Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities In Nigeria (2021)

cheapest private universities in Nigeria
Cheapest private universities in Nigeria

Which universities are the cheapest private universities in Nigeria? When we talk about private Universities, we are simply referring to the Universities in a country or geopolitical location that are not being managed or overseen by the region’s government.

These are neither state nor federal universities, rather they are privately owned and managed by specific individuals or private organizations.

Now if you are a non-Nigerian, you might probably be wondering why private universities exist or what exactly is their importance.

Nigerian universities that are owned and governed by the government at either a federal or state level, are reported to have a very low standard of education and a terrible educational environment in most cases.

This is where private universities come in. There are numerous perks to enrolling into a private university in Nigeria; for example, the students of private UNI’s are less likely to be affected by nation-wide strikes carried out by the ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities).

Another benefit that private Universities offer is that you do not need a UTME result or certification in order to gain admission.

This is especially good news considering the recent allegations of corruption that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), is currently facing.

Finally, private schools tend to show more care for and attention for their students, something that the government-run universities have failed time and time again to achieve.

It goes without saying that these benefits do not come cheap and that is why private universities are mostly quite expensive compared to state and federal universities in the country.

But fear not, if you are seeking cheaper private universities to attend or send your wards to, then you are in the right place.

Here are ten of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria today.

Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities In Nigeria

1. Al-hikmah University

If you are of Islamic faith, then this university is perfect for you. Aside from the devout care and attention towards the faith, the school is also well equipped with some of the best facilities you would find in any higher institution.

You can pay as low as NGN100,000 as tuition fee and as high as NGN600,000 depending on the course of your choice. The school which was founded in 2005 is located in Kwara state.

2. Oduduwa university

The university was officially launched in 2009 and has grown to hold 20,000 students in the population.

The school is probably the most affordable private university on this list considering that fees range from 170k Naira to 200k Naira maximum all depending on the department that you apply for.

3. Ajayi Crowther University

Named after the legendary Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the University was founded in the year 2005 just like the first University on this list; Al-hikmah University is situated in Oyo state.

It is currently home to seven functioning faculties, they are; faculty of engineering, the faculty of humanities, faculty of natural sciences, social sciences, faculty of law, faculty of management science and of course, faculty of education. Tuition fees range from 162k to 782k Naira.

4. Obong University

This university is actually sponsored by the Rivergate church that is based in Madison Tennessee. The school has some of the best facilities to date even though it is one of the earliest and oldest universities in Nigeria, having been founded in 1997, just before the fall of the previous century.

The school fees are quite cheap, going from the cost of 180k Naira to 200k Naira depending on the nature of your tuition. It started out with an identity as the African College of management sciences before it was later rebranded.

In spite of its many years in the game, it is important that you know that the school does not offer a large array of courses like other private institutions, there are only 10 available courses today at Obong University.

5. Lead University

If you are conversant with the gist surrounding private Universities in Nigeria, then Lead University must have popped up a few times, they are among the most popular universities in Nigeria and are still one of the best performing private schools.

It was accredited by the NUC in the year 2005, three years after the completion of its construction back in 2002. Some major courses like Law, have not yet been accredited in the University as of now, so be sure to visit the school’s website to learn more before you apply.

6. Crescent University

This University was also built by an organization known as the Islamic Missions for Africa in the year 2005. The school boasts of 24,000 students to date, who are all spread across the institution’s various departments.

Due to the school’s background and affiliation, it is highly unlikely that the University would be willing to admit non-Muslim students into its borders, notwithstanding, the Crescent University is one of Nigeria’s best private UNI. Its school fees range from the price of 150k Naira to 1 million Naira per session.

7. Rhema University

Created in the year 2019, it is probably the youngest Private University in Nigeria. Built by the Living world ministries, it is aimed at bringing educational enlightenment to the average Nigerian society thanks to its affordable tuition prices of NGN152,000 to NGN464,000.

After its accreditation in 2019, most of the courses offered by Rhema University also became accredited, making almost every course it offers accredited.

8. Adeleke University

If you are in Nigeria, then you probably know about Davido the Nigerian singer and musician. This school is owned by his father, Chief Adeleke and was created with the intention of building a higher level of education, a sense of excellence and righteous character amongst youths in the country.

The school has 6 faculties and continues to grow to this day. Tuition fee NGN250,000 to NGN560,000

9. Babcock University

This is the only National private university that was formed before the advent of the civil war. The University has a plethora of courses embedded in various faculties and is one of the highest functioning Private Universities today with almost every course that the school has to offer being accredited. NGN288,000 to NGN560,000 is the range of the tuition fee.

10. Fountain University

The last but certainly in no way the least is Fountain University. This is a private Islamic University and it is perfect for any student that is of the Islamic faith. The school fees average NGN351,000 per session and it offers quite the number of courses across its many faculties. Fountain University is located in Osun state.

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