Top 10 HR Consulting Firms in Nigeria

There are many HR Consulting firms in Nigeria. Human Resources is a special division in charge of all employees and employee-related operations in a company. We can also use the term “human resources” to refer to an organization’s entire workforce.

A human resources firm is in charge of finding, screening, recruiting, and training job candidates, as well as managing employee benefit programs.

Nigeria’s economy is one of those that is slowly improving. As more businesses establish themselves there, the demand for HR firms in Nigeria grows. It is difficult to identify the genuine ones among the numerous HR consulting firms in Nigeria.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten HR firms in Nigeria. They are as follows:


Top 10 HR Consulting Firms in Nigeria

1. PG Consulting

PG Consulting Limited is a business optimization consulting firm that uses business research, cutting-edge innovation, and scientific economics techniques to provide robust insights that enable business decision-makers to achieve accelerated and sustained competitive outcomes.

They want to work with clients as partners on an ongoing basis to make their organizations more profitable and perform better in terms of bottom-line results. They are a broad-based consulting firm with localized expertise that builds strong brands and supports business growth in a variety of industries.

2. ERecruiter 

eRecruiter Nigeria arose from the need for a Pan-African recruitment consulting firm that prioritizes the client. They succeed because they dare to think differently than competitors and ask the right questions of clients, thereby uncovering what they may not have considered.

They have a thorough understanding of their markets and are enthusiastic about them. They have continued to expand their markets and enter new markets. They are currently recruiting in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, South Africa and other countries.

They deliver the right candidates while taking the role and organizational fit into account.

3. 25th and Staffing

25th and Staffing is a global people-centric company dedicated to finding the best FIT talent for clients both locally and globally. They are driven by the desire to connect Africa’s workforce with global distribution and remote agile teams.

Their philosophy is centered on World-Class excellence and a customer service success experience, with the ultimate goal of success – for their temporary employees, dedicated staff, partner clients, and the investors they serve worldwide. 

4. Jobberman Nigeria

Jobberman is Nigeria’s leading recruitment website and is one of the largest and most widely known, with over two million job applicants per quarter and 40,000 employers across the country. The company’s headquarters are in Marina, Lagos, and it also has a branch in Ghana.

Jobberman is building the best platform in the continent for job seekers and employers, with a corporate mission to help people find their dream jobs and employers find the right people to succeed.

Jobberman is a top marketplace for recruitment services, with efforts devoted to research and marketing, and has redefined online recruiting in Nigeria and Africa at large.

5. Sunrose Consulting 

Sunrose Consulting is a Human Resource Consulting and Training firm that offers a wide range of human resource services such as executive selection (recruitment), human resource outsourcing, performance management, organizational development, and policy and procedure development.

They also provide specialized training programs tailored to their client’s specific needs, and consulting services can be provided on-site, off-site, or in a combination that best meets their client’s needs.

6. Rehoboth Recruiters

Rehoboth Recruiters is a nouveau talent acquisition and management firm focused on the hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  and Africa. In conjunction with their own business background, they provide workable staffing and training solutions.

They take pride in being the best at acquiring hospitality talent. If you’re looking for people who are passionate about the hospitality industry, look no further than them.

7. AFM Recruit

AFMRecruit is a division of Afmining Concepts, a Nigerian company. They specialize in recruiting and matching talent to jobs and companies through their proprietary afm360 Algorithm, which matches clients’ needs based on the candidates’ skills and interview grades.

Access to top talent is critical in today’s business world for meeting business objectives and is a critical component of an organization’s success. As a result, their algorithm employs a tried-and-true formula to select candidates who match the job description.

They devote their time to locating excellent professionals who can meet your specific requirements. We cultivate long-term relationships with their clients and strive to maintain them.

8. U-Connect

U-Connect is a human resource consulting firm founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Lekki, Lagos. They specialize in the use of methods and platforms to provide the best customer service possible. Their customer-oriented services include world-class personnel outsourcing, online recruitment, headhunting, training and development, quality management solutions, outplacements, payroll administration, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

They are a Fast Growth Award winner by Allworld Network (USA), Harvard Business School’S Micheal Porter and the Tony Elumelu Foundation. They derive their competitive strength from active partnerships with some international organizations: Georgetown University, Mc Donough School of Business Executive Education (USA), Procall Solutions (SA), and Synergy International (UK).

9. Clariontech Limited

Clarionttech Limited assists many companies in Nigeria and Ghana, including multinationals, in meeting internationally accepted standards. They specialize in providing quality structures for businesses and training ambitious individuals by teaching, inspiring, and assisting them in achieving their certifications.

10. Romis Consultants

Romis Consultants has over 30 years of experience in Integrated Management, Investment, Training, Industrial, and Economic/Social Survey Consultancy. The Firm was formed in January 1984 as a private limited liability company with the registration number RC.59, 979.

Clients include Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Large Enterprises (LEs), Federal Government Agencies, State Governments, and International Donor Agencies such as UNDP – Nigeria and The World Bank.

They are one of the consulting firms shortlisted by the Federal Ministry of Finance for the implementation of the Graduate Internship Scheme, which is part of the Federal Government’s SURE-P program. EQY02 is their Employer Unique Code.

They are also collaborating with a number of Foreign Associates in Europe, America, and Asia in order to provide First-Class Services of International Standards to our diverse clientele.

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