7 Best Free Online Nigeria Dating Sites

The internet has become an avenue for finding and getting different kinds of information. Nowadays, it is being used for finding online work at home jobs, postal codes, friends, lovers, life partners among other things. Today, we will be discussing Nigeria dating sites for those finding true love.

Nigeria dating sites in this post refer to the commonly used dating sites in Nigeria. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are made for Nigerians alone.


They say Love is sweet but is it true? Yes, I can confirm it is truly sweet but only when you are with the right person, someone that understands you, someone that completes you, someone that is ready to sacrifice for the relationship, someone that has a good heart.

Some relationships could be a nightmare and you wonder how and where did you meet the guy/girl. It will always be from one trouble to another and they will never be happy for one day.

If you found a true love that completes you and you are always happy with him/her, count yourself lucky and this post is not for you. We have millions of guys/girls men/women out there that are still praying every day and searching every day for true love.

There are different places where we can find our true love. Such places include during our school days, our workplace, at events (wedding ceremony is the most known place to hunt as everyone dresses hot and most singles come with the mind to catch a partner), on the street, in the bus, in the church, in the mosque, and lots more place.

We are in a society where it is only normal for guys to be the ones to woo a lady and not a lady toasting a guy but I don’t believe in that. Some guys are shy to talk to a lady or can’t even express themselves and the same goes for girls. In light of this, there is another way for searching which is ONLINE DATING via online dating sites.

What Is Online Dating?

ONLINE DATING is a way of meeting different kinds of people on a social network to become friends and grow it to more than friends. Hopefully, it could lead to spending the rest of your life with each other.

Benefits of Online Dating

The benefits of Online dating includes meeting different kinds of people online from different cultural background. You could meet your spec (black, fair, fat, thin, huge, muscular, model shape, etc), religious partner, people that have what you are looking for in a man/woman, people with a good heart, people that you will share the same interest with. All in all, you could find your life partner.

Though some people believe online dating is not the best while others have proven to get their life partners online and are happily married.

There are lots of Online dating websites in Nigeria that are free. Some will require you to pay a subscription fee. However, most of these Nigerian dating sites are free to use and have proven to be a good place to hunt. Although, you will be required to sign up and fill in your interest to get the best partner for you. Let us take a look at some of top Nigeria dating websites in Nigeria.

7 Best Free Online Nigeria Dating Sites

NaijaPlanet – Best For Meeting Many Singles in Nigeria


Naijaplanet is a free Nigeria dating site for singles with a very high number of subscribers from Nigeria and all over the world. You are given the opportunity to meet other people and communicate with them through videos or posts. You also have the ability to check members’ profiles, add to favourites, wink at members among other things.

Sign up to meet Nigerians on Naijaplanet.

Nigerian Marriage Connect – Best For Serious Relationship

This is an online Nigeria dating site for serious people looking for marriage. So if you know you’re not yet ready for marriage, you might as well skip the site. They help you find marriageable partners like yourself that meet with your criteria within the time frame you want.

Register for Nigerian Marriage Connect account.

Tinder – Best For Meeting People For Fun

tinder in nigeria

Tinder is a very interesting social site used as an online dating site as it allows you to swipe left or right in the selection of profiles you like. The left swipe signifies you don’t like a particular match while the right swipe signifies you like a match. If two people using the app ended up swiping right, then you both get to chat and send messages to each other as much as you want. You can log in using your phone number or your Facebook account. Tinder also have a downloadable app to make your online dating journey much easier.

Register here for your Tinder account or Download the Tinder app.

Nigerian Christian Singles – Best For Christians Looking For Love

nigerian christian singles 600x258 1
Nigerian Christian Singles

If you’re a Christian and still looking for true love, here’s your go-to website. This is one of the top Christian dating sites in Nigeria with many members and they even have Success stories and testimony pages. There you can find those that have found the right one for them through the site. Registration is generally free but you might have to upgrade in the long run to access more of their features.

Register at Nigerian Christian Singles now.

Muslima – Best For Muslims Looking For Love and Life Partners

muslima online dating site
Muslima online dating Site

As we have the dating site for Christians looking for love, Muslima.com is for the Muslims looking for love. It is one of the best free Islamic dating sites on the internet. They have a huge database of Muslim members. In fact, you are able to read people’s success stories like that of the previous dating site. They even have an android app which is an added bonus for users.

Users are from different countries so if you’re the type that is interested in foreigners, you might be lucky and find the love of your life who is also a Muslim.

Register at Muslima.com.

Afro Romance – Best For The Interacial Lovers

afro romance
Afro Romance

If you’re single and looking for interracial love romance, here’s the website for you. The website has a very simple homepage but you get to see some nice things to peak your interest like the success page area. However, you have to register for free first before being able to see other links you might be interested in.

Click here to sign up on Afroromance.

African Girls Name – Best For Those That Want To Meet African Girls


This website is for men looking to date African women most especially Nigerian ladies. You’ll find many single ladies in Nigeria on Africangirlsname. However, there are many guys registered on the site too so ladies too might get their choice from there.

You can search faster on the site according to the states in Nigeria you’re interested in which is a really nice feature. As with all the other sites, registration is free.

Click here to register on Africangirlsname.

Which other online Nigeria dating websites have you tried and are suitable for finding love? Leave your reply below. Like and share with your friends if you enjoyed the post.


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