Top 10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria

Which are the best tech blogs in Nigeria? Tech blogs in Nigeria are a platform through which professionals in specific technologies such as gadgets, gadget products, and brands share their knowledge and experience of certain technological items.

Numerous specialists in various technologies in Nigeria share their insight and expertise with their clients on websites through prices, specifications, reviews, instructional exercises, and different means that clients will easily comprehend.

Some tech blogs might also serve as a tool for marketing some of the latest tech products in order to boost exposure as well as build a brand.


While it is feasible to see likenesses between numerous tech blogs in Nigeria – through their overall features – a greater part of them are distinctive in style, structure, title, resources and a couple of different elements.

In this article, we will discuss the top ten tech blogs in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Tech Blogs In Nigeria

10. Android Nigeria

As specified by its name, Android Nigeria is a blog that centers its attention specifically on android gadgets, products, accessories, and services. Clients who have any request concerning any android service or product in the country will find all the data they need on this blog.

The blog additionally gives clients tips on android games, convenient solutions to standard issues experienced on various android gadgets, and game hacks. The presence of this blog for almost 10 years implies it is a valid source to get all that you need concerning android gadgets in Nigeria.

9. Wizytechs

Wizytechs is a blog generally intended for smartphones. By smartphones, we are discussing Android, Apple, and Windows gadgets. The greater speciality covered by Wizytechs clearly gives the blog the advantage over Android Nigeria. This, likewise, converts into a more extensive audience for the blog.

One fascinating piece of the blog is the simple phone cheats, hacks, and answers to famous smartphone issues that users face routinely.


The series of content accessible on the blog is very broad, as it covers an all-around differentiated number of subjects and gadgets associated with anything technological.

Other extra conversation subjects on the blog include technological business ideas, gaming reviews, data and design infrastructures, and Crypto-Currencies. Various top tech brands also use this blog for promoting and publicizing purposes.

7. Ogbongeblog

While most of the tech talked about on this site are on Mobile gadgets, hardware; they also have a lot of spotlight on numerous apps found on the platform.

You can get new information about various apps, whether they be utility apps, social networks, games, etc. The blog additionally gives tutorials to clients in a bid to assist with their prominence and exposure.

Some of the tutorials found on the blog are: BlogSpot tips, SME tips, WordPress tips, Facebook ad tips, and blogging tips.

 Podcasts, Newsletters, Videos, and Reports are the forms that contents are presented in on this blog. These contents are presented such that clients can get all the significant information they require.

6. Techpoint

Techpoint additionally gives content on the tech community, including significant events, and awards in the tech business.

Clients searching for startup ideas can likewise acquire a great deal of data in this angle under their Startup area. You can get counsel on ventures, get tips on where to contribute your assets with a great rate of return.

5. Techcity   

With data on gadgets, surveys, tech giants and more, users on Techcity likewise get an opportunity to watch documentary series on trends and various new technologies because of different changes locally.

Tech organizations can likewise get a decent survey of how the tech market in Nigeria is working, therefore getting a decent hang of the widely used technology items in the country.

4. Techtrendsng

Due to the clear-cut outlook of the blog, which is exceptionally interesting, particularly when contrasted with different sites in Nigeria, many users wonder if the blog is really Nigerian. This clearly makes them one of the best positioned as far as tech blogs in the country.

On Techtrends, all things technology are accessible. They additionally talk a great deal about crypto-currencies for clients intrigued by them.

3. Gadgetstripe

GadgetStripe is owned by Charles Oke. As an icon in the blogging industry, he is making an honest effort to motivate different young people to start something on the web.

Clients on the blog can undoubtedly see how he centers around making content concerning technology that many individuals are discussing.

2. Naijatechguide

Its spotlight on mobile devices guarantees that content on the blog is abundant and detailed, covering all that clients need to know concerning the topic of conversation or survey.

Clients get specifications, prices, news, and updates with regards to known laptops, mobile devices, and accessories on Naijatechguide without any hassle.

1. Tech Cabal

Topping the chart is the popular Tech Cabal. While your mind concerning what Tech Cabal can offer has limits, what the blog really offer stretches out definitely beyond what you can envision. Simply seeing the name should ring a bell about the abilities of the blog.

Most importantly, you should realize that all things technology is covered on this site. Clients without a center subject to find generally wind up lost in the wide exhibit of content accessible.

Nonetheless, this ought not to be an issue as long as you have a specific subject at the top of the priority list.

While it is feasible to not have a particular subject, clients can likewise investigate the various tech content accessible in their various specialities. Moreover, Tech Cabal discusses and examines reports, new businesses, events, individuals, and give experiences on wide-running topics.

You simply need to get on this platform to have a full image of what’s going on with it.


While there are numerous tech blogs in Nigeria accessible at the disposal of endless clients in Nigeria, the ones recorded here are the ones to visit if you want access to bountiful content that is valid and accurate.

The majority of these sites have been around adequately long to give top class, most recent content with regards to the tech business.

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