Top 10 Richest Bloggers In Nigeria (2021)

Who are the top richest bloggers in Nigeria? Every single person in this world needs money. And to get this money, if you don’t have a sugar daddy or sponsor you’re gonna have to work for it. If you’re looking for a legit (legal) way to make money you’ll need to either get an official job, start a business or freelance.

9-5s aren’t for everybody, and not everybody has the stomach or time to run a business so freelancing is a good option. When you work as a freelancer, you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on a variety of assignments without committing to a single employer.

The number of assignments or tasks you can accept is limited only by your ability to complete them as requested. Amongst the most popular forms of freelancing we have academic and non academic writing, temporary contract based jobs, blogging etc. 

Blogging can be thought of as a type of social networking service. Bloggers not only create content for their blogs (a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web that consists of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts), but they also frequently build social relationships with their readers and other bloggers.

Blogging is actually a very lucrative venture, it has made so many people rich. In this article we’ll be taking a look at the top ten richest bloggers in Nigeria. Here they are:

Top 10 Richest Bloggers In Nigeria

1. Linda Ikeji, net worth – $40 million

Richest Bloggers In Nigeria
Richest Bloggers In Nigeria

Linda Ikeji is the richest blogger in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji is without a doubt Nigeria’s most popular blogger. She is the mind behind the troublesome LindaIkejisblog, one of Nigeria’s most popular and visited entertainment blogs.

Her celebrity arose as a result of her feud with Nigerian songwriter and entertainer Wizkid. Linda Ikeji bought a mansion in Banana Island, Lagos, for $500 million shortly after her feud with Wizkid ended.

Linda Ikeji began blogging on Blogger [a free CMS platform] before migrating her site to WordPress, but her blog is now one of the best online news portals in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji graduated from the Department of English Language at the University of Lagos in 2004. She went into modeling after high school to supplement her income, but she switched to blogging in 2007 when it paid off.

Linda Ikeji earns most of her income from Google Adsense, paid advertisements on her websites, and endorsement deals with other brands and companies. Her blog is one of the top 10 blogs in Nigeria. She is currently worth about $40m.

Uche Pedro, the owner of BellaNaija, is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most influential bloggers. She began blogging in July 2006, while on vacation in Nigeria; she was bored and used her blog to keep herself occupied. What started out as a boredom turned into a passion and then success.

2. Uche Eze Pedro, net worth – $5 million 

BellaNaija is a Nigerian lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion website based in Lagos. This blog’s social footprint has grown as a result of its collective brands.

Mrs. Pedro leads a private life, save for the photos she posts on her Instagram account. She has appeared in a number of international awards, magazines, and talk shows. She also makes the majority of her money through Google Adsense, Paid Ads, and other endorsement deals. Uche Pedro has at least $5 million in assets.

3. Kingsley Ezeani

Kingsley is one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria. Kingsley Ezeani is the founder of, one of Nigeria’s largest information and entertainment blogs.

If you are an intermediate blogger, you must have come across this blog if you are interested in Nigerian information blogs. In the world of blogging, informationng is a major player.

He is one of Nigeria’s highest-paid bloggers due to the volume of traffic his blog receives on a daily basis. His blog generates revenue through Google Adsense and Direct Adevertisement.

4. Makinde Azeez

Azeez Makinde is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest bloggers. He is the owner of Naijaloaded, Nigeria’s most popular music and entertainment website.

He is not only a blogger, but also a successful businessman. He owns farmland and properties all over the country. He once bragged of owning a dog Kennel worth over 30 million naira.

Niajaloaded began as a forum and grew to over 1 million members in less than 7 weeks, but it was repeatedly hacked, so Azeez decided it would be safer as a blog and chose a self-hosted WordPress blog.

5. Bamidele Onibalusi

Onibalusi Bamidele is one of Nigeria’s most influential bloggers. His work has been featured on Forbes, Digital Journal, Millionaire Magazine, BBC, and by numerous bloggers from the United States, India, and Nigeria. Bamidele is currently working on a large Agric project in Western Nigeria.

Onibalusi Bamidele is the CEO of WritersinCharge [formerly YoungPrePro], a blog that helps writers improve their writing skills and find new clients to work for.

As the highest paid Nigerian freelance writer, the veteran digital marketer has successfully made a full-time income from the comfort of his bedroom. The majority of his monthly income from his blog comes from his freelance writing career. 

6. Jide Ogunsanya

Jide Ogunsanya is a prominent Nigerian internet marketer and blogger. He is the proprietor of the notorious “Ogbonge Blog” which he founded and runs .

He provides educational information and tutorials on internet marketing and other tech-related topics on his blog. Jide Ogunsanya is a well-known and respected Nigerian digital marketer and webmaster.

He is well-known in Nairaland, where he goes by the alias “Jidetheblogger.” Because of changes in Google Algorithms, Ogbongeblog currently has no articles on the first page of Google. However, you should be aware that his blog, Ogbongeblog, is worth more than five million Naira.

Ogbongeblog has also won awards for best science and technology blog (2011), Nigerian Blog Awards (2012), and best tutorial blog, among others. Jide Ogunsanya is also working on other unnamed blogs, websites, and online businesses.

7. Omoyele Sowore

Omoyele Sowore, the chairman of the African Action Congress, is also one of Nigeria’s wealthiest bloggers. Omoyele Sowore is the owner of and the presidential candidate of the African Action Congress.

Saharareporters is a New York City-based online news agency that uses citizen eyewitness journalism to report on corruption, human rights abuses, and other political misconduct in Nigeria.

Omoyele Sowore rose to prominence as a student activist, leading his peers at the University of Lagos [UNILAG] in protest of the Babaginda regime’s bad policies and the June 12 election annulment.

Sahara Reporters was founded in 2006 by Sowere from his office in New York City, United States. SaharaReporters has evolved into one of Nigeria’s largest online news publishers.

Sowore now earns a lot of money from his blog and can boast about being one of Nigeria’s most popular bloggers. Although Saharareporters is not a money-oriented company, they can boast of monthly earnings in the seven figures.

The foreign news site has dubbed Saharareporters “the Wikileaks of Africa.” Sowore employs Saharareportersas a whistleblower for all illegal actions and programs carried out by the Nigerian government.

Sowore is estimated to earn more than $230,000 per year from Sahara Reporter alone.

8. Loy Okezie 

Okezie is another one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria. Loy Okezie is a digital marketer, blogger, and affiliate marketing tycoon. He is the founder of Techloy, one of Africa’s most popular technology blogs. This is yet another authoritative Nigerian technology website.

Okezie’s income is not solely derived from affiliate marketing. He also makes money by providing paid backlink services, reviewing phones and gadgets, running paid ads, sponsored posts, running paid ads, dropshipping, and lead generation.

9. Ladun Liadi 

Ladun Liadi is another well-known blogger who has amassed a sizable fortune through blogging in Nigeria. Oladunni Liadi was born in Ogun State, but she dropped out of the University of Lagos, where she was studying Microbiology, to pursue a career in blogging.

She runs the website ladunliadinews is a top Nigerian blog where you can get the latest Nigerian news, entertainment, gossip, education, politics, and sports.

LadunLiadiNews happens to be one of the country’s most entertaining blogs. Every day, this blog receives over 100,000 visitors. What size is that? She earns money from Google Adsense and other Paid Ads on her website.

10. Ademola OvieOfugara

Isn’t it true that the majority of people who use Android phones still download music? Mr. Ovie, on the other hand, runs one of Nigeria’s most popular music blogs. NotJustOk was one of Nigeria’s first music blogs.

Today, NotJustOk has so much clout that promoting your song on that site will almost certainly lead to success and popularity. Most Android and iPhone users go to NotJustOk to download and listen to free songs.

NotJustOk is a popular Nigerian music download website founded in 2006 by Ademola Ogundele. This blog receives over 1.2 million monthly page views from readers in 183 countries. Notjustok is also one of Nigeria’s most popular websites.

Ovie earns the majority of his money by promoting the songs and video shoots of talented upcoming artists, Adsense, and, of course, other paid advertisements. This Nigerian blogger earns a lot of money from his blog, Bottom of Form.

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