The 10 Most Developed States In Nigeria 2021

Which states are the most developed states in Nigeria? It has been sixty-one (61) years since the federal republic of Nigeria had its independence. And since then, the country has been through quite a lot, from several Coup and Coup attempts to civil and ethnic wars of various scales as well as corruption on so many levels across its Government.

In spite of all this, Nigeria has had its moments in the sun; from making a major impact on a global stage in the entertainment industry to its oil and gas production.

Thanks to this and many other factors, Nigeria has taken its place on the world’s stage as one of the world’s fastest growing economy and Africa’s largest economy.

In spite of all these accolades, Nigeria is still described and recognized as a third world country or in nicer terms; a developing country. But these same terms were also used in describing the country some sixty (60) years ago.

Does this mean nothing has changed since then? The answer would shock you. While the country has thirty-six (36) states of which most are not so developed, you would be interested in knowing that there are a few states that stand head and shoulders above the others.

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Today, we shall have a look at ten of the most developed states in Nigeria and what makes them more developed than most states in Nigeria. Let us travel.

Top 10 Most Developed States In Nigeria


Without an iota of doubt, this State would almost always rank in the first place when trying to rank Nigerian states for anything worthwhile. It has been called the economic pulse of the Nation on so many accounts.

As a matter of fact, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people would migrate to the state annually in search of greener pastures, as it is strongly believed that Lagos is a place of that you can make it financially.

Thanks to this, the state has become somewhat over populated. The overpopulation might not necessarily be a bad thing, as it has led to many innovative ideas regarding jobs, real estate and entrepreneurship that has been able to accommodate and maintain the ever growing population of the state.

There are a number of facilities and infrastructure that helps in running the daily affairs of the city.


The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria (FCT), Abuja is technically not a state. While that may be the case, it would be an incomplete list of the most developed regions in the country, if Abuja was not mentioned.

Being the country’s capital city, Abuja is constantly upgraded in its infrastructural development and facilities. It is a major tourist attraction thanks to its various natural landmarks like; Aso rock, Zuma Rock, and man made landmarks like the National Stadium.


Established in 1976, Anambra state, also dubbed the “Light of the Nation”. The state is the most developed state in the southeastern part of the country.

Thanks to the richly blessed land, natural resources like crude oil, ceramics and granite are continuously mined and exported, bringing in revenue for development.


The South Southern region of the country is best known for its oil producing capabilities. Rivers State has milked this cow, non-stop.

Aside from oil production, Rivers state produces a high GDP every year, thanks to this, the State has built itself to be a highly developed part of the country.

And just like Lagos, due to its growth in both people and infrastructure alike, there is a tendency for investment to thrive.


You might be a little surprised seeing Abia state on this list, but if you think about it, over the years, Abia state has been on the rise, especially in terms of productivity.

The textiles and fabrics that Nigeria is widely known for are mostly produced by the state. Also, it is an oil producing state.

This has given it a slightly better edge in terms of GDP, that allows for the state to gradually develop and build its infrastructure even as it increases its own capability for production.


Popularly referred to as the coal city, Enugu state is sixth on our list. Although the production of coal has almost been made completely obsolete due to technological improvements in the search for alternative fuel, this South Eastern state thrives in its commercialization of various merchandise.


If you are looking for a state in Nigeria with the least corrupt government, Akwa Ibom is the place to search. The government continues till this day to make the state great.

The GDP grows at an almost exponential basis, giving birth to some of the grandiose and most interesting infrastructures the South Southern region of the country has ever seen.


Established in the year 1967, Kano state is one of The Nation’s fastest growing economy by state. In the year 2006, it was determined by the national census at the time to be the most populated state in the Nation.

That aside, Kano is not only rich in manpower due to its population, it also has quite a large landmass that is rich in producing massive amount of groundnuts, onions, pepper and other crops which greatly contributes the ever rising GDP, which in turn boosts development in the state.


Ogun state has also become one of the states on this list thanks to its highly industrialized nature. This state shares border with Lagos state, which is ranked number one (1) on our list.

It is the best state to be in if you are a job seeker. Ogun state is also one of the fastest developing states in Nigeria. With lots of industries and manufacturing companies in the state, it is little surprise that it has found its way to this list.

#10 OYO

Oyo state’s Capital city, Ibadan is ranked as the one of the best and well thought out cities in all of Nigeria and most of West Africa.

It has the fourth largest economy in the country. With some of the best institutions for education. It comes as no surprise that the state is ranked on our list.

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