Top 10 Packaging Companies In Nigeria

The interest in labelling and packaging as well as packaging materials is persistently expanding. Utilization of items and an increase in customer demand perpetually add to the constant ascent in the volume of packaging material production.

Today, packaging organizations in Nigeria attempt to ensure their customers’ needs have three essential and unarguable characteristics: ease of use, convenience, and luxury of transportation.

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Top 10 Packaging Companies In Nigeria

Here is our list of the top 10 packaging companies in Nigeria:


VICTOR OSCAR COMPANY is established as a company that offers services with regards to Machine Supply, Packaging, Machine and Imports and Exports. Each manufacturer will most likely need them without a doubt and with their extraordinary standing of giving A-list benefits, their customer base continues to expand day by day.

9. Shongai Technologies Ltd

STL is situated in Sango-Ota and is a creative provider of flexible packaging remedies for a wide scope of applications, items, and ventures. They additionally produce printed self-glue labels, printed and planned covers, high obstruction, stretch and shrink films whose quality can measure up to items from advanced nations. 

8. Carey Out Packaging

With a combination of encounters from different related fields, they made a product offering of “alternative” ecological friendly packaging choices for Private Individuals, Homes and Businesses.

Their expendable take-out food packaging items are 100% eco-friendly, ensuring positive natural effects. They have gladly circulated a large number of biodegradable packaging units since their beginning and are giving paper-product backing to numerous food organizations across the world. 

With top experts to make things as smooth as possible, they additionally offer their customers imaginative and out of the box methods for bringing an interpretation of their vision into reality without costing an arm and a leg.

They give customized, exclusively printed, top quality, food and beverage paper packaging that helps their client’s business reach new customers.

7. Geeta Plastic Products Nigeria Limited

A company that has been manufacturing since 2003, Geeta Plastic is one of Nigeria’s best plastic manufacturing companies. The firm delivers prevalent quality plastics, along with furnishing clients with help and mastery on inventive plans, shape, and labeling. 

The organization produces inflexible plastic packaging that takes into account different cosmetic, drug, oil, food, water, and refreshment enterprises. These items incorporate (but are not restricted to) containers, cosmetic jars, closures and caps, jerry cans, bottles, etc. 

Aside from the assortment of industries that they attend to, Geeta Plastic additionally makes an assortment of sizes for every one of their products. Their products can be modified to suit explicit necessities, and they are essential for the journey, directly from ideation to execution.

6. Sacvin Nigeria Limited

Sacvin Nig. Ltd. began activities in Nigeria in 1991 with four infusion moulding machines of 15 tons on a month-to-month basis at Okota, Lagos. Today, its tasks stretch across Nigeria, utilizing extrusion by automation, rotomoulding; infusion moulding and blow moulding.

It, at present, gives plastics remedies for the management of waste and water needs of construction and related organizations; and packaging demands of paint, oil, and food processing enterprises. Sacvin additionally serves the client with north of 500 products.


UB Packaging Nigeria Limited is a branch of the UB Ultimate Printing and Packaging Venture organization set up in Nigeria and concerns itself with printing and packaging for companies trying to work on their profile and benefit at a sensible cost since July the eleventh, 2012. UB Packaging Nigeria Limited offers a remarkable range of services that meet customer expectations.

4. JFT Packaging Managers Ltd

In 2013, JFT PACKAGING MANAGERS LTD was established in Lagos (Nigeria) by two engineers. JFT, as it is regularly called, is one of the medium-sized native flexible packaging organizations in the private sector of Nigeria.

One of the significant divisions of JFT is the subsidiary, Flexible Packaging, which basically produces and advertises packaging materials for different groups in the industry, including food and drink, drugs, shoe and clothing, electrical and hardware, and so on.

Onebox is the first internet-based carton box store in Nigeria that gives straight box packaging solutions for everybody. Established in 2018, the central goal of the company is to provide new carton boxes accessible and reasonably priced to everybody in Nigeria. This implies that with no base request, you can purchase as little as one box.

3. OneBox

Their internet-based cart system offers an assortment of instant and ready-made boxes that seek to provide convenience and certainty to organizations and individual clients. You can undoubtedly buy their items through a secure gateway without losing your classified data, through local bank transfers or payment on delivery.

2. Primepak Industries Nigeria Ltd.

PrimePak Industries Nigeria Ltd is one of Nigeria’s leading flexible packaging producers and suppliers to consumer products enterprises.

It was set up in 2006, fully intent on providing excellent printed laminated materials to the quickly developing FMCG industry in Nigeria, and over the course of the years, it has assembled a work base in Ilupeju, Lagos, with cutting edge hardware from Europe and Asia.

1. Tetra Pak Nigeria

The founder of Tetra Pak, Dr. Ruben Rausing, has always operated on the tenet that “A package should save more than it costs.” It was also him who launched the development of the package with the tetrahedron shape.

The essential thought was to mould a tube from a roll of plastic-covered paper, fill it with the beverage of choice and seal it underneath the level of the fluid. 

Tetra Pak has developed a variety of packages to protect both the taste and the nutritional value of the products inside.

Not only do they offer packaging equipment for food products of a liquid nature, but they also provide an assortment of processing and packaging mechanization for application to a wide array of products, ranging from fruit and cheese to ice cream, vegetables, and animal food.

Their systems are developed not just to treat the products gently, but also to reduce the use of energy and raw materials during the manufacturing process and subsequently, during the distribution.

They are committed to minimizing the impact of their operations on the environment and increasing the environmental performance of their products and services, which includes continuing to develop packages that are environmentally efficient, protect the food product, and prevent it from going to waste.​​

Large, medium and small scale businesses are continually attempting to track down a balance between the quality of packaging and its cost. Along these lines, present-day packaging providers in Nigeria are exceptionally aggressive in the market and work to guarantee the highest possible quality of their packaging products for customers and clients.

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