Top 10 Online Jobs That Pay Hourly In Nigeria (Best Ten)

In this article, you’ll learn about the online jobs that pay hourly in Nigeria. The purpose of this guide is to give you a list of the top ten most popular hourly online jobs that you can do to make money in Nigeria. This will help you make informed decisions about pursuing that dream of becoming rich or planning for any event in your life, such as getting married, taking care of your kids, or generally improving your way of life.

For Nigerian students who are looking for legitimate online work while pursuing their education, these are also viable options. The good news is that many of these online jobs can be started for free or with very little investment. There are also many online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily.

Top 10 Online Jobs That Pay Hourly In Nigeria

Online Jobs That Pay Hourly In Nigeria
Top 10 Online Jobs That Pay Hourly In Nigeria

1. Selling Products On Online Marketplaces (Like Jumia and Konga)

Sell Products Online
Sell Products Online

Selling your items and products on Jumia is number 1 on this list of legit online jobs that pay hourly in Nigeria. Since many people in Nigeria are already into buying and selling goods, then there’s nothing stopping you from taking your goods online and selling them to a new set of customers that aren’t within your reach. This is what a marketplace like Jumia is made for. 

In addition to having enough money to run an e-commerce site, Jumia also has a service center and customer support service. These things give buyers a sense of security, and they are also backed by big companies like Visa, First Bank, MTN and MasterCard both inside and outside of the country. 

When you sell goods on Jumia, you don’t have to worry about getting them to buyers because Jumia has a good delivery service in Africa because they work with a DHL courier service. This kind of job is also perfect for students in Nigeria.

2. Become A Youtuber (Start A YouTube Channel)

start a fashion youtube channel
start a fashion youtube channel

One of the online money-making opportunities is to become a Youtuber. If you have the talent for creating comedy videos, skits, motivational speaking, teaching people how to do different things, and don’t mind being in front of the camera, then starting a YouTube channel in Nigeria will be a good fit for you where you can make an hourly income. 

Making money from YouTube is possible through the ads that are played in between videos that you upload on your channel by YouTube. This basically means YouTube is in charge of running the ads and ensuring you get paid the amount you earn for views on your channel. 

You just need to ensure your channel has great content that will get you more subscribers and views, which will in turn bring you more money. 

3. Become A Blogger or Blog Owner

become a blogger
become a blogger

Blogging has become one of the most profitable online jobs to venture into these days. Then again, so has the competition, which is much tougher than a decade ago. If you have the resilience to stick to making things work, do niche research, write lots of content for your site or have the money to outsource the content, learn and make use of SEO tactics to further improve your articles and their rankings, you can definitely make money passively in this line of internet business.

Do note that this isn’t going to be a quick get-rich scheme as there are a lot of overhead jobs involved, but we can assure you that after you’ve done your due diligence, making good money hourly will become like a walk in the park.

4. Become A Content Writer Or Outsourcing Agent

Content writing is also one of the legit online jobs that pay daily in Nigeria. As a content writer, it is so easy to get paid online hourly as all you need to do is get a writing gig directly from clients or indirectly using sites like Fiverr and Upwork, and after submission, you get paid instantly and can start earning if the client is satisfied. You can write for businesses, blog owners, social media pages, publications, and others and make money daily.

However, if you do not have the talent for writing, you can become an outsourcing agent and get a number of good writers. You can then find content writing jobs online and delegate tasks to your writers. When the jobs are completed, you collect the payment from the client, pay your writers, and keep your profits. 

Content writing is such a profitable business as there will always be online jobs available for you to do which means there’s always money to be made. 

5. Become A Graphic Designer

become a graphic designer
become a graphic designer

If you’re good at using graphic design software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Canva, and the like, this is a great way to make money in Nigeria, because you can make money from them. Make sure you have a laptop and, if necessary, a printer so you can start making things right away.

Banners and flyers, company logos, posters, cartoons, and business cards are some of the most common design projects that a graphic designer can work on. In order to work as a freelancer, you can sign up for platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour and offer your graphic design services for money to people who hire you.

Another option is to enter design contests on a site like 99Designs, where the winner gets the prize (which is money).

6. Become A Virtual Assistant

From a distance, a virtual assistant assists an individual or a company with their administrative needs. You can work from home as an office assistant instead of going into a physical workplace. Virtual assistants do a variety of tasks, including composing and responding to emails, typing, and taking calls. While at home, all of the work is done.

What you’re compensated for depends on the length of the contract you signed. How much money you get for your employment depends on your job title and employer. In addition to LinkedIn and Freelancer, there are numerous other places where you can get a job as a virtual assistant.

7. Become A Web Designer

There are a lot of businesses and individuals looking for professionals to construct and design websites for them on the internet. For instance, the design of an e-commerce website can cost as much as N250,000 or more, depending on the amount of customisation involved.

As a result, the amount of money you make in website designing is determined by your performance. Furthermore, if you have more than one ability to sell, such as content writing or being an SEO consultant, you will generate more income. You can make a website about your services, including your phone number and email address, so people may contact you for further information.

8. Become An Affiliate Marketer

become an affiliate marketer
become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing has overtaken blogging as the most popular means of earning money online. Exactly what is affiliate marketing? When you promote other people’s products or services on the internet, you can make money.

If you’d like to earn money by promoting other people’s products, you can join popular affiliate marketing programs like Amazon’s, Jumia’s, Konga’s, and different hosting sites affiliate. It’s easy to make money via affiliate marketing because there are so many firms offering it.

9. Become A Dropshipper

become a dropshipper
become a drop shipper

First of all, what is dropshipping? Dropshipping is an e-commerce retail concept that allows people or shops to sell things without maintaining a physical inventory of the products they sell. Dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing in the sense that you help other people sell their products, but in the case of dropshipping, the customer would never know you are the middle man in the transaction. 

In order to understand how it works, here are the steps involved in the dropshipping process: Just like any other online store, you create an e-commerce website or store for your products and fill it with images and text descriptions. When a customer visits your site and makes a purchase, as a retailer, you buy the product directly from the manufacturer, who owns it. The supplier sends the merchandise to the customer’s address after receiving the customer’s name and address from you.

Dropshipping is a lucrative business in Nigeria.

10. Sell Online Courses

become online tutor
become online tutor

To generate money online, you may choose to specialize in a certain subject or talent and teach others how to do it. Everywhere you look on the internet, you’ll find folks from all over the globe. People from all around the world are eager to learn something new. It is possible to teach in a variety of ways, such as by creating online courses. If you describe your products in detail, customers can buy them online. On average, an online course can earn upwards of $8000 in profit. That’s a lot of money in Nigerian currency.

You can sell your courses on sites like Udemy or Amazon Kindle. 


There are various more unexplored online jobs in Nigeria that pay hourly that you can pursue to make money online and achieve financial independence. The employment and online businesses/enterprises I’ve described today are all viable options, so choose one to diversify your revenue stream.

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