20 Private Jet Owners In Nigeria You Should Know About (2022)

Who are the private jet owners in Nigeria? Having a private jet seems to be one of the major ways that various financially elite Nigerians choose to show off their wealth and opulence. It is not an understatement when we tell you that private jet owners in Nigeria belong to a very minute minority in the country.

They range from celebrities to popular businessmen, to even politicians and of course, pastors; who for some reason are always being criticized for owning private jets.

While no pastor or politician would be criticized here as there is no need for that, we would still do our best to satisfy your curiosity on the matter. We would take a look at these private jet owners, what they do for a living and what types of jet they own.

This curiosity has always been a lingering existence in the minds of the average Nigerians, but it was fuelled to new heights in 2017, during the wedding celebration of the daughter of Ibrahim Babangida in Niger state, when about 30 private jets were said to have touched down in Minna.

These private jets belonged mainly to Nigerian politicians. There are still a lot of Nigerian individuals out there who own a private jet. It is important to know that it costs between $2.3million- $50million on average to buy a private jet and $700,000 to $4million per year, just to maintain it.

These figures of course largely depend on the size of the air crafts.

List Of Private Jet Owners In Nigeria

Private Jet Owners In Nigeria
Private Jet Owners In Nigeria

 So who are the Nigerians capable of owning these financial air beasts? Well, we would classify them into four groups:

  • Politicians with private jets.
  • Celebrities with private jets
  • Businessmen with private jets
  • Pastors with private jets.

Nigerian Politicians Who Own Private Jets

 Yes, there is a popular notion that describes Nigeria’s politicians as crooks and corrupt swindlers of money meant to improve the lives of the common folk.

Sadly, this notion is not without reason, and the fact that these politicians own private jets does nothing to deter this notion. Here is a list of a few politicians who openly own private jets.

#1 Senator Ali Modu Sheriff

Ali Modu Sheriff
Ali Modu Sheriff

Owning a total of four (4) private jets has made the able senator rank second in the list of people with the largest fleet of private jets in the country, a feat that he shares with the popular pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo.

In the past, he held significant political positions, some of which included being a member of the House of Assembly and a Governor of Borno State. This esteemed member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has a jet fleet that is made up of one Gulfstream G650 and three Dorniers.

gulfstream g650
gulfstream g650

#2 Orji Uzor Kalu

Orji Uzor Kalu
Orji Uzor Kalu

Hailing from Abia state, this one-time governor is one of the wealthiest politicians, accumulating so many private jets over his tenure. One of his five private jets, the Gulfstream G650, is believed to be worth a little over N11 billion.

His other jets are comprised of three Gulfstream IVs and one Bombardier Global EXP XRS.

#3 Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Popularly called Tinubu, and having served as the governor of Lagos, Tinubu has proven himself to be one of the most influential politicians in Nigeria. He is also recognized as one of the wealthiest politicians in Nigeria.

With his wife as a representative of the senatorial district, it comes as no surprise that this political mogul is one of the private jet owners in Nigeria with two private jets worth billions of Naira.

#4 Rotimi Amaechi

The former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, has been known to buy the Embraer Legacy, made in Brazil, a jet that he claims is meant for the state government.

#5 Godswill Akpabio

Godswill Akpabio is the former Governor of Rivers State. During his tenure, he bought a Gulfstream, which he, like Rotimi Amaechi, also claims to be a property of the state government.

#6 Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma

This politician/philanthropist is known to own a 900XP Hawker jet and a Challenger 605 Bombardier.

Celebrities with Private Jets in Nigeria

Being a celebrity is not, by any means, an easy feat. One has to always protect what little is left of their privacy. It’s little wonder most celebs would either buy or hire a private jet as a means of long-distance transport. It provides a means of convenience and privacy.

Here are a few celebrities who have been known to own a private jet.

#7 Davido

Davido is also one of the private jet owners in the Nigerian music industry. Being the son of Nigerian billionaire Adedeji Adeleke has proven to have its perks when it comes to Davido. The Nigerian musician is on record as the youngest Nigerian to own a private jet.

With his Bombardier Challenger 605, it is little wonder why he can afford to show off his luxurious lifestyle on social media.

#8 Wizkid

Although the model of his jet has not been confirmed, Wizkid has been known to travel around with private jets and has hinted at many times that he might own one.

This comes as no surprise, considering the fact that the singer is a worldwide-celebrated artist, and a wealthy one at that.

#9 DJ Cuppy

One Nigerian musician who has a private jet is DJ Cuppy. The Nigerian female artist has a doting father who supports and encourages the pursuits of his beloved daughter in the music industry. Soaring alongside her ever-growing musical career is her very own private jet.

#9 Don Jazzy

With a net worth of over $10million, Don Jazzy chooses to fly private. He is one of the greatest producers and musical mentors in the Nigerian music industry.

He owns his own record label, which has produced numerous stars over the years.

#10 P Square

Before the “great split”, this duo produced so many hits and their music truly appeals to the Nigerian Audience. When they were together, it was common news that they owned a private jet with which they went on tours. It, however, is unknown what has become of the jet since their split.

Business Men with Private Jets in Nigeria

#11 Mike Adenuga

Being the second richest man in Nigeria, and the wealthiest Yoruba businessman in Nigeria, Mike Adenuga having a fleet of private jets comes as no surprise to anyone.

In Nigeria, being the owner of Globacom Nigeria and various other business networks in the country, his wealth is second only to the Almighty Dangote.

In fact, Mike Adenuga has appeared quite a number of times on the Forbes list. His fleet of jets are comprised of; Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global Express XRS and Bombardier Challenger 604.

#12 Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakija is one of the few Nigerian women who own a jet. Having a firm root in the oil sector, her oil business network has procured a massive amount of wealth over the years, giving her a net worth of $1.2 billion.

According to Forbe’s list, she is Nigeria’s richest woman, the second richest and the second most influential woman in Africa. With all these qualities, it should come as no surprise that she can have a private jet of her own.

The Global Express XRS happens to be the name of her private Jet.

#13 Aliko Dangote

With a net worth of $10.9 billion, Aliko Dangote has earned his place as the richest black man on the planet and the 67th richest man in the world. These titles are backed up by his massive business network found all around the world.

He also has maintained the top spot on Forbe’s list as Africa’s richest man. It should be noted that even though this business mogul has his own fair share of private jets, he doesn’t have the same number of jets that are owned by the politician Orji Kalu.

#14 Igo Charles Sanomi II

Sanomi has made a reputation for himself in various sectors of the economy, be it real estate, aviation or even the oil sector. He is one of the few truly successful businessmen in Nigeria.

He owns a private jet that has been identified as non-other than the Bombardier Challenger 605.

#15 Femi Otedola

A renowned Nigerian Businessman, Femi Otedola is the founder of Zenon Oil and gas ltd. He also owns various other business networks across the country and the world at large. Although it wasn’t specified what type of jet he owns, it has however been confirmed by some sources that he owns a private jet.

#16 Jide Omokore

This Businessman hails from Kogi state. He has been reported to own at least four Private Jets. His business interest spans a wide variety, from hardcore engineering services to even property management.

Nigerian Pastors that own Private Jets

Indeed, this wonderful list would truly be incomplete if we fail to mention this category of individuals in Nigeria. Their lavish lifestyle has led to serious criticism from the public, but this has not stopped them from enjoying themselves and going as far as to buy private jets.

While some argue that it is wrong, others see no fault in their actions. We, however, are only obligated to show you which Nigerian pastors own private jets.

#17 Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo is the founder and General Overseeing Bishop of Living Faith Church, aka Winners’ Chapel. Forbes magazine declared him to be the richest pastor in Nigeria as of 2011, a title he still holds in 2019. He is among the top pastors with private jets in Nigeria.

This is further verified by the fleet of private jets that he has accumulated over the years. He is one of the private jet owners in Nigeria with a large fleet. He has a total of 4 private jets; Bombardier challenger 604, Grumman Gulfstream I (G-159), Gulfstream IV (G-IV) and Gulfstream V (Gee-5).

#18 Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Popularly called daddy G.O. by his followers, the RCCG world general overseer has over $60 million worth of private jets. He has two private jets so far, namely; Gulfstream G550 and Gulfstream GIV.

#19 Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua is the founder and head of the synagogue church of all nations SCOAN. His church has a TV network called Emmanuel TV, he has generated millions in net worth and is regarded as a philanthropist. He has one private jet which is a Gulfstream G550 model.

#20 Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

He is the founder and head pastor of the “Word of Life Bible Church”, which is located in Delta state. In 2010, he was elected and assumed the position of the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). He has garnered lots of wealth over the years and is currently the owner of a Bombardier challenger 601.

Many other pastors who have been rumoured to own private jets include Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Apostle Johnson Sulieman. However, for reasons unknown, they have decided to keep the details of their jets secret.

There you have it, a list of influential high-class Nigerians who own a private jet. Of course, the list of private jet owners in the country is longer than this, but the people mentioned above are those who are comfortable with displaying their private jets to the public eye.

How many private jet owners are there in Nigeria?

The number of private jet owners in Nigeria is not known, however, according to BBC, there are more than 100 private planes operating in the country.

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