How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

Are you interested in how to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria? If yes, continue reading this post to find out how.

The advent of telecom companies in Nigeria is one of the best things that have happened to the Nigerian economy over the years.

It has not just boosted several areas of the economic sectors due to an increase in the level and quality of communication; it has also led to the creation of several job opportunities in the country’s economy; the most notable of these being the recharge card printing business.


Today, with the increase in economic and social activities, there is an ever growing demand for airtime for telecom subscribers; the printing of recharge cards go a long way to meet this demand.

In recent times, more Nigerians struggle with the disease of unemployment that seems to constantly rattle the economy.

The recharge card business has helped save a lot of people who are struggling financially. Although VTU systems and other online and electronic methods have almost made recharge card printing obsolete in some parts of the country, for the majority of Nigerian, the good old fashion recharge card is a more convenient, reliable and less complex method of crediting ones account with airtime.

Printing of recharge cards, if done right, can allow you to make large earnings from the profits. In this post, we are going to give a step by step process of how to print recharge cards and how to earn big from the recharge card business.

Things that are Required to Start up a Recharge Card Printing Business

To ensure a smooth and easy running of your business, there are a few important tools that are required. You must ensure that each and every one of these things is readily available.

  • Money; a reasonable start-up capital is essential for every business.
  • A working PC with quality internet service/ connection.
  • A good printing press (for printing out the recharge codes).
  • Readily available A4 or A3 papers on which to print out the recharge codes.
  • Decrypting software that can help you unravel the pin codes sent to you from the network.
  • A valid and simple email address.

With all these things available, you can now begin the printing process.

How to Print and Sell Recharge Cards

The following steps are a bit by bit method on how to print and sell recharge cards.

  1. Connect your PC to any internet server or service provider.
  2. On your PC, install any PIN Extractor software. This software allows you to decrypt PINs that is sent from the mega dealers online. This can only be carried out after you registered with a pin distributor company. These companies usually give you their decryption software.
  3. The next step is to order for recharge cards according to your specifications (desired networks and amount) and then pay for it online, through their websites.
  4. They will then send some encrypted PINs to you after you have met the above requirements. This is where the decryption software comes in to play, as these encrypted PINs can only be decoded by the company’s decrypting software.
  5. You can finally make use of the software in printing out the recharge card PINs through your printer.


Selling the Recharge cards

Like all businesses, especially those in Nigeria, success lies mainly in networking.

Nothing good comes easy, as the saying goes; “Rome was not built in a day”. First and foremost, you would need to get a feel of the market and make some research as to the average rates and pricing; this would enable you to create special discounts if need be, without running at a loss yourself.

There will be struggles and sacrifices but all would be worth it when the rewards start to turn in.

Create a good rapport with all recharge card vendors in your vicinity and if possible, beyond your vicinity. Do not be scared to build a close relationship with them, as people in Nigeria value good relationships.

If you can get 50 to 100 recharge card vendors who you can supply tens and dozens of recharge card to everyday, you would earn no less than NGN 200,000 in profits monthly or even weekly, depending on the demand.

To achieve this, talking to these vendors is not just enough; you would also need to create perks and special discounts, so as to rope then into having you as their steady supplier.

Consistency is just as important in running a business as it is in breathing. Make sure to remain consistent and always focused, you will also succeed in time.


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