Top 10 Plastic Companies in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered where plastic spoons come from? And no, I don’t mean the market. Where do plastic items come from? 

Plastic manufacturing or fabrication companies aren’t exactly famous but they are important. I mean, what would the world be without plastic spoons right? What would you eat party rice with? 

We’ve compiled a list of 10 notable plastic companies in Nigeria. But first, let’s talk about the plastic fabrication process. 

Where do plastic items come from? 

“Plastic” is a term used to describe a wide range of semi-synthetic or fully synthetic materials that have polymers as their main constituent. Basically, they are materials that soften when heated and harden when cooled, although too much heat can lead to a change in a shape known as deformity. 

Plastic is one of the most common materials used to make products ranging from consumer products to medical devices. There are two main types of plastic: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics, e.g., acrylic, polyamide, polycarbonates, etc. are able to go through various heating and reheating processes and still retain their elasticity with minimum degradation. Thermosets, e.g., epoxy, polyester, vulcanized rubber, silicone, etc. on the other hand, are unable to handle reheating after the original shape or item has been formed. If they are reheated, they become useless.

Plastic fabrication processes depend on the type of plastic being used to make the item. The different fabrication methods include:

  •  3D printing, which involves the use of a 3D printer to make 3-dimensional layers of plastic parts until the entire part or product is complete. 
  • CNC machining involves the use of mills and lathes to carve out the desired plastic product from a whole block of heated plastic.
  • A chemically reactive liquid form of plastic is poured into a mold (in the shape of the required product or part) where a chemical reaction takes place and causes the plastic to solidify. 
  •  Rotational molding is also called rotomolding. Here, a hollow mold filled with powdered thermoplastic material is heated and rotated around two axes. This method is mostly used to produce very large hollow materials.
  •  Vacuum forming, which is a basic industrial process where plastic is literally heated and formed using a mold.
  • Injection molding, which involves the injection of molten thermoplastic into a mold is mostly used for the mass production of plastic parts. 
  • Extrusion moulding which involves pushing plastic through a die whose shape is a cross section of the required plastic part, 
  •  Blow molding, which works by placing a heated plastic tube into a mold and inflating it till you get the desired shape.


There are some notable companies that have stood out over the years for not only their efficient production of useful plastic materials but also their good products that sell for favorable prices. Here are the top 10 plastic companies in Nigeria:

Top 10 Plastic Companies in Nigeria

1. Dana Plast

First on our list, is Dana Plast.  For over 17 years, Danaplast has been one of the leading plastic production companies in Nigeria.  They produce premium and durable plastic products, whether they are custom made or for general use.

2. Black Horse Plastic

At spot number 2 we have Black Horse Plastic Manufacturers. Black Horse Plastic Manufacturers is based in Oyo state. It’s very likely that you have seen their logo on a plastic chair or two, it’s literally a miniature horse. Apart from plastic chairs they also manufacture plastic tables, footwear and other household items. 

3. Leoplast Nigeria

Spot number 3 goes to one of the more famous plastic product brands, Leoplast Nigeria. Leoplast Nigeria is located in Ogun State. They are the biggest and oldest plastic production company in Nigeria.

They specialise in the production of basically any plastic product you need, whether it be plastic food containers, chairs and tables, kitchen utensils, household tools, packaging materials, paint buckets, etc. 

4. Enviromental Expressions Limited (EEL) 

At spot number 4, EEL. Environmental Expressions Limited is a plastic production company that uses 100% recycled materials to produce useful items for household and commercial use.

They produce high-quality materials like plastic packaging and other useful products. Environmental Expressions Limited is located at Kwado-Mbinko, Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria.

5. Techblow Nigeria Limited

Techblow Nigeria Ltd. takes spot 5 for today.  It Is a plastic fabrication company that specialises in using blow molding to make its products. Their products range from 500ml liquid storage cans to Jerry cans to cosmetic storage cans to drink and refreshment cans etc. Techblow Nigeria is located at Ijako, Sango Ota, Ogun State.

6. Salamasor Nigeria 

Spot 6 goes to another plastic manufacturer based in Lagos, Salamasor plastic.  They specialise in the production of polyethene – “nylon bag” films of different types like stretch and shrink films, smooth rolls,  printed rolls, polypropylene, and other types of packaging material for domestic, commercial and industrial use. 

7. Holborn Plastics 

At spot number 7 we have Holborn plastics. Located in Kano State Nigeria, Holborn plastics majorly produces big plastic items like water storage tanks, large trash cans etc.  They use injection moulding to produce furniture and other household products. 

8. MC Plastic Nigeria Limited 

At spot number 8, MC plastic Nigeria. MC Plastic Nigeria Limited make polypropylene and polythene based products like Jerry cans, water storage products and other plastic containers. They are located at 28 Sharada Industrial Estate,  Sharada Phase 1, Kano State, Nigeria. 

9. Mustayak General Enterprise 

Spot number 9 belongs to Mustayak General Enterprise. Mustayak general enterprise is another Kano based plastic fabrication company. They produce all times of bowls, plates, coolers, buckets and other items suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial use. 

And last but definitely not the least, Nampet Ventures. Nampet Ventures Limited is a plastic production company responsible for the production of all plastic products in the PET line. They are also a water bottling company and produce the cans they use to store and sell water. 

10. Nampet Ventures Limited 

Now go into your bathroom and/or kitchen and look at the brand names and logos on your buckets, bowls, plastic chairs and tables, kitchen utensils (especially the plastic spoons), can you see any of the brand names on our list? We’d love to know! 

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