them. 


Top 10 Best Rehabilitation Centers In Nigeria

1. Physiofit Clinic

This is a rehab center that focuses on physical impediments that people get from physical trauma. So if you have, let’s say, a broken arm, this is the best place for you as its staff are well trained in the arts and science of physiotherapy, providing only the best quality of service to their clients.

Located in Lagos State, Nigeria, it has two branches within the state; Fagba at Ifako Ijaiye and at No. 4, Abegbe Ariyo street all the way to Ajah. For further inquiries, you can simply call 09084613900, 08139509833 for the location on the Island or Dial 08056083329, 08033273197 for the one on the Mainland.

2. Ageless Physiotherapy

This institution is quite known for its offering of services to older people as well as people who were born with one deformity or the other. The nurses and staff on ground are quite friendly and encouraging, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust.

If you are interested in visiting this place or knowing more about the clinic, you can check it out if you reside in Lagos; it is located at Ogundana Street off Allen Avenue, Ikeja. These are their hotlines for emergency and enquiry; (08055463055, 08139491652), they are always available.

3. PTC (Physical Therapy Center)

Like the last two on our list, this center is also found in Lagos. What makes it stand out is the fact that it has a very high success rate in its rehabilitation cases. The clinic which is located at Victoria Island is one of the best of its kind in all of Nigeria.

You can book an appointment of pay a visit to them via their official website, or simply give them a call by dialling 0704 5773 785 or 0809 0582 285.

4. Synapse Center

Now, let us talk about centers for cases of substance abuse. As you would come to find out, the danger of substance abuse does not elude the rich and powerful. Spread across 4 states in the country, the Synapse Center for drug abuse is one of the biggest Rehab facilities in the country for this purpose.

It caters to its clients who are experiencing withdrawal syndrome and clients who are heavily addicted. Its clientele base spreads across the socio-economic strata, admitting even wealthy and powerful people.

The branches of the Synapse clinic that deal with addiction cases concerning wealthy people is in a private and secure location. Meanwhile, you can visit the company’s website at for any additional information.

5. House of Refuge

Substance dependency is almost certainly kept in the rear-view, as the clinic has an almost clean perfect track record especially when it comes to successful treatment. A subsidiary of the House of Freedom, the House of Refuge offers medical and psychological evaluation and treatment, as well as support groups for people suffering from one substance addiction or the other.

The best part is that they usually serve as a guiding light that helps patients find their purpose in life, thereby giving these people something else to focus their time, attention and energy on, instead of harmful and addictive drugs.

Give them a call on 0808 729 0000 for any clarification or additional info. 

6. Newlife Hospital and Rehab Center

Just as the name implies, this institution is geared towards the medical well-being of its clients, both physiologically and psychologically. The Newlife Rehabilitation center focuses mainly on people who desire to drop their addictions as well as people suffering from one form of mental illness or the other.

Situated in Abuja, you can either visit them online and book an appointment via their online web address;, or call them on the following digits; 08023456096, 07034692728, 07063025917.

7. Guiding Light Foundation Rehab Clinic

If you or your relative are desperately in need of a place that can assist you in getting rid of your addiction but you lack the funds to help, seek no further. The Guiding Light Rehab center is a non-profit organization that is thoroughly dedicated to ensuring the country is rid of substance abusers and addicts.

They offer quality rehabilitation exercises and treat mental illnesses as well. They are currently located in Rivers state and show signs of expanding to other areas of the country in the coming years. or (08092134923), are the contact details for this organization. You can also visit or call to make donations.

8. Placidway Global Medical Solutions (PGMS)

While this organization is mainly focused on medical tourism and other medically related recreational activities, the PGMS is also known for their involvement in narcotics and substance abuse as well as addiction cases involving hard drugs.

They continue to give premium-like treatment to their clients. You can visit them on their website at

9. Antinarcotics Revolutionary Chaplaincy

This organization offers a resplendent hope to drug addicts and alcoholics who wish to drop or curb their vices. They offer treatments and detoxification. You can find them in the heart of the country; Abuja.

You will find them open from Monday down to Saturday from 8 a.m prompt to 6 o’clock in the evening. If you wish to reach them and inquire some more about the place, simply dial 08098165111. 

10. Folade Traditional Medical Center

This is a medical clinic that specializes purely in the traditional approach to medicine. They adopt orthodox traditional solutions; mainly herbs, to carry out serious medical procedures and rehabilitation procedures, including detoxification of the body.

So, if you feel like you prefer traditional medicine as opposed to western medical culture, then the FTMC is the place for you.


As bad as addiction is, I still hope that our readers get addicted to our various informative and enriching articles. Thank you for reading.

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