FirstBank Transfer Code:How To Transfer And Buy Airtime

What are the First bank transfer codes that are available and what can they be used for?

Many users are now making use of their bank accounts to perform different operations such as DSTV, GOTV, and Nepa bills, buy airtime among other things.

Even though many people now have smartphones, there are still some people that do not have smartphones to conduct their transactions or those that are unable to buy data online on their phones.

As a result, bank ussd codes can be used instead to transfer funds from one FirstBank account to another or to a different bank, check account balances, among other activities. As with other banks, First Bank also has ussd codes for their customers.


However, in this post, we will be focusing on the First Bank Transfer Codes that can be used for transfer transactions through First Bank.

What Is the FirstBank Transfer Code?

The FirstBank transfer code, also called Quick Banking, is the FirstBank USSD code that can be used to perform banking transactions offline without the need for the internet by the customers of FirstBank.

With this code, customers will be able to transfer money to other accounts, buy airtime, pay bills, and so on. The FirstBank Transfer Code is *894#.

How To Register For FirstBank Transfer Code

If you want to create or register for a First Bank transfer code or FirstBank USSD Quick Banking Service, it is very easy to do and does not require an internet connection.

You need to use the number you used to register for your FirstBank account for it to work. You only need to follow the following steps to get the transfer code for FirstBank:

  • Enter *894*0# on your phone and dial
  • Select your preferred debit card and enter your 4-digit pin for the debit card that you selected.
  • Create your 5-digit pin, which is going to be your FirstBank transfer pin.

And that’s all.


How to Activate the FirstBank Transfer Code

After following the steps above to create your FirstBank code for transfer and your 5-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), there’s no need to wait for activation as it will be automatically activated and you can start using it as soon as possible.

What Is The FirstBank 5-Digit Transfer Code?

The FirstBank 5-digit transfer code is the pin needed to complete your transfer transaction or for airtime recharge for your number or any other number.

The 5-digit pin can be created by dialing *894*0# and inserting any 5-digit number of your choice, which will then be saved as your pin.

How to Reset the FirstBank Transfer Code or 5-Digit Pin

If, for any reason, you decide to change your transfer pin or you want to reset it, just dial *894*0# and follow the prompt again.

How To Use The FirstBank Code For Transfer

To transfer money using the FirstBank transfer code:

  • Dial *894*amount*acc number#
  • Select the bank of your beneficiary.
  • Confirm the details of the beneficiary, such as their name and the amount you want to send.
  • Insert your 5-digit pin
  • Lastly, choose the account that should be debited.


FirstBank Airtime Transfer Code

To recharge airtime on your phone or transfer airtime to another number, you only need to dial *894*amount#. For example, to recharge N500 airtime, you just dial *894*500# and you will be credited immediately.

However, if you want to transfer airtime or recharge for your other lines or to another number, just dial *894*amount*phone number#. For example, to transfer N500 airtime to your other numbers or a friend’s number, enter *894*500*09000000000# on your phone and dial, the number will be recharged.

What Is The FirstBank Transfer Code Limit?

N100,000. The FirstBank transfer code limit is N100,000 per day, which means you can do another one the following day if you want to send more than N100,000. However, it is advisable to use the FirstBank mobile banking app instead, as you will be able to send more than the limit amount at a go.

The maximum amount of airtime you can recharge via the FirstBank USSD transfer code is N10,000 per day.

How to Check Your Account Balance (First Bank)

It is now very easy to check your account balance without going to the bank or using the ATM machine. Using the FirstBank transfer code on the number you registered with the bank, just dial *894*00#, and your current account balance will be displayed for you to see.

Who Can Use The *894# Quick Banking Service?

All customers that have their phone numbers registered on FirstBank’s SMS alert platform receive an SMS alert. Corporate, multiple, and joint account holders are not legible.

How do I find my 5 digit PIN for First Bank Transfer?

If you forgot your pin and you are wondering if there is a way to retrieve it, the answer is no. It’s much easier to just reset your pin instead. To do this, check the how to reset FirstBank pin transfer code section above in this post.

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