8 Nigerian Instagram Comedians You Should Follow Now

The use of the social network to get fame has become a thing on the rise and we can’t help but mention the Nigerian Instagram Comedians who were able to gain from these huge opportunities.

Currently, all these comedians are doing really well in their areas of expertise and even beginning to get access to the mainstream tv audience through showing up in shows, programs or doing master of ceremony.

All these feats were started and explored through Instagram and now yielding much profit for them One great thing about each of them, they have different ways of showcasing their talents so you’ll get a special dose of fresh content even if you follow all of them. Here are our top Instagram comedians arranged according to their follower base.


BrodaShaggi is an Instagram entertainer you’ll love checking out with his funny voice and manner of speaking. He always has the funniest answers to simple questions. Shaggi has the highest number of followers in this list with 1.8m and is into singing and dancing. In fact, you might probably have seen him in some Nigerian music videos without even noticing. The Bushman challenge is one of his comedy series and its so funny.



Lasisi Elenu is the No. 1 Ranter Comedian on Instagram and the CEO of SumJusAppenRighNow with 1.5m followers and a lively Instagram page to boot. He has comedy series on different things amongst which the popular ones are Br Segun, Nike and Google comedy series. You’ll definitely keep scrolling through his page for more contents the moment he starts. Check out one of his rants below



Gloria Oloruntobi known by her Instagram handle as Maraji is another one of Instagram Nigerian female comedians with a massive audience of 1m followers and loads of talent up her sleeve. One amazing thing about her is the fact that she plays the whole character in her skits, whether it’s father and daughter, mother and daughter, friends and best friends.

Anything you can think of. It is sufficient to say she’s a lone player that creates amazing comedy through videos starring her alone. Here’s one of her skits below.



Lizzy Jay also known as Omo Ibadan is one of the Nigerian female comedians making waves on Instagram and has a follower base of 837k. Here’s another person that does her skits in Yoruba language, Ibadan dialect to be precise, hence her comedy name ”Omo Ibadan”.

However, she also does English subtitles with some of her comedy videos. She’s always entertaining viewers with different types of comedy skits that include her not minding her business and ending up in trouble at the end.

However, her most enjoyable series is that of Omoibadancosinsenta where she trains kids in a funny way. Check out one of her omoibadancosinsenta series below and follow her on Instagram via @iamlizzyjay.



Ankara Gucci with the Instagram handle of @thecuteabiola is another Instagram sensation comedian to follow. He runs his comedy series mostly in the Yoruba language so if you don’t understand the language, it might be difficult for you to enjoy his comedy.

Although, he does have English subtitles underneath which you can follow. He has 337k followers on his page. His Instagram handle is @thecuteabiola Here’s one of his comedies for you to watch.



Also called the ogapatapataofdemall with a follower base of 296k. This is another Nigerian Instagram comedian you really should follow. Even though his follower base does not do him enough justice, he has amazing talent that’s hard to find.

His comedy series is a mix of comedy and deep thoughts. He tries to let you understand the things you are supposed to do and be doing and the things that aren’t worth doing while still making you laugh your head off.

There’s a lot of reasoning to be gained from his comedies. His comedy skits are mostly in the form of questions like what is the difference between one thing and another thing. Watch what’s the difference between Facebook and Instagram comedy below. Follow him on his page @mcedopikin.



MCDASAINT with the Instagram handle @iamda_saint is another volatile Nigerian Instagram comedian that does his comedies in an interesting way. He uses the form of giving an opinion on subject matters to drive home important points while still giving viewers fun when watching.

McDaSaint has 100k followers and with time, he’s definitely going to keep amassing more followers due to his type of comedy. Catch part of the fun and watch his video on what is your opinion on fake friends?



Here is another Instagram comedian that will liven up your day after a stressful day at work with his comedy skits.

He has an Instagram follower-base of 44.9k and creates his skits in the form of women with three characters which are Breastilola (The Angry woman), Natasha (The fake slay queen) and Pragya (Shy Indian girl). Check out one of his funny skits and follow him @paulscata.


Who’s your best Nigerian Instagram comedian and which other comedians do you follow that are not mentioned here? Leave your reply in the comment section below.