Top 10 Least Populated Countries In The World ([currentyear])

What are the least populated countries in the world? Our planet is so big and so diverse, that every moment seems to teach and unearth something new; new discoveries are being made almost on a daily basis. It comes as no surprise that, out of the 195 recognized nations in the world, there are so many small and unrecognized countries that have the potential to become some of the world’s hidden gems.

7.9 billion people living on earth at the moment, and less than 0.1 per cent of this population are housed in 10 different countries. This shows that the world’s population is not evenly distributed amongst the 195 countries around the globe.

Most of these countries are Island Nations and depend on tourism which is usually their main attraction, as a source of income.

Now, let us check out ten of the countries with the least population on earth.

Top 10 Least Populated Countries In The World

10. Dominica (71, 810)

Located far from the eastern Caribbean seas, sits the small island nation of Dominica; of course, not to be mistaken for the Dominican Republic. The beautiful, compact nation is home to about three thousand (3000) indigenous people who are popularly referred to as Caribs, and it holds a total population of almost 72,000 people within its borders.

While not much can be said about this country, it is important to know that it is blessed with a huge mountainous natural landscape, for those of us who cannot suppress our inner tourists.

9. Marshall Islands (58,790)

Five (5) unique islands, twenty-nine (29) atolls, and 750,00 square feet are just a few of the properties that make this beautiful archipelago a place to behold.

Situated deep within the Micronesia region, the ninth least populated country in the world has a population that is just shy of 60,000 people, roughly half of which can be found in Majuro, which is the city’s known Capital.

It is a great place to stop if you are travelling between Hawaii and The Philippines. 

8. St. Kitts and Nevis (52,830)

This beautiful beach country is actually made up of two different Islands as can be deduced by its name. The country is valued for its tourism capabilities thanks to its beaches.

St Kitts and Nevis is home to almost 53,000 people, of course, needless to say, this number has nothing to do with the millions upon millions of tourists that the country attracts every year.

For just a little over a million Naira, anyone can have the time of their lives in this paradise.

7. Monaco (38,960)

Found around the Mediterranean Sea, just off the northern coast, this European principality is one of the smallest nations on earth, with an area of 1.2 sq. km.

Thanks to its small size, Monaco is the country with the highest population density, with over 28,000 people per square kilometre. The country is home to approximately 39,000 individuals, thirty-two per cent (32%), of whom are millionaires. The country has the highest national percentage of rich people.

It is important to note that only about sixteen percent (16%) of this country’s population has Monegasque ancestry. Although the official language of Monaco happens to be French, its residents also speak a mixture of English and Italian. 

6. Liechtenstein (38,080)

One might be tempted to underestimate this tiny European country that can be found between two giants, namely Austria and Switzerland, but that would be a great error.

You see, Liechtenstein is home to not just thirty-eight thousand people, but thirty-eight thousand of some of the world’s richest individuals. The country is known to record the highest GDP per capita when ranked on a global scale. The country is however one of the least visited places in the world.

5. San Marino (33,860)

With just a total population shy of 34,000 people, you might be under the misconception that San Marino is just another low key, quiet and calm country, but you would be completely wrong.

This scenic Country that can be found within the vicinity of the Adriatic Sea in the northern part of Italy, welcomes approximately three million (3,000,000) visitors on an annual basis prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This shows that the country is doing just fine for itself and its inhabitants are extremely hospitable.

4. Palau (18,010)

Of the ten countries that appear on this list, Palau happens to be the most recently formed, having gained independence back in 1990. Notwithstanding, the country seems to be doing well for itself.

Located toward the eastern region of the Philippines, it has a significantly larger landmass than the next two countries on this list, covering approximately 395 sq km. It is beginning to gain a reputation for tourism even as time goes by and the influence of the global media grows.

3. Nauru (12,580)

This is yet another small island nation that can be found sandwiched between the borders of the northern and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. Covering just eight square miles (12 sq km), Nauru has taken its place as the world’s tiniest island nation by landmass.

It is incredible because this space is home to over twelve thousand (12,000) people. Sadly, the country has the lowest GDP in the world after its fall from grace due to its phosphate depletion in recent times.

Added to the fact that the country is at the mercy of harsh climate change, it also has the infamy of being the most obese country, with over 70% of its population suffering from obesity. 

2. Tuvalu (11,650)

The second-ranked country on our list is none other than the small backwater island principality found in the southern Pacific, also known as Tuvalu.

Within its vicinity is the paradise island of Fiji, as well as the Solomon Islands. Tuvalu is a haven for eleven thousand, six hundred and fifty (11,650) inhabitants. Sadly, thanks to the rising sea levels due to global warming, the Tuvalu island’s landmass continuously shrinks and is currently at 26,0000 sq

1. Vatican City (825)

Sitting at the very top of our list is the Vatican City. The small landlocked country is enclosed by Rome, in Italy. Vatican City is home to just 825 people, not even a thousand. In spite of its small population, Vatican City is estimated to have $8 billion, yes, eight billion US dollars of the world’s assets.

The 825 inhabitants consist mainly of priests, bishops, nuns, and clergies of the Roman Catholic order. It relies heavily on tourism and had built a solid GDP prior to the COVID outbreak. The Vatican City is the least populated country in the world and the smallest country in the world by area.


In spite of their low numbers, most of the countries on our list appear to be doing pretty well for themselves. I don’t know about you, but I would love to visit as many of these countries as I can. 

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