How To Fix E17 Error on GoTv

As a GoTv subscriber, there’s no way you would not have had one or two GoTv errors. These errors can be so annoying sometimes as they disturb you from being able to watch the channels you love even though you have an active subscription.

One such error is the E17 Error on GoTv which we’ll guide you on how to fix in this post.

There is no particular reason that causes a GOTv user to experience this error. You can experience it as much as three times a month. The E17 Error can sometimes come up because you didn’t remember to renew your GoTv subscription on time and so your plan got disconnected.


It can still come up even if you paid for your subscription as sometimes there might be a problem with the payment which can lead to your subscription not being activated. In the end, your subscription will be terminated and you have to call customer care to rectify the issue.

How To Clear E-17 Error on GoTv

To clear the e-17 error on your decoder, you need to have an active or paid subscription which means if your subscription has expired, you can’t do this.
You also need the IUC number of your GoTv decoder which can be found at the bottom of the decoder on the red label.

1st Method

This should be done within 8a.m and 7p.m. On your mobile phone, send the following message/SMS in this format: RESET (Insert your IUC NUMBER) and send to 4688. For example, RESET 1234567890 to 4688

2nd Method

Call the GoTV customer care line on 012703232, no need to follow the voice prompt as you will be automatically connected to one of their agents and help you clear the error. Note that you would be asked to verify the details of your GoTv account to confirm that you are the owner.

You can also contact customer care on the GoTv email address: [email protected].


3rd Method

GoTV has an online platform where you can clear error codes for GoTV decoders. Go to GoTV clear error code page to clear the error. Your IUC number is also needed to clear the error. Currently, the page can only be used to clear errors E16 and E17 but always check back to see if a new error code has been added.

Have you tried any of the above methods before to solve e-17 error on GOTV, which one worked for you?

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