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Have you been searching for the best relationship blogs in Nigeria? Dating relationships are crucial in adulthood but also of importance to adolescents. Adolescents between the ages of eighteen and nineteen have been in romantic relationships before the late adolescence age, although the difference is quite visible from the point of view of the experience, tensions, and strains that come with being in a relationship at that age.

Their dating patterns, dating disclosure, and parents’ awareness also add to this. Romantic relationships are not entirely bad. Spotting a good relationship is hard because nobody knows what really goes on in these relationships except for those involved.


Falling in love is the easiest of all the things it takes to fall in love. As Nigeria is the most populous black nation in Africa and has continuously continued to improve in technology, commerce and social media generally, the country has become home to your favourite celebrities, bloggers and entertainers.

When it comes to the part of relationship blogs most blogs in Nigeria like Lively Stones, Joro Olumofin and so many others in Nigeria. 

The Top 10 Best Relationship Blogs In Nigeria


Naijalovin is a relationship blog that does things different from other blogs in the sense that it gives advice to people on their relationships and also tries to hook up singles in Nigeria that are all over the country.

To register for this blog, you need to sign in with your personal details. This is done so you can have access to all sections of the blog. The blog was launched in the month of November 2015 and its goal is to manage the emotional needs of Nigerians, whether they are citizens by birth or nationalized. It is like this because, generally, you can find Nigerians in every corner of the world today.

The blog serves as a bridge for Nigerians abroad to meet their significant others. There are users already registered on the platform, and it grows daily. There have been good reviews about people meeting their significant other on the platform, and this is one of the pieces of feedback that is positive for the blog as it continues to grow.


This blog started less than a year ago on a Nigerian forum. The goal of the owners is to assist people with loneliness, domestic abuse, and especially romantic relationship issues.

For the blog, it is all about solving relationship challenges, giving advice and guidance, to make sure people don’t feel like they are not being appreciated in the relationship they are in.

And for those who want to leave the relationship, they help them do that smoothly in other to avoid them wasting their time and thinking of what people will say.

On the blog, there are tips on how to sustain a healthy relationship with a man or woman. They assess the relationship with their partner to know if they are moving forward in the relationship or stagnant and whether they should continue to move forward or stay behind in the relationship.


This is one of the top news and dating websites, and apart from relationships, the blog is also into news that involves local, political, business, and technology. It also covers gists, which are made up of metro and pop culture, and entertainment, which is centered around the areas of movies, music, and the lifestyles of celebrities.

The lifestyle section is divided into sections for gossip in the world of fashion, beauty, and tips for health. It covers sports like football, boxing, and other sporting activities. There are also communities that have their focus on students, religion, and bloggers.

Lastly, there is the business insider section that deals solely with finance. Taking a glance at their column on relationships will make you want to fall in love when you read through the posts. The topics being discussed on the platform daily are things we can relate to as they happen to people who are close to us.


The owner of this blog is Olalekan Adebumiti, who has been a motivational speaker and counselor all through his life, whose life goal is to be mentioned in the list of people who change the lives of people for the better.

His goal is to see people in flourishing relationships, people expressing themselves better and a life of limitless love and boundless possibilities. The goal of the blog is self-help, which is aimed at setting up a good team to assist with our emotional needs.


This blog can easily be mentioned as a 360 blog for an average Nigerian citizen, an individual just dating and for single or married persons. The blog finds solutions to relationship challenges.

They have a belief that talking about relationships should not be when they hit hard times. They talk about other areas like marriage, parenting, weddings, and human interests in general.


The owner of this blog is Elsie Godwin. She started the blog in 2013 but did not take it seriously until 2014. The blog provides lifestyle information for both men and women.

She covers aspects such as motherhood, career, relationships, sex, health, information, current affairs and other areas.


To help people with general issues of life is what this brand is all about and it helps people get into better relationships.

The idea for the blog came to life when Joro decided to take the bold step and write or talk about issues that most people find difficult to address.


The blog started in the month of January 2016 when the owner decided to pursue his love for photography instead of the regular nine to five jobs.

The name of the owner of this blog is Adetola, and the aim of her blog is to help people make better or more informed decisions when it comes to romantic relationships and to teach and inspire people to believe in love again.


The blog was created by Blessing Nkiruka Okonkwo, whose passion is to educate other young people to find understanding and love with their significant other.

She hopes to curb toxicity in romantic relationships and accept a life of love and fulfillment.


The blog was created in 2017 to bring to light the various dynamics in different relationships through online counselling, face to face meetings for people with issues in their relationships.

The owner of the blog is simply known as Jzhane who is both a trained psychologist and a relationship expert.


Most of the blogs on this list are aimed at promoting a healthy love life for people so you can check them out and tell us what you think…cheers.

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    What a great list you have here I must say. It is very precise but however I can help but say this list isn’t up-to-date despite it has 2022 in its title. This is because new marriage and relationship blogs have emerge in the country with better content than most of the blogs listed here for example T
    This is not to condemn your efforts since you’ve done a great job here but Please kindly do some research and update your post.
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