Top 20 Exports From Nigeria To Make Millions

What are the top exports from Nigeria that can yield a huge profit? Are you a Nigerian who wants to make extra cash on the side? Or maybe you have been looking here and there for a Job and the hostile economy isn’t ready to take you in.

Well, worry no more, as there are many wonderful and legitimate ways to earn some money in this unforgiving economy. Exportation is the act of transporting goods from your country to other countries by means of land, sea or air.


The business of exportation is not a strange concept to the average Nigerian. Over the years, exportation has garnered a considerable amount of recognition due to its huge returns towards its investors.

One of the major reasons why exportation can be considered a good business is because when goods are exported, the customers usually pay in foreign currencies, which are most times three to five times the value of the Naira (Nigerian Currency).

This makes exportation an easily profitable business.

Now that we know what exportation is all about, another question arises; “what should I export?”

There are quite a number of things that this country has to offer to the world, but only a few can be described as rare and sought after.

We are going to be looking at twenty things that can be exported from Nigeria and make a huge income from.

Top 20 Exports From Nigeria To Make Huge Profits

#1 Garments and Textiles

Reports have shown that the Garment and Textile Industry in Nigeria generates approximately $32bn as revenue from exportation alone.

The United States of America is known to be the world’s largest market for garment and textiles. This is the major reason why they have remained strong patrons of the Nigerian garments and textile industry.

Another advantage to this is that the textiles exported from Nigeria are not subjected to extreme scrutiny, unlike some other products.

#2 Rubber

Indeed, Nigeria is privileged to rank among the highest rubber producers in the world.

To ensure its continuity and integrity, various standard testing laboratories have been established to ensure that quality rubber is being exported to countries in Europe and America.

In recent times, reports show that a cubic meter of rubber is valued around the range of $40-$60 dollars which is not less than N14,000 when converted.

#3 Ginger

When you talk about the largest producers of ginger in the world, you must talk about Nigeria.

Known for its medicinal and culinary benefits, ginger is highly sought after worldwide and is of high demand in the international market.

It is a pity that for some unknown reason, ginger is one of the least exported products in Nigeria.

You can use this to your advantage and set a trend to be a prominent exporter of Ginger from Nigeria.

#4 Palm kernel Oil

Not to be confused with palm oil (the oil gotten from palm fruit flesh), palm kernel oil is the oil that is extracted from palm nut or palm fruit kernel.

It has numerous uses and is extremely sought after all over the world. Industries abroad require it for the role it plays in the manufacturing of cosmetics, confectioneries and pharmaceutical products.

Due to the diversity in its uses, one stands a lot to gain from exporting such merchandise.

#5 Cocoa Butter

One of the top exports from Nigeria, the highly sought after cocoa butter is all the rage in countries like the United States and countries in Europe.

It is gotten from cocoa fruit and is used mainly in health care products, skin care products as well as pharmaceutical products.

Because of the great demand for Nigerian cocoa, cocoa butter has become one of the biggest exports from Nigeria.

#6 Gallstone

Gallstone, a clay-like substance of solid form, usually gotten from the gallbladder of livestock like cattle or oxen.

These objects that are sometimes no smaller than an egg are highly demanded by medical and pharmaceutical practices all over the world.

In Fact, a gallstone of merely 100g can be sold for lots of money. This is no doubt a gold mine for exportation.

#7 Honey

In the international market, Honey is valued at over $150 (one hundred and fifty US dollars) for every kilogram.

Honey is an invaluable product on the international market because of its various nutritional advantages.

Pure honey contains large amounts of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids and many other beneficial chemical components.

One litre of honey can fetch a sizeable amount on the international market. Start exporting now.

#8 Shrimps

Just like many parts of the country, the Niger Delta region is endowed with lots of natural resources, amongst which include shrimps.

Shrimps are a rare delicacy in various countries overseas, especially European countries.

Shrimps are imported in other countries for their many nutritional and health benefits.

This is a good opportunity for Nigerians to make great profits from exporting shrimps.

#9 Yam Tubers

As at the year 2009, Nigeria was recorded to be the highest exporter of yam tubers.

Although the country has dropped by a couple of ranks in the list due to exporting low-quality yam tubers, we can still use this to our advantage by exporting Yam tubers of higher quality.

By doing this, Nigerian exporters of yam tubers will stand to gain a lot of profit from this food exports from Nigeria.

#10 Garlic

Recognized around the world and especially in Nigeria as a cash crop, garlic exportation has proven to garner tons of profit to the exporters.

Used for cooking and making food and drugs supplements, the larger the quantity of garlic exported, the larger the profit you stand to gain.

#11 Sesame Seeds

Popularly known in Northers Nigeria as “ridi”, sesame seeds rank as one of the highest goods to be exported in Nigeria, second only to Cocoa.

In the world, Nigeria ranks fifth (5th) in sesame seed production.

As a sesame seed exporter, one can only begin to imagine the amount of money you would stand to gain from the exportation of such a product.

#12 Charcoal

Being a source of fuel, this product is on the top radar of the international market.

Going for as high as about $1,000 USD per ton (one thousand dollars per ton), this is indeed a lucrative business.

With the high demand for this product in Asia, Europe and North America, this is a gold mine of an exportation business.

#13 Fruit Juice

While it may seem a bit strange that there is an export opportunity for fruit juice in Nigeria, it is also good news, considering the large amount and variety of fruits that Nigeria is blessed with.

The USA is in high demand for fruit concentrates from Nigeria.

#14 Pepper

The Nigerian weather is very much conducive for the growth and development of pepper for exportation.

If you have what it takes to grow this merchandise, then sourcing for the export opportunity is the only thing that stands between you and financial elevation and monetary buoyancy.

#15 Poultry

Poultry involves all products of poultry farming, which includes; birds, eggs and meat.

The weather conditions for poultry farming is just right and better than that of the other countries in West Africa, Africa and the world at large.

The exportation of poultry products in Nigeria is on an all-time low and one could do well in tapping into it.

#16 Snail

Large scale snail production can make ripples in the international market, as snail exportation is generally acknowledged as a good business.

Snails are valued around the world for their health benefits and culinary extravagance, as you would only find them in fancy restaurants around the world.

One would do well to invest in the exportation of snails.

#17 Cashew Nuts

Found in almost every part of Nigeria, cashews are exported to Brazil, India and Vietnam, where there are transformed to kernels and shipped to North America and Europe for consumption.

Sold for about $2 a pound, cashew nuts are a wise export choice in Nigeria.

#18 Cotton

The world can never get enough of cotton. No matter where you go, cotton will always be in high demand as it is a natural source of fibre.

With a jolt of 33 million Naira from the National Cotton Association of Nigeria (NACOTAN), the sector is on the rise again in Nigeria.

Anyone who wishes to invest in cotton exportation would do well to join this rise and make huge gain from one of the top agricultural exports from Nigeria.

#19 Cosmetics

The country has grown considerably in this sector. With the right amount of technological input, we can gain a lot from the sector.

Cosmetics exportation is an unexplored field that shows a lot of promise as far as money-making potential goes.

#20 Cassava Flour

Cassava is a major source of food in Nigeria and has saved lots of lives from starvation.

This product has various forms depending on its method of processing. Cassava flour is in high demand in Europe and the Middle East.

Exporting this product is quite a good idea and will prove to be quite fortunate in the long run.

If you ever find yourself in need of ideas to make money, don’t hesitate to give the world of exportation a try. You never know, you could make a lot of money from any exportation of these products.

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