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  1. Easy-Farms says:

    To make a lot of profit in your Grasscutters farms/Poultry farming business, you need to cut the cost of feeding your birds and birds grown at high densities requires a nutritionally complete feed to produce good growth and maintain good health. I’m a local manufacturer and distributor of high quality Poultry/catfish Feed in Nigeria. I sell at an affordable rate of N2,500 per 25kg bag, I have starter, Grower, Finisher and Layer Mash available. I distribute to all parts of the country to Sub-distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and End-users. Feel free to call us on 08154695379. Address: No 3, Mission Road Bida Niger State Nigeria. Email us: We offer free nationwide delivery. WE ALSO SELL: GRASSCUTTER PER COLONY 4month old #35,000 6month old #38,500 Pregnant ones #55,000 Point of birth #60,000. RABBIT PER COLONY 4month old #30,000 6month old #35,500 Pregnant ones #45,500 Point of birth #50,000. EGGS PER CRATE: Big size #700 Medium #600 Small size #500. SNAILS PER KILO Point of lay (POL) #6,000. Day Old pullet–N200 Day Old Broilers—N200 Turkey Day Old(Foreign)—N1500 Turkey Day Old (Local)—N550 White Cockerel.–N50 Black Cockerel.–N70 Pullet. —N400 Parent Stock(broiler)—N2,200 Parent Stock(Layers)—N2,500 8Weeks Cockerel —-N800 4Weeks Broiler—–N600 10Weeks Broiler –N1200 Types of Cages for Sale: Normal cage & Electric cage Feeds for Variety of Birds & many more.. Call 08154695379 to place an order and get Booked now. Days of Delivery: Monday-Saturday.

  2. Easy-Farms says:

    Intensive production is a viable option as there are never enough grasscutters available to meet demand. Easy farms have fine-tuned her commercial operation to maximise production.

    An intensive grasscutter system does not require expensive infrastructure, but sound management is crucial.

    We love our grasscutters and also love the opportunities presented by a commercial grasscutter farming operation. You can make money from these animals.

    Easy farm have been farming grasscutters for years, but has only recently begun to expand her network operation nationwide, aligning it to her ultimate goal of eventually going into life animal export.

    We also focus on improving the genetic quality of our production herd, selecting according to high fertility standard.

    A poor quality female grasscutter eats just as much as a good one. We are steadily striving to maintain an ideal kidding percentage of 180%.

    Careful selection

    Females must kid twice in a year, be good mothers and produce enough milk to raise all their offspring. We also look out for a strong head with a feminine expression and a slightly wide nose.

    A breeding buck must have good length, depth and balance in the body, as well as a long rump, as such grasscutters tend to carry more meat. Using a quality buck is non-negotiable, as this is the only way to enable genetic progress.

    A good male (buck) can’t be replaced by anything else.
    We use one buck to between 3 and 4 females, which we synchronises before breeding to make the kidding season more manageable.

    A buck is kept with 4 females throughout it reproductive life span of four years. The pregnant females are given appropriate feeding and care depending on how many kids each is carrying. Those bearing large litters receive priority care, and first-time females also get a helping hand.

    Because the groups of females are synchronised for breeding, females often kid simultaneously in a week, so we ensures that staff are on hand during this time. In fact, all our work revolves around this period, adding because poor kidding can affect your entire business.


    it’s also critical that a maiden female grasscutter be at least at 80% of her mature weight when bred for the first time, otherwise her first kid may be handicapped and she is likely to remain small and produce small kids thereafter.

    You reduce the potential of that female for the rest of her breeding life. We also give females a second chance if they don’t fall pregnant the first time around.

    Intensive management

    An intensive grasscutter system is something any livestock farmer can cope with, it is possible to start out without necessarily having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

    However, good management is essential, as high numbers of livestock are concentrated in a small area. Amongst other factors, this leads to a greater concentration of manure, this can add to disease build up.

    Even a hardy and resistant animal like a grasscutter can become susceptible to ailments in a poorly managed intensive system.

    Easy farms currently uses standard casted concrete cages for her intensive grasscutter operation.

    In addition to having access to enough succulent grass, the grasscutters are fed green leaf, which is always readily available in the area, as well as a balanced protein concentrate mixed with crushed maize and special pellet made for them. They need this for milk production and growth of the kids.

    Kids receive creep feed from two weeks of age until weaning. Periodically, we deworm the animals against tapeworm.

    Kids are monitored closely to ensure they receive sufficient nutrition and are supplemented if necessary. You can pick up a kid and feel if it is getting enough milk.

    Weaning and marketing

    Grasscutter farming is economically viable, but a farmer needs at least 40 females to provide the necessary economy of scale.
    In addition, the focus in a commercial operation must be on delivering “maximum meat at minimum weight”. This means that it is best to market grasscutters as soon as possible after weaning.

    To get it to a mature size of about 5kg, it has to be fed for twenty four months.
    Buyers who purchase grasscutters for cultural purposes tend to have a very specific idea of the type of animal they are looking for.

    They will then pay a premium for their chosen animal, which does not necessarily need to be a mature grasscutter.
    What is more, there’s a market most of the year as grasscutters are purchased not only for traditional festivals or religious days, but also to mark important occasions such as births or for daily consumption.

    For a commercial producer like Easy Farms, it is far easier to generate cash flow by supplying top class restaurants and hotels weekly.

    Grasscutters are more expensive than goat or sheep in kilograms and that’s because we can’t keep up with demand.

    There is considerable opportunity for emerging grasscutter farmers to enter the commercial arena, but they are in desperate need of knowledge and good-quality genetics.

    Contact us on Calls 08154695379 for furthers enquiries and orders placement,booking and delivery
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  3. Jamel farm says:

    *LAYERS MASH……….#3,200.

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