Top 10 Best Cities To Live In Nigeria

What are the best cities to live in Nigeria? Every day, when we turn on the news, we are bombarded with reports of killings, kidnappings, rapes, and other forms of violence in the country. This has given foreigners, and even some Nigerians, the impression that the country is extremely dangerous and unpleasant to live in. […]

Top 10 Cheapest Federal Universities In Nigeria

This article contains a comprehensive list of the most affordable and cheapest federal universities in Nigeria and their school fees? Please note that the school fee range listed here is just an estimation as different universities get to charge different school fees for different courses. DISCLAIMER: This article only takes cognizance of what the school fees […]

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

Are you aware of the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria? Everybody is bound to get sick at some point in time. No we don’t wish you evil, it’s just a truth we can not avoid. Nigerians in the past would turn to traditional medicine whenever they or their children had any symptoms. But in most […]

The Top 10 Richest Northern States In Nigeria

Which states are the richest Northern states in Nigeria right now? The Federal Republic of Nigeria is made up of 6 geopolitical zones, out of which 4 are home to the 19 northern states. That’s right, out of the 36 states in the country, 19 can be classified as northern states. These states consist of […]

Top 10 Regulatory Agencies In Nigeria

There are many regulatory agencies in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, a regulatory agency, also known as a regulatory body, is government authority in charge of exercising autonomous dominion over a specific area of human activity through licensing and regulation. In Nigeria, regulatory bodies are government agencies or public organizations established to carry out regulatory functions […]

Top Female Pilots In Nigeria You Should Know

Who are the top female pilots in Nigeria? A pilot is one of the most important professionals in the aviation industry. They are experts in charge of flying an aircraft. They are trained to fly jets, passenger planes, helicopters, and rescue planes, among other things. Pilots are put in charge of people’s lives after undergoing […]