Top 10 Fashion Items That Sell Fast In Nigeria

Do you ever wonder about the fashion items that sell fast in Nigeria? Fashion does not stop with clothing alone, as it comprises many other things in our everyday life other than clothes and accessories.

Therefore, Fashion can be defined as a popular way of expressing oneself at a particular period and place, in a specific way of dressing (clothing, footwear, accessories, make-up, hairstyles), lifestyle, speaking, and body posture.

Fashion items have been playing a great role in enhancing the beauty of an outfit. They are part of the fastest selling products in Nigeria. Fashion is not limited by age or to females alone, it encompasses males, kids, and old age. According to a popular saying, everyone is in the business of looking good. Below is the list in no particular order of the top 10 trending fashion items in Nigeria at the moment.

Top 10 Fashion Items That Sell Fast In Nigeria

1. T-Shirts

It is the most versatile piece of clothing. Women are gradually making it a fashion as this can be found in most, if not all, women’s wardrobes. It can be worn on jeans, pants, skirts, pyjamas, shorts, and the likes.

Among the clothing items in Nigeria, women’s t-shirt is gaining popularity year by year. Trending T-shirts should be stylish, beautiful, and convenient, the materials in which they are sewn, the style, colour, pattern, length, and even inscription play a significant role when selecting.

Online and offline stores currently have trending t-shirts and are making massive profits from their sales.

2. Tote Bags

What was initially used to run grocery errands is now considered for fashion, even making it to the top 10 fashion items. The fact that you can both slay and your luggage is well preserved without damages is an added advantage, plus it is durable and fit than a normal fashion bag makes it the best choice of fashion.

It is a huge bag that can be used to carry large items like laptops the normal statement bags cannot contain. Almost all ladies own a tote bag and those that don’t have, wish to have one. Tote bags are not made for ladies alone as guys now use them to make fashion statements these days.

All the mentioned advantages make tote bags an essential fashion item to be owned so it is no surprise it is making the top 10 trending fashion items.

3. Sunglasses

This is a pair of dark lenses that are used to protect the eyes against ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, sunglasses are not only meant for sunny days, as it is also essential to wear one during cloudy days, in the dust, and the open air as various viruses and bacteria might attack the eyes.

Therefore, sunglasses are required for the protection of the eyes from heat, dust, cold wind, and even to make a fashion statement. There are different collections of sunglasses to choose from, it comes in different shapes, size, color making it a wide range of collection to pick from depending on your choice and the shape of the face.

With one being able to protect one’s eyes and appearing fashionable at the same time, it is no surprise that sunglasses are in high demand everywhere in the world, even in Nigeria.

4. Lingerie and Underwear

These are pieces of clothes used to protect the privates and worn next to the skin. It is worn beneath an outfit therefore it is not expected to be seen.

Fashion has made the last statement not entirely true in the sense that there are some lingerie and underwear whose edges are seen escaping the edge of an outer outfit as there are new generations of expensive and fashionable lingerie that are made in such a way that it does not have to be entirely covered as it is making a fashion statement itself.

Therefore, lingerie and underwear are an essential part of an outfit as it is not only for fashion but also for protection.

5. Jewelry

Jewellery is an essential part of fashion used by most to complete any outfit. While few don’t wear jewellery for reasons that have to do with religion, others cannot do without wearing them. The taste of jewellery varies depending on the person wearing it, while some likes simple piece of jewellery, some like their jewellery heavy and obvious.

There are different ranges of jewellery, as there are expensive pieces of jewellery, there are also some pieces of jewellery that are quite affordable, selling for lower than a thousand naira making it easy for anyone to own a piece of jewellery.

Both males and females wear pieces of jewellery to complement their outfits.

6. Heels

Heels are one of the fashion items that sell fast in Nigeria. What is an outfit without a perfect heel to complete it? Heels are rapidly becoming an essential part of ladies dressing as wearing heels does not depend on height these days unlike before now where heels are believed to be made only for short people.

Heels are not also meant for only occasions as we see ladies on heels even at work these days as there are heels made for official settings too. There are low heels, mid heels, and high heels depending on how well one can carry herself on any of them.

There is a wonderful feeling of authority and class ladies have when putting on heels. With this in mind, every lady wishes to own a pair of classy heels.

7. Shapewear

This is one of the fastest-growing niches as every lady wants to get “snatched” without stressing and sweating it out in the gym. Wearing shape-wears are the fastest way of getting the perfectly trimmed body every lady wished, and dream about though temporary.

There are different types and shapes available in the market, some can be worn on outfits as it’s an added sense of fashion, some are worn underneath the outer outfit and can be worn for outings just to get the desired shape. It is no surprise that it made it to the top 10 fashion items.

8. One-Piece Swimsuit

A true fashionista will try to look good (no matter the location and situation) even at the pool. Swimsuits are garments worn to the beach or pool, one-piece swimsuits are garments covering both the upper and lower body (like a jumpsuit) and have little cuts (keyholes) at the back, stomach, or neckline just to allow easy passage of water in and out.

9. Sleepwear

These are garments worn to bed, there are sexy and beautiful sleepwear in the market these days and everyone which to own a piece as it is essential to look good in all situation.

10. Robes

Robes are our last fashion item that sells fast in Nigeria. These are becoming an essential outfit for a bridal shower as they can be seen on both the bride-to-be and her bridal train.

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