Top 10 Biggest Hospitals In Africa (2022)

Can you name the biggest hospitals in Africa? Prior to taking off to see the wonderful continent, if you so choose, it would be wise to get to know Africa’s hospitals in the event that you or a friend may need clinical support.

These hospitals are great for patients from different nations or regions with inadequate medical care. Since you are about to find out which are the best hospitals in Africa, you can have confidence that your wellbeing and health will be catered to.

The numerous distinctive challenges that medical care organizations face in Africa such as substandard infrastructure, insufficient clinical insurance, and profoundly entrenched ancestral beliefs are largely all impediments that need to be figured out in order to advance the condition in Africa.

In spite of the issues, the continent also boasts some great clinical centres and hospitals that offer top-notch services.


Some developed countries are additionally investing resources in the medical care area of the continent. A portion of the medical clinics that are listed below offers elite treatment. They have well rounded and experienced specialists at your service.

Top 10 Biggest Hospitals In Africa

10. Children’s Hospital Trust, South Africa

A hospital committed totally to children, particularly children prevalently from poverty-stricken communities all through South Africa and Africa, is fundamentally significant. It is so significant, that it needs a hero to ensure that it is continually able to accomplish the marvellous work it does.

The Children’s Hospital Trust is an autonomous non-profit organization that was set up in 1994 to raise money to help specific ventures and projects to assist with improving child healthcare, via the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital – the first independent tertiary hospital, solely for children, in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Trust solicits funds for the update and expansion of the hospital’s structures, the acquisition of cutting edge medical equipment, new clinical treatment projects, and sponsors the training of medical experts across Africa, guaranteeing that the hospital not only holds its elite title but can keep giving groundbreaking and life-saving care to kids.

9. Centre Hospitalier Mohammed VI, Marrakech, Morocco

The Mohammed VI University Hospital Center, located in Marrakech, is not just a significant and fundamental player in the medical care sector in the Marrakech-Safi district, but also for the entire south of the Kingdom.

Starting around 2001, their hospital has gone through a ceaseless turn of development, allowing for the change of a youthful and starting CHU into an inter-provincial or even federal establishment, with a genuine and direct effect on the quality of care given to the populace. 

8. Diani Beach Hospital, Kenya

The hospital is the first private medical service facility, established in 1997, on the stunning Diani Beach on the south bank of Kenya. Diani Beach Hospital was set up by Dr. K. S. Rekhi and is next door to the Leisure Lodge Golf Course.

It is the most skilled medical facility in Kenya and one of the most amazing African Hospitals. The hospital is eminent for its excellent medical care and highly productive staff.

It began with two private rooms, a research facility, a drug store, and a radiology division. Afterward, six private rooms, a male and female general ward were added. They have, as of late, set up a physiotherapy division and are currently obtaining the most present-day analytical hardware.

7. Ganzouri Specialized Hospital, Egypt

It is a private general medical clinic and one of the most incredible African hospitals. It is located in the centre of Cairo. It has been offering medical care services to individuals in this district for almost forty years. The hospital is focused on offering custom-fitted types of services to patients. It has in excess of 150 business clients. 

The Cairo medical clinic considers medical services the main part of what it brings to the communities that it serves. Its patients gain the most from the exceptionally prepared specialists and medical staff.

A significant number of the patients are viewed as business clients, in that they are big-league salary people who need the best care from the facility, and they accept that Ganzouri is great for them.

6. Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro Abeokuta, Nigeria

The state-of-the-art clinic for mental health issues situated in Nigeria is focused on giving quality psychological health service, training and research in a conducive climate with local area cooperation and worldwide joint effort. 

The expense of acquiring any help in the medical clinic is exorbitant. Be that as it may, it is custom-fitted to the financial force of the average Nigerian. The hospital was a shelter that worked for quite a long time – over 10 years – on the site.

5. Institut Pasteur de Madagascar

The Institut Pasteur de Madagascar is a public office handled by the Ministry of Health and Family Planning. The Madagascan government sees it as a charitable foundation and licenses it to work with financing from different sources.

The method of financing guarantees that the standard of the medical centre stays high. It likewise ensures the best patient care for all who require the hospital’s administration. The high-end hospital offers their patients quality healthcare at a reasonable price. The condition of the office makes it the fifth-best African hospital.

4. Life Healthcare Hospital Group, South Africa

Life Healthcare is the top private hospital operating in South Africa. The group focuses on giving intense medical care. Its medical hospitals are found in the country’s metropolitan locales in seven territories. Life Healthcare is the biggest hospital group in South Africa and positions fourth as Africa’s best hospitals.

It has developed into a regarded and trusted name in the business. The group has additionally constructed a clinic in Gaborone, Botswana. They additionally operate a hospital college to guarantee that their staff stay all around prepared.

3. Netcare Group, South Africa

Netcare Group offers imaginative and quality medical services arrangements in South Africa. The group handles a variety of hospitals all through South Africa and the United Kingdom. They are known for their phenomenal care at their facilities, and they are viewed as a decent employer.

Netcare is also the biggest private training establishment for essential healthcare staff and medical service workers in South Africa.

2. As Salam international Hospital, Egypt

As-Salam International Hospital began operations in 1982 to address the issues of patients and serve the local communities with an aggregate of 303 beds on 5,222 m2

As-Salam International Hospital is presently one of the biggest tertiary care medical hospitals of the private sector in Egypt, using international ratings, outfitted with the most advanced technologies, comprised of an all-around prepared and proficient staff, including Egyptian doctors and professional nurses from different countries.

Ever since then, they have been giving constant reliable quality of service that permitted them to secure the Joint Commission International accreditation twice. 

As-Salam International Hospital is the first hospital in the Middle East and third worldwide to be granted certification for clinical care by the Joint Commission International for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and the nineteenth clinic worldwide to be given a clinical care certificate by the Joint Commission International for Acute Myocardial Infarction in 2019.

1. Gambro Healthcare, Swaziland

Baxter International Inc. gained control of Gambro AB recently. The new proprietor is devoted to promoting healthy choices for dialysis and patients in intensive care all over the globe. The healthcare clinic helps thousands of patients throughout the nation and then some.


In the event that you have dreams of you and your spouse travelling out to the most distant corners of the earth including Africa, then, at that point, it would be important to know which are the best medical centres in Africa.

Africa is one of the most underdeveloped and poverty-stricken continents, and the state of healthcare in Africa will probably not be awesome. In any case, a few countries are growing and, consequently, developing their infrastructural systems, and the health sector is also included.

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