Nigeria Military Salary With Ranks (Army, Navy And Airforce)

What is the Nigeria military salary structure? What does Nigeria Military Ranks entail? What are the Armed Forces made up of? You will find out soon. The Nigerian Military Ranks are of much importance in the country, and they are split into three  parts namely;

  • The Army
  • The Navy
  • The Air Force

The military is also referred to as the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are in authority to inculcate law in order to safeguard the affairs of the citizens and the state as a whole.


Its primary duty is to defend and ward off attacks from other countries or terrorists. Other functions of the military are;

  1. To exercise control over the population in the state.
  2. To guard the nation’s interest.
  3. Ensuring stability within the country.

The Commander in chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces is President Muhammadu Buhari.

Can The Military Make You Rich?

Yes, it can if you work hard to improve your rank whether you’re in the Army, Navy or Airforce. Also, there are other huge benefits you can get access to as a military worker which aren’t accessible to ordinary civilians.

The Nigeria Military Salary Structure

The Nigerian Army Rank And Salary

The Nigerian Army was founded in 1960. It is the largest branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces and is in charge of land military operations. The Nigerian Army is responsible for the prevention of insurgency in the country. Currently, there are over 200,000 soldiers of various ranks. The duties of the Nigerian Army are the enforcement of the law, high maintenance of security, fighting wars, and conveying or transporting troops and supplies. They have been engaged in different warfare such as;

  • Nigerian civil war
  • Congo Crises
  • First Liberian civil war
  • Niger Delta conflict etc.

The Nigerian Army’s motto is “Victory is from God alone”, and their headquarters is located at Abuja. Do you actually know that the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Army is President Muhammadu Buhari and the chief of army staff is Lt. General Tukur Buratai. The Nigerian Army divided into two sections;

  1. The non-commissioned officers
  2. The commissioned officers


The Nigerian army salary structure for commissioned and non-commissioned officers are provided below.

Non-Commissioned Officers

There are eight ranks of the non-commissioned officers. They are arranged from the highest to the lowest.

1. Master warrant officer   N90,000
2. Warrant officer N80,000
3. Staff sergeant N68,000
4. Sergeant N63,000
5. Corporal N58,000
6. Lance corporal N54,000-N55,000
7. Private N48,000-N49,000
8. Recruit Not known

Commissioned Officers

The commissioned officers are of 11 ranks also they are arranged from highest to lowest.

1. Field Marshall (no Nigerian has ever attained this position)
2. General N1,500,000
3. Lieutenant General N1,000,000
4. Major General N950,000
5. Brigadier General N750,000
6. Colonel N550,000
7. Lieutenant – colonel N350,000
8. Major N300,000
9. Captain N220,000
10. First lieutenant N180,000
11. Second Lieutenant N120,000

The Nigerian Navy Salary Structure

The Nigerian Navy was founded in 1959 but was termed the “Royal Nigerian Navy”. After Nigeria became a republic in 1963, it was changed to the Nigerian Navy. This branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces is in the authority of the operational activities done on the water.  The Nigerian Navy is responsible for the protection of our borders in the country.

It also enforces the customs law of the country.  In the 1964 Act, the duties and functions of the Nigerian Navy are presented there. The Nigerian Navy safeguard the citizens from feasible enemies in the waters. All maritime and national laws of the country are implemented by them.


The Nigerian Navy is divided into two categories namely;

  1. Commissioned officers
  2. Non- Commissioned officers

Commissioned Officers

From the highest to the lowest of the commissioned officers in ranks and their salaries are;

1. Admiral of the fleet (This rank is synonymous to that of the Field Marshall of the Nigerian Army, the Nigeria military salary is not specified).
2. Admiral N1,358,595
3. Vice Admiral N1,113,602
4. Rear Admiral N1,003,245
5. Commodore N615,488
6. Captain N309,488
7. Commander N281,674
8. Lieutenant  Commander N293,484
9. Lieutenant approximately N250,000
10. Sub  Lieutenant 219,400
11. Acting Sub – Lieutenant Approximately N200,000
12. Mid – Ship man N188,159

Non-Commissioned Officers

Non Commissioned officers are;

1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer N165,697
2. Chief Petty Officer N109,974
3. Petty Officer N75,261
4. Leading Rating N68,634
5. Able Rating N60,832
6. Ordinary Rating N53,892
7. Trainee N10,237

Their salaries are not specified.

Their motto stands as “Onward Together” and the chief of naval staff is Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas.

Nigerian Military Salary Structure For The Nigerian Air Force

This is the third branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. As you will discover, this branch boasts of over 100,000 active personnel. It also has its headquarters in Abuja FCT. They have actively been involved in the

  • Nigerian civil war
  • Sierra Leone civil war
  • Invasion of Gambia
  • Boko Haram insurgency
  • Liberian first civil war
  • Niger Delta conflict etc.

The chief of the Air Staff is Air Marshall Sadique Abubakar. The Marshall of the Air Force is the highest rank. It is synonymous with the Field Marshall of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Nigerian AirForce Salary Structure

Commissioned Officers

This is the Nigerian military salary structure of commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force officers and it is arranged from the highest-ranked officer to the lowest-ranked officer.

1. Air Chief Marshal ₦1.7 million per month
2. Air Marshal ₦1.5 million per month
3. Air Vice-Marshal ₦ 1.37 million per month
4. Air Commodore ₦677,000 per month
5. Group Captain ₦352,000 per month
6. Wing Commander ₦342,000 per month
7. Squadron Leader ₦248,000 per month
8. Flight Lieutenant ₦232,000 per month
9. Flying Officers ₦218,000 per month
10. Pilot Officers ₦187,000

Non-Commissioned Officers

This is the rank and the salary structure of the non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force. This is from the lowest to the highest. The lowest-ranked officer is the Aircraftman and the highest-ranked officer is the Air warrant officer.

1. Aircraftman  ₦53,800
2. Lance Corporal ₦55,800
3. Corporal ₦58,600
4. Sergeant ₦69,200
5. Staff Sergeant ₦87,100
6. Warrant Officer ₦101,900
7. Master Warrant Officer ₦165,700
8. Air Warrant Officer ₦171,800

The information provided above on the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force salaries shows that in the salary structure of personnel in the military armed forces, their salaries are similarly based on rank. Furthermore, these are just their salaries as these officers receive several allowances from the Nigerian Federal Government.

Which Military is The Highest Paid in Nigeria?

The highest-paid military force in Nigeria is the Nigerian Air Force with the highest-ranked officer getting N1.7 million naira monthly. They are also the richest force in the country.

I’m sure this information on Nigeria military salary structure guide has been helpful in your path of discovery of the Nigeria Military Ranks.

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