Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2021

The entertainment industry is a major industry not only in Nigeria or Africa but the world at large. It comprises music, movie, fashion, and lifestyle, and also comedy. We have many recognized entertainers from all entertainment sectors.

The likes of Wizkid, Davido, and Burnaboy making waves in the music industry, AY and Basket-mouth representing Nigeria in the comic sector, Yomi Casual in the fashion and lifestyle sector, and many more.

Local and international recognition is not the only thing gotten from entertainment, it brings about wealth for such individuals. Their wealth does not only come from their comedy acts but also from endorsements.

Let us focus on the comedy sector and then we take a look at the richest and influential comedians in Nigeria. In past years, comedy was not seen as something lucrative and was brought down by people but in recent times the comic act has witnessed large growth.

As a matter of fact, the comedy industry has been used as an avenue or platform for various forms of activism and public education; two things that the Nigerian society is currently desperately in need of.

Though it might not be as lucrative as the music sector, it is surely paying off well. Below is the list of ten (10) of the richest comedians in Nigeria today.


Bowoto Jephthah Oluwatiseyifumi Tanimola known as Akpororo is said to be fully enjoying his career as he can boast of performing regularly in events and prominent live shows and crowded ceremonies but political events or church programs.

His unique style of comedy makes him ever relevant and fresh in the comedy sector. His style has brought him great accomplishments and he rose to be among the richest comedian in Nigeria with a net worth of 350 million.


Godwin Komone known as Gordons made his debut at Opa Williams Night of a Thousand Laughs. He would forever be grateful for that opportunity which made him a household comic name.

His fame kept rising even after the Opa Williams show and he is now rated as one of the richest comedians in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of #400 million.


He earned his fame and massive audience base through his popular comedy show “Laffmattaz”. His comice style is more of the parody type of comedy skit. The 52-year-old actor and comedian have a net worth of #500 million.


Bovi Ugboma who goes by the stage name Bovi has a naturally funny character. He never had any tough time in the industry as his rise to fame was smooth. Bovi currently has an estimated net worth of #600 million.


Okey Anthony Onyegbule popularly known as Okey Bakassi is highly appreciated for his perseverance and endurance. He is a veteran actor who started in the days when comedy wasn’t so lucrative but his patience paved way for him now that the industry is highly lucrative.

He is also a politician in his state. He is known to often mix comedy and politics, giving him a likable and easy-going personality.


A comedian and business mogul, Julius is actually the CEO of a consultancy company in Lagos called Reel Laif Limited. He is among the most successful and enterprising comedians in Nigeria and Africa. He owns a set of luxury cars and a fleet of houses just like the others here on this list.


Francis Agoda who goes by the stage name I Go Dye is a very popular comedian and also a politician in his state. He has amassed so much wealth from the industry thereby being able to boast of a luxurious lifestyle and expensive cars.

Back in the day, I go dye was known as the country’s greatest stand-up comic.

#3 A.Y #2.5 BILLION

Ayodeji Richard Makun who goes by the stage name AY is a very talented young comedian. Ay has introduced many comic acts such as Elenu and Funnybone to the industry.

He owns the popular ay live show which is usually held on Easter Monday, a nice way to celebrate Easter. With his estimated net worth of #2.5 billion naira, AY boast of a collection of luxury cars and lifestyle.

He is known for always sharing pictures of himself and his beautiful cars. As far as impact in the comic industry goes, AY can be said to be one of the most influential, if not the most influential comedian in Nigeria and Possibly Africa. He has made a name for himself as far as seeking up-and-coming talent goes.


Bright Okpocha popularly known as BasketMouth is a wonderful comic actor who is known for his funny facial expressions. He prefers spending time sharing funny content and being with family.

He also possesses luxury cars just like the others. You can ask any Nigerian to name any three comedians that they can think of, you would be shocked to know that “Basket mouth” would be mentioned at least nine out of ten (9/10) times.


Atunyota Alleluia Akpobome popularly known as Ali Baba is the number one on this list with a net worth of 3.2 billion naira. He organized large comedy shows and also the largest comedy shows in Nigeria and has introduced new acts to this part of the entertainment.

He has received so many awards in his time and not only can he boast of such awards but also own a garage of very expensive vehicles. Generally, a household name all around the country, Ali Baba is believed to mentor a few great comedians such as the likes of Teju Babyface as well as Ay and Basket mouth.

In times like these, comedy has proven itself to be a source of escape and release from all the stress and grief that binds the world. Comedians truly deserve accolades and recognition, now more than ever.

The list above shows how far the Nigerian comedy sector has grown and how it has changed the lives of many individuals.

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