Top 11 Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

What are the top ten recruitment agencies in Nigeria? Getting a job in Nigeria these days has become a breeze. Job applicants now have hundreds of opportunities literally at the tip of their fingers. One of the ways to get a job these days is through a recruiting agency or firm. A recruiting agency is a company charged with the responsibility of connecting job opportunities to job seekers. 

Recruitment agencies in Nigeria
Recruitment agencies in Nigeria

There are several firms offering job recruitment services in Nigeria that help businesses and organizations find the best employees, as well as individuals looking for new jobs find the company of their dreams. 

Which are Nigeria’s most well-known recruitment firms? 

With a population of over 200 million people, Nigeria must have a plethora of recruitment agencies. While the country has a rather significant unemployment problem, there are many agencies that still can help small, medium, and private enterprises (SMEs) and businesses fill their vacancies with talented and professional workers by sourcing people who are suitable for this or that job position.

This is another way to help people find work in Nigeria. Because the recruitment agencies are very numerous and exist in almost every state in Nigeria is quite long, Nigerians can search for job opportunities in a company based on its location or reviews.

Most reputable companies have websites, which makes learning more about them more simple, quick, and convenient. As a fellow provider of information, we have compiled a list of the top ten recruitment agencies in Nigeria. Here it is:

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies In Nigeria

1. IRS (International Recruitment Service) 

This is a global service that has been in operation since 2008. The International Recruitment Service (IRS)  is a leading Oil and Gas, Information technology, and Engineering staffing solution provider dedicated to connecting Oil and Gas, IT, and Engineering professionals from around the world to projects and positions in Europe and the Middle East.

The firm, which has several offices in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, provides recruitment services to a wide range of companies, from multinational corporations to small and medium-sized businesses. They specifically specialize in providing talented professionals for short and long-term project-based contracts, permanent and temporary positions, and fixed-term employment contracts.

Citizens of Nigeria can use IRS to find high-paying jobs overseas, as well as develop and learn new skills. You can visit their website at to get more information. 


2. PG Consulting, Lagos

This is a large firm that offers a variety of services, including human resources management, which promises professional search for trusted and tested employees, recruitment and deployment, and other intriguing packages for individual and corporate clients.

PG Consulting Limited employs business research, cutting-edge innovation, and scientific economics techniques to provide robust insights that enable business decision-makers to achieve accelerated and sustained competitive outcomes.

We want to work with you as a partner on an ongoing basis to make your organization more profitable and perform better in terms of bottom-line results. The company’s website can be found at

3. eRecruiter Nigeria

This company is always willing to assist people in finding jobs or employees. You can get useful advice, recommendations, and find talented and excellent workers, as well as an interesting position at your dream company.

The firm specializes in contingent search, cost-effective talent acquisition, recruitment consulting, human resources consulting, recruitment strategy design, recruitment strategy implementation, recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment brand management, and HR department outsourcing, among other things.

The company’s website can be found at 

4. Clement Ashley Consulting 

This is a consulting firm that specializes in identifying organizational needs, analyzing business problems, and providing holistic solutions that propel the enterprise to the next level of development in areas such as people, processes, financing, systems, strategy, and leadership.

Clement Ashley Consulting accomplishes this by providing enterprise training, recruitment, risk management, and/or consulting services. The website for the firm is

5. NG Careers 

 This is a massive Nigerian network with a database of open job positions and job seekers. You can post jobs on their website – or search for interesting opportunities by industry, company name, location, or field.

6. Adexen Recruitment Agency

This is a multinational corporation that provides services in Africa and Europe. It has an office in Lagos and specializes in headhunting, consulting, and other services. They provide HR, Legal, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, and Supply Chain support to businesses of all sizes.

You can learn more about the possibility of finding a perfect managing position just for your talent by visiting their official website at

7. People Temp and People Prime 

These are two companies that collaborate closely. They both assist those looking for either employees or employers. Anyone in need of professional assistance can expect excellent service from the company. Furthermore, this is the location where you can find a job for a short-term, long-term, or even just a couple of days. More information about these recruiting firms can be found at

8. PeopleSource Consulting 

A comprehensive list of job openings can be found at This recruitment firm offers both local and international services. Each candidate is given a brief interview by the staff. Only a personal meeting, it believes, can help understand the candidate’s talent, skills, and abilities.

9. Staffline Consulting Ltd 

The company promises that it will only conduct exclusive searches for candidates for high-level management positions. It also administers a test to ensure that the candidate is a good fit. Questions on various topics such as engineering, leadership, and customer service are included in the testing. The company’s website can be found at

10. MyJobMag 

MyJobMag is one of the top recruitment agencies in Nigeria. This is a large online database that is available to all Nigerians and businesses looking for new employees or a job. The website,, has a lot of interesting features. For example, you can search for jobs based on your education level, the field of interest, region, and state.

11. Jobberman

Jobberman began as a recruitment and job search platform in 2009 but has since evolved into an all-encompassing career platform that provides online career advice, personalised HR solutions for both individuals and institutions, and training services for jobseekers.

Ringier One Africa Media’s investment portfolio includes Jobberman Nigeria. Aside from their powerful mission of connecting talent to opportunities, there are numerous reasons to come partner with them in achieving career success.

Every year, over 2 million people rely on Jobberman to help them succeed at work, from professional advancement and skill development to job search.

Because there are so many interesting vacancies available online and at the agency offices, these top 10 recruitment agencies guarantee fast employment in Nigeria to all job seekers. Companies looking for new employees and exclusive workers will also benefit from contacting one of the firms listed above.

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