E Money Net Worth and Biography (2022)

Who is E money and what is E money’s net worth? Emeka Okonkwo is famously known as “E-MONEY”, also called “Arab Money” because of his lavish lifestyle. He is a young Nigerian billionaire who made his fortune in different business sectors. He is into oil and gas and owns Emmy Cargoes Nigeria Limited, formerly called Borisa Nigeria Limited (a shipping company).

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Five Star Music and also has a different chain of businesses abroad. E-money is one of the influential businessmen in Nigeria and he is the current CEO of Five Star Music and Emmy Cargoes Limited. E-money’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $65 million. Find out more about him below.

Who Is E Money: E Money’s Profile


E Moneys Net Worth
E Money Net Worth and Biography

E-money was born on the 18th of February, 1981 in Ajegunle, Lagos State. He hails from Anambra State, Nigeria, but he spent most of his lifetime in Lagos, where he completed his primary school and secondary school.

How Old Is E Money?

As of 2022, E Money is 41 years old.

Is E-money KCEE’s Elder Brother?

Even though many people seem to think that E-money is the elder brother of KCEE but the reverse is the case. E-money is the immediate younger brother of the popular musician KCEE. They were not born with a silver spoon but they refused to stay poor. They have long since made a name for themselves in their respective fields of influence.

kcee and e-money

E-money claims that his life changed for the better after his traditional wedding. He stated that he was on his way back from his traditional wedding when he received a phone call that said he had been awarded a contract for $2 million. Yes, this is a huge amount to change a person’s life.

E-Money Is From Which State?

E-Money is from Uli, Anambra State but he was born in Ajegunle, Lagos State, Nigeria.

What Does E-Money Do For A Living? (E money’s Business)

How did E-Money get his money? By hustling for money abroad based on heresy by people, it can be said that many people don’t really know how his wealth came about. However, now we do know that he has various businesses and investments bringing in more money for him currently. His businesses are highlighted below.


A company that deals in clearing and forwarding, importing, warehousing, sea freight, haulage, logistics, and sales of exotic cars. The company was established in 2007 to provide shipping and clearing services to companies in the maritime sector of the Nigerian economy. To this very moment, his company is known worldwide for providing importing and exporting services to their various and numerous customers all over the world, and their services range from ocean freight forwarding to even ground freight forwarding.

They are also known to sell both brand new and pre-used foreign cars of precise specifications at marketable prices. Their diverse stock has brought in tons of happy customers over the years. His company has provided employment opportunities around the country and the world at large, with employees comprised of certified and well-trained shipping/clearing practitioners with a highly specialized skill set in both port operations and dealerships of cars at a reasonable price.


He is the CEO of Five Star Music, a record label said to be worth over $500,000. The top artist on his record label is his elder brother KCEE, Harrysong and Skibi. Skibi later left the record label after three(3) years with the label. KCEE made the record label popular in 2013 with the release of Limpopo. Harrysong who signed up on the record label in 2013 was reported to be the creative man behind Five Star Music.

He is the voice trainer and video director. Though he also had issues with the billionaire and his brother, they later settled it and they are working together again.

e money five star group


He is also into Oil and gas. his company is known as Five Star oil and gas. The company is still in its infancy stages but is reported to be rapidly growing. Although his company is not the first record label to invest in the oil and gas industry, people like Don Jazzy of Mavin Records also own an oil company called Mavin Energy, which is managed by his brother, also known as Jay Mavin.

In spite of this competition, Five Star Oil and Gas shows promise and might rival other big shots in no time.


E-money has been said to own various other chains of businesses outside the country. Some of which are managed by his wife and other business associates and employees. In the import and export sector, he is one of the major industry leaders, bringing in large cash flow. This has provided him with a grand financial plan that could allow him to expand his business empire.

As far as his business is concerned, things are looking great and do not show any sign of decline, any time soon.


Personal Life (E Money and Family)

Who is E-money’s Wife?

E-money is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, Juliet. He mentioned that Juliet was his first-ever girlfriend and first love; they met in 2003. His love story can at most be described as something that everyone, both male and female, dreams of. In an interview, he gives a jaw-dropping and tear-jerking account of what his love life was like in his early years.

She is God-fearing. They both loved each other and decided to be faithful and committed. They got married in 2007. Emeka Okonkwo met his wife, Juliet Okonkwo, when he was still young, broke, and financially unstable, but Juliet stood by him and loved him unconditionally.

It is important to understand that at the time, she was from a relatively wealthier background than he was, yet she was not materialistic or vain, she chose to stick with him through the tough times and since then, her husband has spared no expenses in spoiling her, time and time again.

e money and wife

“Juliet was in her second year when I met her. I found all the qualities I want in a woman in her. She was God-fearing and not excessively concerned about materialistic things. I was living in Ajegunle then with my brothers and she comes to visit me from Lekki (an expensive part of Lagos state). There was a time she fell into a gutter on a flooded street on her way to visit me”. Says E-money. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what it is.


E-money and Juliet Okonkwo are blessed with three handsome boys. The wife and kids are based in the United Kingdom while E-money stays in Nigeria to manage his businesses, though he travels to the United Kingdom every week or two (2) to see his family. The lavish lifestyle he lives makes him popular and makes people wonder how he gets his money.

e money and his family
E Money and Family

Some people even believe he is into a fraudulent act. E-money attends lots of events and he is known to flaunt his wealth with his latest money gun style. He sprays money with the money gun machine which is a unique style peculiar to him.


In April 2019, the European American University awarded him an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Management and Corporate Governance. In 2013, the Song, “Limpopo” by Kcee, won the song of the year in the famous Headies award ceremony and in 2014, the song “take over” won the best song revelation of the year also in the Headies award ceremony.

While this might not be a direct accomplishment of E-money himself, it is without a doubt that these feats could only be accomplished thanks to his record label, also known as Five Star Music.


He invested his gains from his $2 million contracts wisely. He has made a fortune from his oil and gas business, his Emmy Cargoes Nigeria Limited Company, Five Star Music, and his other businesses abroad. All these, along with proper financial planning, from money advisors, have helped him to build a fortune over time. E-Money net worth in dollars is estimated at $55 million.

And this shows signs of not going lower, rather, his net worth might prove to rise over a period of time. The world, especially Nigeria, should keep an eye out for the up and coming billionaire. Here’s E-money’s net worth over time.

Where Does E money Live? (His HOUSES)

E-money owns several houses in Nigeria and abroad. He is known to be a social media guy and he exposes all his belongings to the world, which made the police warn him about flaunting his wealth online to avoid hoodlums or kidnappers attacking his family.

How Much is E-money’s House?

One of the E-money houses is located in Omole Estate in Ikeja. The mansion is a gold furnished state of art mansion reported to be worth N250 million in Omole Estate, Ikeja. He resides in this particular house of grandeur. He also has a house worth a similar amount in Lekki. All his houses are said to follow Middle-Eastern themes, which Emeka seems to be obsessed with.

Along with his eccentricities, E-Money is known to be quite proud of his house, and that a putting it mildly. He often shares various pictures of his family on different social media sites, where they are either enjoying themselves and hanging out in one of his many luxurious mansions, either at home or abroad, and carrying out various family activities.

His kids especially love spending time in his gorgeous houses, because there is always lots of room for them to play and have all sorts of fun. For most of his houses, he installed swimming pools, where he can be seen spending time with his friends on social media. In fact, his houses are known to be so lavish and luxurious that many people have criticized or condemned his actions, saying that even people who are richer than him would not spend the way he does.

He also has a built-in gym in which he works out, in a bid to stay fit and healthy, so he can further enjoy the fruits of his labour. His houses are said to be built on large pieces of land, and his real estate property is worth millions, if not hundreds of millions of Naira.

e money house interior

The house is furnished with gold-plated chairs and lots of what you can’t imagine in an N250 million mansion. He also has a state of the art gym in the house.


The billionaire has an expensive fleet of cars including Range Rover Sport, G-Wagon, Prado Jeeps, Jaguars, and BMW cars. In December 2015, he purchased a Mercedes Benz Sprinter for about N30 million and also gifted his elder brother, KCEE, a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon worth N20 million as a birthday gift.

In 2016, he purchased a new armoured car, the latest 2017 Lexus LX 570 jeep. The car is said to be worth about $90,000 which is around N32,400,000 according to the present exchange rate. He has also been known to gift cars on occasion, in fact, he has given his elder brother Kcee, a Mercedes G wagon, which is worth over N20m. In cars alone, he has over a million dollars worth of cars.

E-money’s Contact

To get in touch with E-money, contact him on his Instagram page, or handle @iam_emoney1. Send him a message via his inbox or leave a comment under his post, he might reply to your message if you’re lucky.

Retirement Plans

Although he is still very young, if E-money chooses to retire, he can do so comfortably. However, he would have to cut back a little on his extravagant and seemingly excessive spending habits so he can have enough money to tide him through his golden years. Luckily for him, it does not seem like he would be retiring any time soon, which is admittedly quite fortunate for his business and growing companies around the world.

Of course, we all expect greater things from him. As for his retirement plans, we really can not say. For all we know, he could decide to go someplace quiet and relax with his wife or he might travel the world and live life to the fullest. Though we can’t expressly guess what he would do, we can definitely guarantee that he would go out with a bang.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does E-Money have a private jet?

Although we don’t know about details of him owning a private jet, speculations can only be made at this point concerning the subject as we have only seen pictures of him in private jets along with other celebrities.

How Many Siblings Does E-money Have?

One. His older sibling’s name is Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo also known as KCee.

Between Kcee and E money, Who Is Older?

Kcee is older than Emoney by more than one year.

Do you know more facts about E-money? Feel free to comment below. It can help new fans find more info about him.

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