Interested in how to buy goods from Dubai to Nigeria and wondering what can I import from Dubai to Nigeria, this post is for you, so keep reading. First of all, the importation of goods from Dubai to Nigeria can be considered as a great work at home job due to the flexibility, profitability, time and cost-saving opportunities involved in it. However, if you’re wondering what kinds of goods can be imported from Dubai to Nigeria. The answer to this question will be provided in this post.

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Importation Business In Nigeria

Importation business is currently one of the trending businesses in Nigeria that many people are going into. People are importing goods from countries like Turkey, China, UAE, India, United States and even Vietnam. This is not really surprising though because Nigeria is probably one of the countries that thrive on the importation of goods rather than exportation.

This is part of the reason why importation is really thriving in Nigeria. Another good thing about the importation business in Nigeria is that you can start some mini importation with as little as N10,000 naira but this depends on the choice of country for importation. For instance, you could import many things from China for as low as the N10,000 mentioned but importing from Dubai with this amount is definitely not going to work.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the biggest countries to import goods for both small business and large business importers from different countries around the world apart from China. Africa, especially Nigeria is largely well known for importing goods such as textiles, abayas, hijabs, and even petroleum jelly from Dubai. Dubai is referred to as the shopping capital of the Middle East due to its many Dubai shopping centres. Other things being imported on a large scale from Dubai is synthetic yarn which makes it a viable product for interested importers. We will also briefly touch on how to import gold from Dubai to Nigeria for those interested in this aspect of importation.

How To Start Importation Business In Nigeria

  • Find out what importation or mini importation is and how it is done in Nigeria.
  • You need an android phone, a laptop if you can afford it, a fast or manageable network at least, and an e-mail address. Note that the requirements might be more depending on the country you want to import from. For instance, if it’s the United States you’re importing from, you might need a PayPal account or the valid U.S address.
  • Research different kinds of products and select the ones you’re really interested in importing.
  • If you want to make your research easier, you can always go ahead and choose from trending products that are being sold and are known to be yielding great profits. However, you have to be careful with this kind of products so they get saturated on time.
  • After selecting your products, make research on the profitability of the products, whether they’re selling really well and if the profit margin is worth the trouble.
  • Find out about the countries where goods can be imported from at very cheap prices.
  • After this, you’re all ready to start importation business in Nigeria.

How To Import From Dubai To Nigeria

There are two common ways of importing goods from Dubai to Nigeria. The first method is to get your International Passport, go there and purchase the goods yourself. The second method is to find procurement agents that can help you purchase the goods. The goods are then sent down to Nigeria by the procurement agents.

Many people choose the first route because the cost of travelling to Dubai isn’t that high and getting the visa isn’t that difficult. However, the best way would probably be to find procurement agents that can help with goods purchase as this would mean you would have more money to use to buy goods to sell.

One procurement and shipping company from Dubai To Nigeria we found is IsoxDirect.  You can check them out and please be very strict in finding out all the information and reviews needed before using any procurement agency. We are also not endorsing any company too. Currently, it’s not so easy to get trustworthy procurement agents for Dubai. We’ll be sure to keep updating this post if we find more procurement agents for Dubai. You can find out more about Dubai shopping centres here.

Another way is to use online sites that can ship products bought from Dubai to Nigeria. There are hardly Dubai shopping sites that offer these services so it might be better to stick to the first two options. Also, products in online stores tend to be more expensive than buying from shops so your profit margin might be hugely affected.

Notwithstanding, two of the Dubai online stores that ship to Nigeria that we found is Souq now Amazon.ae and Aramex.  Though, on Amazon.ae, finding products that ship to Nigeria is like finding a needle in a haystack. Other common shopping sites in Dubai include LetsTango, Namshi, Wojooh, Asaan and Ounass. However, you can try and search and end up being luckier than us. Also, if you have someone living in UAE, you can always buy and ship your items to them and they, in turn, can help you send the goods to Nigeria. IsoxDirect can help in sending your goods from Dubai to Nigeria through air freight at affordable prices.

Things That Can Be Imported

There are so many things and fast selling products that can be imported if you have the money for it. These products range from textiles to clothing, electronics, fashion items, gift items, home appliances and so much more. Here’s a list of things you can import from Dubai that are in high demand in Nigeria. Majority of them are also a list of items that can be imported into Nigeria.

What Can I Import From Dubai To Nigeria?

1.Original Gold Jewelleries, G.L earrings and necklace, Jewellery sets, handcrafted jewellery, pearl necklaces, Diamond rings
2.Affordable and Beautiful Beads.
3.Women’s Quality  Designer Shoes, Sandals, Bags.
5.Fashion Accessories such as wrist watches.
6.Textiles such as Voile Lace.
7.Women clothing such as Tops and Skirts, Abayas, Ladies suits, Dresses.
8.Brand Mobile phones like iPhones and Samsungs.
9.Mixers and Grinders.
10.Washing Machines.
13.Men’s Shirts.
14.Perfumes and Perfume oil.
15.Hijabs and Pashmina Shawls.
16.Home Ornaments.
17.Rugs and Carpets.
18.Standing Fans.
19.Spare parts such as Auto parts, Motor and Motor Cycle Parts.
20.Leather for chair making.
21.Medical Equipment even though they might be a bit on the high side but they are mostly of great quality.
22.Islamic Clothings e.g. Abayas.
23.Processed Petroleum Jelly.
24.Sweet Fragrance Candles For Decorations.
26.Children Toys.
27.Light and lighting pieces of equipment
28.Phone Accessories

There are many good shops in Dubai where you can purchase electronic products at great prices and still be able to make a profit from selling them in Nigeria for your importation business. You can even get good quality products from places like Sharjah or Ajman. The best part is that the prices of goods can be much cheaper than those ones being sold in Dubai. Even though there are many products to select from, the best fast selling products to import from Dubai to Nigeria are Gold, Cars, Islamic Clothings and Perfumes. This is because there are many people already importing these goods so you might find it easier to get more information on how to start them.

Best Time To Visit Dubai For Shopping And Importation Business

During January and February of each year, there are always sales in Dubai so you can time your importation to be around this period if you want. One of the best times to target when purchasing goods from there is when they will be doing sales or promotions; a few weeks before or during festive periods like Ramadan, Easter, Christmas and the Dubai Shopping Festival. For gadgets procurement, you can target sales period when there are IT exhibitions like GITEX 8 days IT Expo going on so as to get loads of good deals. If you’re lucky, you can likewise get great deals from warehouses running gadget sales.

If you want to go to Dubai for shopping or importation business purposes, you can find travel agencies that can help you do the processing and visa at an affordable price.

How To Import Gold From Dubai To Nigeria

There are so many importers searching for how to import gold from Dubai to Nigeria online. Gold is one commodity many importers are interested in going to due to the huge profit one can get from selling them. Interestingly, Dubai in UAE is one of the best places one can get quality gold at mouth-watering prices. This makes the gold market a very lucrative business to go into for Nigerians.

If you are one of those looking into importation of gold business, there are some things you have to be aware of. These include:

  • This business requires huge capital for the startup as small capital will not fetch you reasonable profit. Capital can range from N1,000,000 upwards.
  • The Gold Souq in Dubai is one of the best places to get quality gold in form of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on.
  • The weight of the gold determines the prices of the items. For instance, the price of a necklace will be determined by whether its weighing 14, 18 or 22 carats.
  • The best way to purchase gold is by going to Dubai and checking out shops selling there as you get much better prices than allowing people going there to help you buy.

How To Import Car From Dubai To Nigeria

If you need to ship a car from Dubai to Nigeria, you can check out Aeon Shipping for their services and rates. They can negotiate with you on how and where to send your car when it reaches Nigeria even if it’s outside Lagos. Another shipping company is Macro global logistics. Please, note that you have to do your own due diligence when using this kind of method for shipping from Dubai to Nigeria. This is so that you’ll be able to double check and cross-check to avoid issues.

I hope we have been able to cover the list of what can I import from Dubai to Nigeria, the best things to import from Dubai to Nigeria and the products in high demand for those thinking of venturing into Dubai importation business. If you have other questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

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