How To Activate Ecobank Transfer Code

What is the EcoBank Transfer Code? It is the EcoBank ussd code used for performing banking transactions without using an internet connection. Read on to find out how to activate EcoBank transfer code.

The lack of internet required makes it very easy for customers of EcoBank to be able to carry out operations irrespective of the level of technical knowledge. It also makes it easy to make use of EcoBank mobile banking. The EcoBank transfer ussd code or shortcode is *326#.

Other things you can do with the code include buying airtime from any network, money transfer, check mini-statements, pay bills, and check your account balance.


How To Activate EcoBank Transfer Code

The first step that is important to complete is your phone number registration. This would probably have been done during your account registration with EcoBank. If you haven’t done this, you should do this first. If your number is already registered, proceed to the next step.

Dial *326# on your registered phone number, enter your bank account number, then the pin number you to be used, and then your registration would be completed.

Ecobank Transfer Code Activation

How do I activate my transfer Code? You don’t need to. After registration, the code will be automatically activated, so there’s no need to go through any activation process.

How To Create Pin For Ecobank Mobile Transfer

To set up your personal identification number (PIN) that you’ll be using for authorizing your transactions, enter *326# on your phone dialer, enter your EcoBank account and then enter your pin to complete registration.

Ecobank Transfer Code Pin Reset

Did you forget your pin and you don’t know how to reset it? This section will teach you how to do it and it’s very easy to do.

To reset your EcoBank transfer pin, dial the ussd code *326# and follow the prompts to change your pin.

How To  Transfer From Ecobank To Other Bank Using Transfer Code

To transfer money from your account in EcoBank to another bank using your bank ussd code:

  • Dial *326#,
  • Choose “Transfer Fund”,
  • Enter the receiving account number,
  • Select the recipient bank,
  • Enter the receiver’s full,
  • Finally, enter your pin to confirm the transaction.


Ecobank Airtime Transfer Code

There isn’t much difference between recharging airtime for your number or for your family and friends. The only difference is that you need to insert the number of the person you want to purchase airtime for during the transaction. It is very easy to buy airtime using the ussd code. To perform this transaction,

  • Dial *326#,
  • Choose the “Buy Airtime” option,
  • Select 1 to recharge your registered number and the amount you want to buy. Another method is to just dial *326*1*amount#.
  • Select 2 if you want to recharge another number or for someone else.
  • Enter the number that is to be recharged
  • Enter your pin code and press send. That’s all

You or the person you purchased airtime for will be credited.

Ecobank Transfer Code To Check Balance

Checking balance via the EcoBank money transfer code is as easy as that of the other banks. You just need to dial *326*0#, then send and your account balance will be shown to you.

Ecobank Transfer Code Limit

The money transfer code has a daily limit of N20,000. This means you can’t send more than N20,000 in a day. After exhausting the daily limit, you will be able to transfer the following day.

How To Get Your EcoBank Account Number

If you need your account number for some task and you just forgot maybe the whole number or part of the account number, fret not because there’s an easy way to find out your account number. Just dial *326*0# and you’ll get your account balance shown with your account number.

If you didn’t have any knowledge about the EcoBank ussd code and what it is used for before, now you know how to.

Now, over to you EcoBank customers, were you able to use and activate the EcoBank money transfer code without issues? If not, what problems did you encounter? Leave your comments below.

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  1. The transfer process is no longer working for my phone because I was using it before and all of a sudden it stopped.

  2. I registered the transfer code successfully, I changed the one time 6 digits code given to me to my personal pin successfully. While trying to transfer money to another bank, having filled in all the necessary details, I was asked to enter my pin which I did but the response that I got was invalid pin. I ‘ve attempted it 3 times with the same story of invalid pin.

  3. It happens that i forgot my ecobank transfer pin but have been trying to reset it to no avail,now what should i do

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