Top 10 Investment Opportunities In Nigeria (2021)

Looking for the top 10 investment opportunities in Nigeria, if yes, continue reading this post. Nigeria is home to one of the largest economies in Africa. With an economy like ours, it comes as no surprise that there is a higher level of demand for various goods and services in Nigeria than most other parts of Africa and even the world at large.

As a result of this, there are various forms of business and money-making systems at play in the country, which investors can benefit from.

We are not talking about only starting up a business; we are also talking about buying shares in certain business sectors and sponsoring some businesses with the goal of profiting from said businesses.

There are some systems in place that even allow low-income earners to benefit from investing in them.

In the first half of this post, we will present you with a list of the top ten investment opportunities in the country.

The ranking of these lists takes factors like low-income earners’ investment feasibility and level of returns from the investments into consideration.

This will allow us to make an accurate and more spread out list.

Top 10 Investment Opportunities in Nigeria (Low-income earners included)

With a thriving and business-friendly environment, the country has become a great place for people of all socioeconomic statuses, including low-income earners to invest in various sectors of the economy, some of which include;

#1 FGN Savings Bonds

This is the easiest and safest means of investment, designed by the Nigerian government for income earners of all levels.

This retail investment program operates by letting the investors lend money to the government; money which would be paid back with considerable interest.

There are lots of advantages to this form of investment; besides the fact that low-income earners are not hindered from investing and earning, this system of investment also inspires the average Nigerian to save more.

The investment amount ranges from as low as NGN 5,000 to as high as NGN 50,000,000. The tenor can last for a period of two to three years.

#2 Mini Importation

This business has taken the Nigerian economy by storm and has become a prominent source of income for people of various socio-economic walks of life.


In fact, mini importation has helped low-income earners to make a fortune from the trade.

With a little lower than NGN 100,000, yes, just one hundred thousand Naira, anyone can make a profit of 50% or even 150% depending on what you choose to trade.

It is also a convenient way to earn money; since with the use of your smartphone or laptop, you can import products to be sold here.

The mini importation sector is worth taking a look into.


Gold is a great investment opportunity in Nigeria, in that its value is almost impossible to significantly fall.

In fact, the worth of gold has only increased over the years. 20 karat of gold is still 20 karat; the only difference is that in 15 years, its price would have increased.

All you have to do is invest at least NGN 200,000 to NGN 1,000,000 or more in gold to make a reasonable profit.

With adequate knowledge in the field, the Gold investment will always turn out to yield great gains.

#4 Stocks

This investment opportunity is not for the faint of heart; as it happens to be the riskiest investments on this list.

However, if you invest in stocks properly, the returns yielded are usually very great.

Hence it is important to dig as deep as possible into the market foray and choose wisely, the company which you wish to buy shares.

It is noteworthy that stocks are quite liquid in nature and are made readily available in times of urgency or emergency.

It is not advisable for low-income earners to venture into stock investment.

#5 Treasury Bill

This form of money investment continues to be the best and most secure form of monetary investment in the country.

It is backed by the government and the investors stand little to no risk of losing their hard worked for earnings.

#6 Real Estates

This field is so diverse and wide, and with it comes a myriad of ways of investing in it.

Nigeria is a developing country and has lots and lots of unused landmass. A real estate investor can simply buy lands in developing places or places likely to develop and rent it out when the time is right.

The amount that would be earned from doing such will far outweigh how much was spent in acquiring the land.

#7 Agriculture

One of the best sectors to invest in Nigeria is the agricultural sector. Never underestimate the value of agriculture, especially in Nigeria.


This field is very lucrative and also promises to benefit low-income earners as well as high-income earners.

Agriculture is the single largest and most diverse sector of the economy. If you can create a niche for yourself in the field, you can stand to gain a lot from investing in it.

#8 Transportation

Uber/ Taxify and other means of inter-city transport have made waves and are known to earn a lot.

By investing in this sector, you can gain a lot. Simply register under the transportation companies or get some transportation vehicles and hire drivers to go around for you.

With the right orientation and preparations, you can easily make a fortune from investing in this sector.

#9 ICT Services

Nigeria is an ever-increasing hubbub of internet users.

With the right preparations and an adequate amount of money, you can invest in this sector and yield a large amount of income.

#10 Private Education

There is a need for Nigerian private schools to offer special curriculums that are highly needed in the society of the now and the future.

Investing in the private education sector not only allows you to have a great return on investment in Nigeria, but it also allows you to make reasonable gains even as you build a better tomorrow for the future leaders of the country.

Online Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Today’s Nigeria has fully and unrepentantly accepted and almost completely integrated with the internet.

We have come to realize the importance of online services and earning systems and have begun to invest in them.

Online investment opportunities in Nigeria have developed to become just as important as all the investment opportunities listed above.

While we may not look intently and deeply at all the online investment opportunities and everything that they have to offer, we will, however, give you an overview of what they are about.

Thanks to online savings and investments, you can now save funds in online wallets that accrue interests over a given period of time.

These services also give perks to their customers after certain requirements have been met. This is a safe and easy way to invest money online.

These services include; piggy vest, cowrywise, smart saver, Alat, Reach, KudiMoney, and so on.

Other online investment opportunities making waves in Nigeria are cryptocurrency investments and Forex trading, which are relatively risky.

What Can I Invest In With 5000 Naira?

You can invest in Treasury Bills, money markets, fixed deposits, and digital agriculture with as low as 5000 Naira.

We will advise that anyone who wishes to venture into any online investment or business makes the appropriate research needed.

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