Interesting Facts About Benue State



  1. Benue is a state in the east-central region of Nigeria.
  2. It is bordered by Nassarawa state to the north, Taraba state to the northeast and Ebonyi, Enugu and Cross River to the south, and Kogi state to the west.
  3. Based on the 2006 population census, Benue State has a population of 4,253,461. The capital of Benue state is Makurdi.
  4. Its slogan is “Food Basket of the Nation” due to the region having lands that are great for agriculture. Some of the crops that are commonly grown in the area include yams, oranges, sesame, soya beans, rice, beans, mangoes, sweet potatoes, Palm trees, groundnuts, cassava and flax.
  5. Benue state is the 11th largest state in Nigeria in terms of total area with 34,059 square kilometers (13,150 square miles). Markurdi is the largest city of Benue state.
  6. Benue state obtained its name from River Benue and it was formed from what is previously known as Benue-Plateau state.
  7. Benue state is made up of three main tribes which are Igede, Etulo, Tiv and Idoma.
  8. The state has three universities namely the University of Mkar, Federal University of Agriculture, Benue State University, Makurdi and two polytechnics: Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko and Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo.
  9. Ikoyogen Hills is located in Kwande local government and at about 35 kilometres East of Adikpo town.
  10. The state is a leading agricultural producer and also blessed with lots of mineral resources such as gemstones, gypsum, kaolinite, baryte, mineral salts, wolframite and feldspar.
  11. In Oju and Obi local areas, the Igede – Agba Yam Festival which is celebrated on the September every year.



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