Top 10 Private Universities In Nigeria 2021

Private universities in Nigeria have consistently been named among the best in the country, and many believe that they are here to stay. While many young Nigerian secondary school leavers and UTME candidates go to the country’s federal and state universities, others from well-off families prefer Nigerian private institutions, despite the high school fees they […]

All About Lagos Business School (LBS), Location, Website

Have you ever heard of the Lagos Business School? Or maybe you are curious to know what makes this school so special. Well, there are tons of business schools and business training programs offered all over the country, but for some reason, the Lagos Business School is often referred to in such establishments and gatherings. […]

List Of Navy Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Are you interested in sending your kid to a Navy secondary school and you don’t know where a Navy school is? If so, continue reading this post to find out the list of Navy Secondary Schools in Nigeria you can choose from, the address, and where they are located. A Navy school is important for […]

These Are The 20 Best Universities In Nigeria Right Now

What is the list of best universities in Nigeria? The educational sector is an integral and vital sector of any nation. According to the National Policy on Education (NPE), everyone is entitled to receive at least primary school education. Educational sector is divided into three forms: primary, secondary and tertiary education. The tertiary education is […]

Best Secondary School In Nigeria According To WAEC

Which school is the best Secondary school in Nigeria according to WAEC? Find out below in this post. Many parents would love to give their children the best education they can afford. In fact some would even strive to achieve this aim even when their capabilities is limited. Hence, the interest of parents in finding […]