30 Interesting Facts About Olumo Rock In Abeokuta

Olumo Rock is a mountain located in Abeokuta, Ogun State. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Nigeria. Here are some interesting facts about Olumo Rock you should know.

Olumo/Olufimo meanstroubles and sufferings are all over“.

The name of the rock was derived from the mountain god known as Orisa Olumo.

It is made from a build-up of granite rocks from thousands of years ago.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nigeria.

Olumo Rock was used as a fortress during the 19th Century war.

To tour the famous rock, you have to pay for gate fees, parking fees for car owners, camera fees for snapping, and elevator fees for the use of the elevator.

Abeokuta was derived from the use of Olumo Rock for a hideout.

It is 137metres above sea level which is half the height of Eiffel Tower in Paris (300 meters).

It is not for the fainthearted as climbing can be very tiring and heights can cause dizziness.

Before now, you have to walk and climb from the start to the top of the mountain, however, now there are infrastructures to make your journey easier.

The various infrastructures that can be found there are restaurants, an ancient Itoku market, an art gallery, museum, and a water fountain.

Itoku market, the main industry of adire in Nigeria and other items like local beads, musical instruments, and bracelets are outside the Olumo Rock site.

There are three major levels to the rock. You can tour Olumo Rock via the elevator, man-made stairs carved in the rocks, ladders, and narrow corridors.

The cave of the priestesses who worship the mountain deity will be seen during the tour.

The rock symbolizes Egba people’s freedom and unity.

The Olumo festival takes place every year which many people from far and wide attend.

No accidents or casualties have ever happened on Olumo Rock ever since it became a tourist centre.

Every year, on the 5th of August, Oba Alake of Egbaland offers sacrifice in the shrine/Orisa Olumo Chamber for the safety of the tourists. Olumo Rock Shrine

The very first Olumo Rock tour guide was buried on the mountain.

There’s a place called “Lisabi Garden” named after one of the dead heroes in Yorubaland named “Lisabi“.

There’s a tree in the Lisabi Garden with long pods that makes seke sound when you tap or shake it, hence, its name “panseke tree“.

There’s another tree called “Dongoyaro Tree” in the same garden which has many medicinal properties.

The Oyo – Egba wartime hideout is where the Egba indigenes hid for three years from enemies during wartime.

There are cowries (owo eyo) and stone artefacts that were spent during the olden days in the cave on the mountain.

At the highest and last level, you can see everywhere, including the Ogun river, the First Church of Nigeria, the Late Moshood Abiola’s family house, and the Central Mosque.

It’s a place with great history and spiritual significance as stated by Lonely Planet.

The man-maid stairs cannot be used to reach the highest level of the mountain, and as such, there’ll be a need to climb stones and take small pathways.

Water drips out of a certain part of the rock and is believed to give good fortune if it is used.

There’s an anthem for Olumo Rock which was composed by Cannon Josiah Jesse Ransome-Kuti on June 27, 1922.

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