How To Pay DSTV Online With GTBank

Do you have DSTV and want to know how to pay DSTV online (GTBank) and don’t know how to do it, read how-to below.

DSTV is a South African owned broadcasting satellite service that allows subscribers to view many channels without stress. The name of the company that owns DSTV is MultiChoice and they provide services for many African countries which includes Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, and others.

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To be able to continue watching your DSTV, the subscribers have to renew their payment monthly so that their subscription will not be terminated. There are many ways of renewing subscriptions such as via Quick Teller, Paga, banks etc.

In this post, we will be discussing how to pay DSTV online with GTBank.

But before that

What Happens if you don’t pay for DSTV Subscription?

Your subscription will be terminated until you renew your payment. You won’t be able to watch most of the channels that come with your subscription package. Only a small number of channels will be available for you such as the Chinese channels, DSTV Channel, and other boring channels.

Another thing you should know is

How Long Does DSTV Subscription Last?

DSTV subscription lasts for 30 days. So your subscription needs to be renewed every month. Sometimes if you pay for more than one month at a go, you might get an extra month subscription for free.

You should try as much as possible to renew your subscription before the 30 days to make your renewal as smooth as possible. Less trouble to deal with if you ask me.

Now, here’s another vital information you should be aware of

Can I Pause My DSTV Subscription?

Yes, you can twice a year. If you intend to travel for around one to two weeks and there’s no one to watch your DSTV, then you should contact DSTV customer care to notify them in pausing your subscription for the duration of your travel. This should be done around two days before the day of your travel and you are only allowed to pause for a maximum of two weeks. This opportunity is available for you to do only two times in one year.

So after all this information, how do I pay for my DSTV via GTBank?

How To Pay DSTV Online With GTBank

There are two ways you can use to pay your DSTV online via GTB

  1. By using your GTBank App on your phone
  2. By Using the GTBank website

Bonus: You can also use the GTBank code 737.

Now, let’s go into full detail.

Note: If your subscription has already been disconnected, remember to switch on your decoder during payment so that it can be automatically reactivated after your DSTV payment is completed.

However, if you still have a valid subscription and only want to renew before your old subscription expires, then you do not need to do the above.

1st Method: Using Your GTBank App on your phone.

Follow the steps below to make your DSTV payment and subscription online.

  1. Open your GTBank app on your phone.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Go to Pay Bills and select DSTV.
  4. Select your DSTV Subscription package.
  5. Confirm your package subscription and complete your transaction.
  6. Your account will be debited and your subscription would have been renewed.

2nd Method: Using GTBank Website For Subscription

Paying for your subscription through this method requires your token to complete the transaction, so it might not be the best option for most people. However, those with their GTBank token can follow this method.

  1. Go to GTBank website at
  2. Go to Personal Online Banking on the site and log in with your details. Note that you can use your GTB account number as the username and then insert the password you normally use for the GTB App on your phone.
  3. After logging in, go to Cable TV, select DSTV, Select DSTV/GOTV, Click make payment, select your DSTV Package, and finish your transaction. Your token code will be used to complete the payment.

How To Pay DSTV Using GTB 737

The easiest way for paying your DSTV bill is to use GTBank code *737#. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Dial *737# on your phone
  2. Select 6 and press enter
  3. Insert your Smart card number
  4. Insert Amount and complete payment


Use *737*Amount*Smartcard number#

With this post, we hope you now know how to pay DSTV online with GTBank.

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