11 Interesting Facts About Benue State (2021)

Facts About Benue State

Benue is a state in the east-central region of Nigeria. It is bordered by Nassarawa state to the north, Taraba state to the northeast and Ebonyi, Enugu and Cross River to the south, and Kogi state to the west. Based on the 2006 population census, Benue State has a population of 4,253,461. The capital of … Read more

33 Interesting Facts About Katsina State

Katsina state is one of the Northern states in Nigeria. Here are facts about Katsina state. Katsina is a state in North-Western Nigeria. Its postal code is 820. As of 2019, Katsina state is 32 years. General Gbadamasi Babangida created Katsina state on September 23, 1987, out of the former Kaduna State. It is bordered to the … Read more

37 Interesting Facts about Plateau State

What are some interesting facts about Plateau State? Plateau is a state located in Eastern Central Nigeria. The state was created by Yakubu Gowon administration. The postal code for Plateau state is 930001. It is bordered by Bauchi and Kaduna to the north, Taraba on the east, and Nassarawa on the Southwest. As of 2006, … Read more

Top 28 Nigeria Natural Resources And Their Uses

Agricultural Resources Found In Nigeria Cotton Oil palm Rice Hides and Skin Cocoa Timber Wheat Rubber Sugar Cane Groundnut Yam Cassava Cashew Maize Cowpea Soybean Mineral Resources Found in Nigeria Petroleum and Natural gas Coal Talc Gold Iron Ore Bitumen Gypsum Zinc and Lead Gemstones Baryte and Bentonite Kaolin Rock Salt