Do you know what zip code means? Do you know the difference between zip code and postal code? Do you know the correct zip code for your location? Do you know we have different postal code in the same State depending on your location in the state? If you don’t, here’s a post on the zip code of Nigeria and the postal code of Nigerian states.

Have you been thinking 234 is zip code for Nigeria? Have you tried to fill a form online and entered +23401 as postal code and you were told it’s not correct? If you have done any of the above before and you are confused about the correct zip code of your location, follow up with this article to know the correct zip code of your location in any place in Nigeria.

What Does Zip Code Mean?

Zip code stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The zip code is only used in the United States while every other country uses Postal Code. Even though the zip code and postal code serve the same function, zip code for Nigeria is handled by Nigeria Postal Service. However, the United State Zip code is handled by United State Postal Service (USPC). United State Postal Services have different codes for every other country which are used when handling Postal services. The USPC code for Nigeria is 00176000.

What Is The Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code?

Zip Codes are Zone Improvement Plan only used in the United States while every other country uses postal codes instead.

Zip Codes is one of the things people don’t know much about. For instance, as a Nigerian, if we are filling a form and we are asked to input our Zip code, what we input with the speed of light is  +234.  This is incorrect as +234 is the International dialling code. For example, if anyone wants to call your line from abroad they will be required to add +234 before dialling your phone number.  So to cut the long story short, +234 is not Nigeria zip code. If you didn’t know this before, now you know in case someone else makes the same mistake in your presence, you now have the knowledge to correct them.

The General zip code for Nigeria that has been working for us is 23401 or 110001 or 00176. This is the normal zip code used for Nigeria. So whenever you are asked for a zip code while filling a form online, just input any of those numbers and you are good.

However, sometimes with the improvement of technology and for security reasons, the general zip code for Nigeria might not work because you will be required to enter the zip code for the exact location you are in. Therein comes the postal codes for Nigerian states and their local governments. The Nigeria Postal Service has handled this well and has created Postal codes for each area in Nigeria, therefore each State, Local Government Areas, City, have different postal codes.

Postal Codes For States In Nigeria

Abia – 440001

Abuja – 900001

Adamawa – 640001

Akwa-Ibom – 520001

Anambra – 420001

Bauchi – 740001

Bayelsa – 560001

Benue – 970001

Borno – 600001

Cross River – 540001

Delta – 320001

Ebonyi – 840001

Edo – 300001

Ekiti – 360001

Enugu – 400001

Gombe – 760001

Imo – 460001

Jigawa – 720001

Kaduna – 700001

Kano – 800001

Katsina – 820001

Kebbi – 860001

Kogi – 260001

Kwara – 240001

Lagos Mainland – 100001

Lagos Island – 101001

Nasarawa – 962001

Niger – 920001

Ogun – 110001

Ondo – 340001

Osun – 230001

Oyo – 200001

Ogun – 110001

Ondo – 340001

Osun – 230001

Oyo – 200001

Plateau – 930001

Rivers – 500001

Sokoto – 840001

Taraba – 660001

Yobe – 320001

Zamfara – 860001


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Zip Code For Delta State?

Zip code is the same thing as postal code for Delta State which is 320001.

What is The Zip Code For Kaduna State?

It is the same as the postal code for Kaduna which is 700001

What is The Nigeria Zip Code For Abuja?

Postal code for Abuja is 900001

There you have the postal code to all the 36 states in Nigeria. Zip code of Nigeria is used interchangeably with the postal code of Nigeria.  Stay tuned to the updates of the postal codes for the local governments in each state in other posts.

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