How To Confirm Custom Duty In Nigeria

Do you know how to confirm custom duty in Nigeria? Custom duty is important because a lot of people engage in both big and small importation of goods into the country. An importer needs to be aware of the goods being imported requires the payment of duty or not so as not to commit a crime unknowingly.

What is custom? 

Customs is a position or organization in a country responsible for collecting levies and controlling the flow of merchandise into and out of the country, including creatures, transports, belongings, and dangerous goods.

Customs has generally been considered as a monetary entity that charges importers with customs duties (such as taxes) and other fees. Points of view on customs aspects have shifted dramatically in recent years, and they now contain three major topics: taxation, security, and exchange assistance.

Depending on where the products were created and what they were made of, the rate of Customs duty varies. The national government of Nigeria imposes customs duties on almost all imports into the country. Import duties increase from 5% to 60%, plus a 1% levy on products brought in.

The normal customs duty charge is a 7% port charge and 5% Value Added Tax (Vat), and that makes it a total of 12%.

How to confirm Custom Duty In Nigeria

Can Custom Duties Papers be Checked On the Web? The answer is NO. There has been no reason offered for this; it is just said that online confirmation is now unavailable, yet it is our current reality. In any case, a variety of options will help you confirm your custom duties papers without difficulty.

sample of custom duty paper
Sample of Custom Duty Paper

Nigerians can seek assistance from a helpline for this reason, and all of their questions will be answered. To check your custom obligation, coming up next are the helpdesk numbers given by the Nigerian Traditions Administration you can reach out to the numbers underneath: 




To ensure that the custom papers are real, call the numbers, and give these details:

 “Customs Reference Numbers,” “Year of Installment,” and “The Nigerian Customs Order in which the obligation was totally satisfied.” As you provide this information, the customer service representative will type it in to see if your information is in their database.

Over the course of about 5 minutes, you ought to get a reaction on if the custom obligation paper data you gave is genuine. Assuming you need to buy a vehicle from a vendor, you can go on when the papers are confirmed. 

At whatever point you need to buy a vehicle from a seller, you should confirm that the custom papers of the vehicle are legitimate. A ton of Nigerians have arrived in misfortune since they bought vehicles from fake vendors. These deceitful vendors make counterfeit papers for a vehicle and offer them to uninformed Nigerians.

The most effective method to check the validity of the custom paper 

Assuming you need to check the validity of the custom paper, you need to call any of the phone numbers listed above. The individual you are in contact with would need you to give the accompanying details:

  • The custom reference number or C-number 

If you didn’t have a clue; the C-number is used to enter the vehicle’s information and duty payment into the customs service’s database. 

  • The year you paid for the obligation 
  • The last six digits of your vehicle identification number
  • Sum paid on the SGD structure 

And finally,

  • The area or port through which the vehicle came into Nigeria.
  • Report expected to check for customs obligation 

Each vehicle being brought into Nigeria whether new or utilized should go through customs and acquire custom announcements or customs papers. 

Other data which can be found on the form include:

  • Agencies in charge of the job (consignee info) 
  • (Vehicles’ road through land borders and seaports) suggests section
  • Office of entry (customs order at Idiroko or Tincan port or Seme customs order)
  • Vehicle location and discharge location (Idiroko line/Seme line/Tincan)
  • Name/address of the person in charge of the funds (car owner, etc.)

All the above data can be found on your SGD structure (single merchandise presentation form) which is given when purchasing unfamiliar vehicles at any vendor. Two vehicles can’t have a similar C-number.

The C-number is strikingly composed at the upper right corner of the record. It is absolutely impossible that your eyes can avoid this number. There is additionally the date directly under the number.

Assuming you need to purchase a vehicle from a vehicle vendor, you ought to get a number check to say whether they are certifiable because there are a ton of deceitful car sellers out there who will wind up giving you counterfeit papers they made in the wake of pirating in the vehicle into the country. 

Note, you will require your SGD structure with a C-number to complete this cycle. Without it, it is unimaginable. You can either send an instant message or settle on an immediate telephone decision to any of the previous numbers for your online custom obligation paper confirmation in Nigeria.

When you give this data, you ought to have the option to confirm your traditions obligation reports immediately. 

What amount does it cost to confirm custom papers? 

The good news is that it will not cost you anything; the helpdesk administration is provided by Nigeria Customs to assist residents in validating the authenticity of custom papers, thus it is designed to be wide open; however, you should anticipate paying a telephone fee when phoning someone.

If you don’t want to spend time searching for a broad variety of data and can manage the cost of a set amount of money, you may contact various internet offices that offer C-number check administrations.

To have your document reviewed by these professionals, you’ll often have to pay 3,000 Naira for a single check and 4,500 Naira for printing. You will be asked to confirm whether you are seeking to recover misplaced custom papers.

Instructions on how to check Nigerian customs taxes to figure out how much you owe in duties.

This section is unlikely to be easily identified with c number confirmation, but you should be aware of it for your own safety. Monitoring levies aid you in determining whether the amount you pay the vehicle vendor is reasonable.

Checking Nigerian customs fees is a simple process. Simply follow this link:, where you will be asked to choose between online counselling and downloading a printable document.

On the site, you will find answers to all of your questions as well as general rules. You’ll be asked to download the main form’s full taxes, which will supply you with detailed information.

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