The Top 8 Highest Mountains In Nigeria (And Hills)

Which mountains are the highest mountains in Nigeria? Nigeria is a country of over 200 million people, more than five hundred languages, and over two thousand mountains, Nigeria as a nation is constantly growing and that has caused it to play an important role in West Africa and Africa in general.

The country is made up of urban sprawl and ecological areas that are beautiful. Lagos is the most populous city in Africa along with many urban areas in Nigeria. There are so many miles to explore in Nigeria like tropic grasslands, high plains and many more.

Nigeria is a patchwork of various ecological regions in sub-Saharan Africa. Its diverse landscapes include two thousand one hundred and thirty peaks spread all over Nigeria.

The nation is in west Africa along the Gulf of Guinea, with the Benin Republic to the west, the Niger Republic in the north, and Cameroun and Chad in the east. Most of the lands are under tropical savanna with arid deserts to the north, a tropical monsoon climate in the south, and a tropical rain forest in the west.

The south of Nigeria has heavy rainfall and even more in the Niger Delta region, mostly during the rainy seasons. The first rain lasts from March to June, while the second rain falls in August. In the dry or harmattan season, the dry winds fuel the hot and dusty climate.

The aridity of Nigeria stretches north into the desert, so it becomes a tropical dry climate, and during the rainy season, temperatures are higher than in the tropical savannah. Nigeria’s main water features are the rivers Niger and Benue, with the River Niger as the most important river in all of West Africa and going all the way to the Gulf of Guinea.

The capital of Nigeria is Abuja but the largest city in Nigeria is Lagos. Abuja has its own division that is known and accepted as the federal capital territory while the rest of Nigeria is divided into thirty-six states.

The Top 8 Highest Mountains In Nigeria (And Hills)


Idanre hill is located in Idanre town, in the southwest of Nigeria’s Ondo state. It is known for its landscapes and culturally diverse sites like the palace of the Owa, the old court, bell tower, the water of thunder, burial grounds, and the footprint of Agbooogun.

These places made Idanre hill famous and got recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site. Idanre Hill is three thousand feet (3000 ft) above sea level and its ecosystem stands out. The hill is on a five hundred-million-year-old pre-Cambrian Bedouin and large fragments were cut, which formed multiple deep valleys in the rock.

The ancient settlement on the hill has been in existence for donkey years now. Civilization was introduced to the people of Idanre by missionaries who were led by Reverend Gilbert Carter in 1894. The missionaries were the ones who built the first elementary school in the year 1896, and a court of law was built, which houses a prison where offenders spend their jail time.

The town of Idanre is twenty kilometers from the state capital, which is Akure. It has an area of one thousand, nine hundred and fourteen square kilometers (1,914sqkm). It is the area that produces the largest amount of cocoa and, mainly, the dominant language is Yoruba.

Idanre hills is one of the popular tourist attractions in Nigeria.


Zeim hill is located in Bauchi state in the northern part of Nigeria. The nearest locations from the peak of the hill are Dogon Gaji which is two thousand and sixty-four meters from the peak of the hill.

The stream closest to it is the Gaga River, which is sixteen thousand, eight hundred and eighty-six meters. It is one thousand, four hundred and twenty-two meters above sea level. The peak (Shere), is twenty-six thousand, two hundred and forty-three meters.


This is an extension of the vault line of the volcanic mountains and goes across the border between Nigeria and Cameroun. It is located in Yola,, the capital state of Adamawa and southwest of the Mandra mountains, situated in Cameroun.

The mountain is north of the Adamawa Plateau and west of the Farrow National Park, which is in Cameroun. It rises to an altitude of one thousand, three hundred meters above the Faroe river and includes volcanic belts, most of which are inactive.

The Koma people were in the Atlantika mountain in the half of the nineteenth century to avoid payment of taxes to the colonial government at that time, they were not found until 1980 when an Indian school teacher found them.

The highest point of this mountain is the Chappal Waddi.


The Shere hills are made up of wavy hills and rocky formations located in Jos, Plateau state. It is about ten kilometers from the city of Jos, which is in the middle belt region of Nigeria. The hill has many peaks, and the highest peak gets to a height of one thousand, eight hundred and twenty-nine meters above sea level.

The Gog and Magog, both of which are the highest points of this hill are situated close to the mountain school which is known as Citizenship and Leadership Training Center and in this school people get leadership and military adventures.

The formation of the hill is amazing. In some parts, there are layers standing on top of one another and they have been there since the hill was discovered. Something that is intriguing about the host community is both the young and old people have a passion for climbing the mountain and you can see them climbing up to its peak with little or no stress.


Sankwala mountain is in the Obanliku local government area of Cross River state in Nigeria. It is located southeast of Ubudo, north of the Okwangwo section of the national park in Cross River state.

The mountain stretches up to one thousand, eight hundred meters above sea level. It has a cool climate, and this has brought tourists to the mountain in recent years. In turn, this has brought about the development of the Obudu mountain resort.


Mount Dimilang is in the Shabashi mountains in the state of Adamawa, which is the highest point of the mountain. Its summit gets to a height of two thousand forty-two meters, although according to Google, the height is one thousand seven hundred meters.


The mountain stands above surrounding areas and local relief of three hundred meters or more. It is seven hundred and nineteen meters above sea level.


This mountain has the highest point in Nigeria at two thousand, four hundred and nineteen meters. The mountain is in Taraba state near the border of Cameroun. It is in Gahsaka Gunti forest reserve and the Gashaka gunti national park on the Manbilla plateau. 


This list is made up of the highest elevation points in Nigeria. Most of them are hills, mountains and elevated uplands.

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