Top 10 Charity Organizations In Nigeria

What are the top charity organizations in Nigeria? Nigeria is one of the most populated nations in Africa and gets a lot of help because of the critical disparity in riches. In Nigeria, almost 11 million kids across the nation do not go to school, in spite of primary education being obligatory and free of charge.

The north-eastern districts of Nigeria are most noticeably awful because of the impacts of conflicts. On this side of the nation, a large number of schools have been compelled to close, damaged hopelessly or completely obliterated.

Furthermore, with the largest number of child brides in Africa, there are numerous deplorable types of child abuse that are pervasive among Nigerian communities. Religion overshadows western medicine, and the majority of the Nigerian populace prefers to look for help from churches rather than clinics.

As indicated by WaterAid, 1 in every 3 individuals does not have access to clean water in Nigeria. In addition to the fact that this means an absence of accessible drinking water, it also brings about an absence of clean toilets and an inability to practice fundamental hygiene.

Such conditions require interventions from charity organizations. Non-profit and charity organizations assume an essential part in supporting underserved citizens in any country. In Nigeria, we have heaps of charitable establishments.

They give different kinds of help. The charity foundations in Nigeria work with various of the populace to give different kinds of help as required. They help people as well as animals.

The following charities are making a significant and huge contribution to the well-being of this country.

Top 10 Charity Organizations In Nigeria


This foundation is a non-governmental and a non-profit one. This organization battles against sexual abuse with the assistance of talks, lectures, and workshops in secondary schools, universities, and other tertiary institutions.


This organization assists children with living a more healthy and productive life. It aids children with schooling, security, and early preparation against pandemics. It helps families to set up their own businesses.

It has been established since the 2000s. Their focus is to aid community advancement and give opportunities for education through an exceptionally inventive platform.

They give students opportunities to flourish inside and outside of their classrooms. They additionally offer an assortment of workshops for both children and grown-ups in the village. They are there to awaken their potential and also help them in the pursuit of their greatest dreams.


This is an association of researchers and experts in the United States of America with an avid interest in Africa. This association targets developing information about the continent with the assistance of publications in African institutes of tertiary education.

It is recorded to be the world’s first source of information about Africa. It was established in 1957 as a non-profit educative program. This association is committed to improving the exchange of knowledge about Africa.


This association is the biggest transporter of books to Africa in the globe. They supply African nations with books and also instructive materials. This association was established in 1988. From that point on, it has delivered in excess of 27 million reading materials to African libraries.

This association has continued to be the biggest transporter of donated library books and reading materials to the continent.


This is another organization that assists women with obstetric fistulas. Obstetric fistula is quite possibly the most tragic and serious labour injury. An opening between the birth channel and bladder as well as rectum, it is brought about by drawn-out, hindered labour without access to convenient, top-notch clinical treatment.

The establishment endeavours to help ladies carry on with productive and healthy lives. They give obstetric fistula treatment around the world; they do this by diverting funds toward fistula specialists’ training. 


This association was established in 1997 during a clinical mission trip when Dr. Patricia Brock became mindful of the immense need for clinical supplies in developing nations. This association has worked in more than 81 nations, including African nations like Nigeria.

The establishment gives clinical care, equipment, and services. This foundation shuts the medical care gap by connecting the people who hope.

Medical Bridges supplies surgical and medical apparatuses and equipment and delivers them to medical care providers. Their main goal is to close the healthcare gap by securing great clinical, dental and surgical supplies for use and/or redistribution to qualified associations and clinical missions in the developing world.


The job of Panthera is to guarantee a good future for wild animals; they protect wild cats like leopards, cheetahs, and lions in Africa.


This establishment is one of the well-known foundations. It manages destitute individuals, particularly children. They offer projects that increase education, wellbeing, business, and especially protect the lives of poor people.

Their grass-root programs cover medical services, agriculture, the creation of small businesses, education, etc.


WWF works as an organization that takes care of childbirth. This charity provides surgery, supports programs in clinical and community training, and also allows the ability to give birth in medical centers. This foundation for mothers injured in childbirth was created in 1995 and was renamed the Worldwide Fistula Fund (WFF).

They focus on women’s health, working to identify those that need fistula treatment and provide them with surgery performed by fistula surgeon specialists.

This association additionally offers recuperation and continuous help to women, including safe spots to heal. They are given thorough post-operative care, food, individual counseling, and also group counseling.


Solar Sister is an African women network that works on supporting women in countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, etc to start their own personal businesses.

They are of the belief that every woman ought to access affordable clean power regardless of where they reside. This association believe that women are a critical piece of the answer to clean energy issues.

They focus on local women in the developing clean energy sector, which is fundamental to eliminating poverty and also accomplishing sustainable solutions for environmental change and a large group of developmental issues.

Their central goal is to furnish women with financial opportunities, technological training and backing to disseminate clean energy to underserved locales in Nigeria. Their vision is to imagine a brilliant world fueled by female entrepreneurs.

So far, they have reached more than 1.4 million ladies across the continent with solar energy and also launched more than 3,409 clean energy business visionaries. Today, this organization comprises more than 2,200 business visionaries.


Now that you are aware of some of the charitable organizations in Nigeria, you can contact them if there is a need.

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